Adult Sports League San Diego
Credit: Kambria Fischer

5 Telltale Signs You Should Join an Adult Sports League—ASAP!

Make More Friends and an Impact on Your Local Community With Volo

In a world where social media highlights a never-ending montage of fitness regimens, the reality is that maintaining a consistent workout routine is hard. From lacking motivation to juggling a busy lifestyle or simply not knowing which type of workout resonates with your body, finding movement that feels good can be a struggle. Adult Sports League San Diego

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Allow us to introduce Volo—your new favorite fitness community that’s transcending sports culture in eight cities (and growing). This community hosts adult sports leagues, ranging from soccer and basketball to pickleball and cornhole right here in the San Diego area. The best part about joining a Volo Sports league? It provides you with the diverse movements your muscles crave while rapidly expanding your social circle. If you can relate to any (or all) of the reasons to join below, then it’s time to give Volo a try!


1 | You don’t enjoy the gym.

Gym anxiety and costly memberships—we get it. Not everyone is a gym rat. TikTok may be quick to show us viral trends like the 12-3-30 cardio burst and highlight those in their weightlifting era, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone. Shake things up with Volo’s summer sports leagues instead, which range from pickleball to flag football. Kickball and flip cup fanatics can find these leagues across the North Park, Ocean Beach, Pacific Beach and downtown San Diego communities. Volo Sports also launched a new set of summer leagues in Solana Beach at Earl Warren Middle School, including soccer, flag football, pickleball and kickball. While it might sound cheesy, the early bird gets the worm at Volo—take advantage of early bird sign-ups before they end on June 7.


2 | You work in an office or cubicle.

Adult Sports League San Diego
Credit: Kambria Fischer

Only so many hours can pass while typing away at your desk before your body begins to crave some movement. Every San Diego local knows that the antidote to almost all stress in life is a little sun, sand and sea! Whether you’re in your WFH era or commute to an office on a 9-5 schedule, everyone needs some fresh air and vitamin D to wrap up their day. The beauty of Volo leagues is you can squeeze in workout in San Diego’s sandy backyard with their beach volleyball leagues. Taking place at select beach volleyball courts in Mission Beach, Ocean Beach, Mariners Point and more, games include 2v2, 4v4 and 6v6 matches. Don’t worry—we guarantee you’ll forget all about the fact that this is your workout of the day.


3 | You want to make new friends.

Community and fitness go hand in hand. Movement is just one piece of the puzzle for Volo  players. As the No. 1 social sports lifestyle brand, teamwork, compassion and community provide the building blocks for forging lifelong connections at Volo. Your Volo workout team is also your social squad on and off the court. 

Post-game community events, like happy hours, art crawls, run clubs and coffee dates are also a weekly staple on this crew’s calendar. While some events are free of charge, most cost an average of $10 to participate, but Volo Pass members get a discount on ticket prices.



4 | Your current friends go to bars every weekend.

Adult Sports League San Diego
Credit: Volo Sports

There’s a time and a place for everything, but finding balance in life is key! If late-night drinking and partying every weekend just isn’t your vibe anymore, we’ve got you covered. Health and wellness come first for Volo players, resulting in a supportive community where everyone strives to be their best. Joining an adult sports league in San Diego is a fantastic way to boost your physical fitness, improve mental well-being, and foster social connections, all while enjoying the beautiful outdoors.

Daily sports programs and weekend social events make it easy to find a set of sports-loving friends to walk through life with. Joining a Volo league isn’t just about strengthening your muscles—it does wonders for your mental health too. The combo of community, fresh air and movement is a life-giving trio that will leave your mind and body feeling refreshed and renewed. With service and sportsmanship at the heart of Volo’s mission, this self-sustaining organization combines the best of both worlds by merging social networking and sports into one.


5 | You want to make an impact on the community.

Credit: Kambria Fischer

Purpose with a passion: this might as well be the new slogan for Volo. With servant-minded leadership at the forefront of this pioneering organization, their crew is propelling a pathway to make sports accessible to everyone. As the host of the Volo Kids Foundation, Volo provides free programming to youth around the nation while cultivating a safe, happy and healthy community where they can thrive. This volunteer-run program meets the needs of these kids through coaching and mentorship while allowing volunteers to give back to the community in a positive and impactful way. Networking, photography, social media and community outreach are just a few specialized areas where volunteers can take on a larger role and contribute their unique gifts. Not to mention, Volo Kids Foundation volunteers can join an adult sports league for free!

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