Best Burgers LA
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Meat Your Match With This Guide to the Best Burgers in Los Angeles

These Are Bun in a Million

Los Angeles is home to one of the most diverse culinary scenes in the country. From authentic Thai cuisine in Thai Town to hole-in-the-wall sushi spots with the freshest fish, this bustling city truly has it all. However, burgers have a special place in LA’s heart—or stomach, more accurately. And nothing screams nostalgia like a juicy burger on a soft, fluffy bun. That said, not all burgers are made equal, and there are several standout spots that are definitely worth paying a visit. Whether you like a thin and gooey smashburger or a thick, juicy patty topped with bacon and all the fixings, these are 12 of the best burgers in Los Angeles.

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Lawry’s Burger

Order at: Lawry’s Beverly Hills

Best Burgers LA
Credit: Lawry’s Restaurants, INC.

Looking for an upscale burger with an ambiance to match? Lawry’s Beverly Hills is a historic restaurant that has been around since 1938. The old-school dining room features cozy booths, antique paintings and mahogany accents that adhere to a traditional steakhouse vibe. Though prime rib is the star of the show here, the restaurant recently added a mouthwatering burger to its menu that you won’t want to miss. Lawry’s Burger is made with a half-pound patty, housemade vintage sauce, sharp New School American cheese, crisp shredded lettuce and a pillowy brioche bun. The top bun is engraved with Lawry’s signature logo and a double pickle garnish, making it just as Insta-worthy as it is tasty. This burger is now available on the late-night menu and the new bar bites menu, where you’ll also find delicious dishes like the prime rib katsu sando, cheesy onion fondue and a decadent prime rib sandwich. Enjoy your burger alongside a glass of cabernet sauvignon or your favorite whiskey for an unforgettable meal in one of the city’s oldest restaurants. 

Location: Beverly Hills


Classic American Smashburger

Order at: For the Win

From Hollywood to Glendale to DTLA, nothing cures your craving for a classic cheeseburger like For the Win. This beloved burger joint specializes in high-quality smashburgers that keep things simple. The popular cheeseburger is made with a 3-ounce patty that is smashed with grilled onions before being topped with a slice of cheese, pickles and the housemade fry sauce. The toasted Martin’s potato bun is perfectly soft and chewy, but you can’t forget to order a side of crispy french fries. If you want to switch up your sides, opt for the Brussels sprouts. 

Locations: Hollywood, Glendale, Whittier, Van Nuys, DTLA


Double Cheeseburger

Order at: The Win-Dow

Credit: The Win~Dow

Though the original location is in Venice, The Win-Dow has since expanded to both Silver Lake and Long Beach. If you ask the average Westsider where to get the best smashburger in LA, expect at least 80% to say The Win-Dow. Since the patties are pretty thin, the double cheeseburger is the ideal order. It’s topped with grilled onions and two slices of American cheese and is perfectly complemented by pickles and a tangy house sauce. Unlike a lot of classic smashburger spots, The Win-Dow also offers a vegetarian option called the Beauty Burger. 

Locations: Venice, Silverlake, Long Beach




Order at: Goldburger

With two locations in East LA, Goldburger has mastered the art of 100% grass-fed smashburgers. The thin patties boast beautifully crisp edges, and though their signature Goldburger already features two patties, you can always add an extra for $4. That said, the ingredient that truly sets this burger apart from the competition is the award-winning garlic mustard aioli. For an extra meaty meal, add pastrami to your burger and indulge in a side of curly fries with spicy ranch. Pro tip: If you like spice, ask for chopped chiles. 

Locations: Highland Park and Los Feliz


The Short Rib Burger

Order at: Heavy Handed

Since opening in 2022, Heavy Handed quickly became one of the most talked about burgers in Santa Monica. They also recently opened a second location in Studio City, bringing their renowned short rib smashburgers to the Valley. Whether you prefer a single, double or triple burger, Heavy Handed uses caramelized onions, American cheese, housemade pickles and their signature Heavy sauce on each burger. Those looking to cut back on carbs can modify it with a lettuce wrap, but ending with a chocolate or butterscotch-dipped soft-serve cone is a must. 

Locations: Santa Monica and Studio City


Jalapeño Monster

Order at: Easy Street Burgers

What started as a parking lot pop-up has since turned into one the best burger joints in Los Angeles. No matter which burger you order, each patty is smashed sensationally, yielding crispy edges with a tender center. However, the Jalapeño Monster is the ultimate creation for spicy food lovers, and it can be made as a single, double or triple. The Wild Fries are topped with Swiss cheese, grilled onions, jalapeños and Wild sauce, while the Filthy Fries have all that plus a smashed patty. Easy Street also has a solid selection of vegetarian burgers made with Beyond Meat. 

Location: Studio City


The Chili Burger

Order at: Proudly Serving

Located in Hermosa Beach, Proudly Serving is an adorable Los Angeles burger shack that serves craft beer and natural wines. After gaining major popularity as a pop-up, Proudly Serving has officially opened a brick-and-mortar eatery near the seaside. While you can’t go wrong with anything on the menu, the chili burger is an indulgent option that boasts two patties with cheese topped with Texas-style chili and chopped onions. The tots are extra crispy, but you can also match your burger with chili cheese tots. Don’t forget to order a side of pickled jalapeños for extra heat. 

Location: Hermosa Beach



Order at: Chris N Eddy’s

There’s something about a mini burger that really hits the spot. At Chris N Eddy’s, burgers are the name of the game, but the sliders are a fun way to switch things up when catering a party or dining out with friends. These smaller burgers are just as tasty as the original and can be made with your choice of grilled or raw onions. Rather than placing the pickles directly on the burger, they are served on the side along with some yellow chili peppers that add the ideal amount of spice.

Location: East Hollywood


Best Burger on “The Menu”

Order at: Irv’s Burgers

From West Hollywood to Malibu, Irv’s Burgers has been an LA staple since 1946. Though locations have changed, Irv’s has expanded its reach of quality burgers. Inspired by the movie “The Menu,” the Best Burger on “The Menu” is made with a seeded bun and pressed-to-order double patties. Sticking with simplicity, the toppings include American cheese, Irv’s sauce, grilled onion and pickles. Indulge in cheese fries for a little extra flavor on the side or switch things up with the crispy fried onion rings. Irv’s also serves up some solid sandwiches like their savory tuna melt. 

Locations: La Brea, West Hollywood and Malibu



Order at: Lowboy

Whether you’re an East LA local or simply need a new burger spot in Echo Park, Lowboy is a community-oriented LA restaurant that serves up stiff drinks and solid burgers. The Lowburger in particular is a flavorful smashburger made with beef chuck, Thousand Island dressing, American cheese, red pepper jam and griddled onions. A Martin’s potato roll acts as the catch-all for all of these ingredients, while the hand-cut fries are served with a zesty garlic aioli. You can also up the ante with a side of vegan chili fries. 

Location: Echo Park



Order at: The Apple Pan

Nothing is more nostalgic than sitting down for a burger at The Apple Pan. Having been around since 1947, The Apple Pan is a quintessential California diner that has the same ‘40s-inspired charm as when it first opened. The original Hickoryburger is hearty and juicy, topped with housemade sauce, mayo, pickles and lettuce. That said, no Hickoryburger is complete without a slice (or two) of Tillamook cheddar, so don’t forget to add that. Complete your meal with a side of french fries and a satisfying root beer float.

Location: West Los Angeles


”The Original” Cheeseburger

Order at: Super Burger

Super Burger is a nostalgic food stand that is allegedly the birthplace of the cheeseburger. The patty is perfectly juicy and avoids being too thick or too thin. Expect classic toppings like tomato, lettuce, fresh onion and, of course, American cheese that melts beautifully across the patty. The burgers are also pretty hearty, allowing you to get a great bang for your buck and leave full. Though fries are a burger’s best friend, you’ll want to opt for the famous onion rings at Super Burger.

Location: Pasadena


Allie Lebos graduated from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2017 with a BA in Communication. While in school she was a staff writer at The Daily Nexus for nearly two years. Since graduating she has written for The Palisades Magazine, as well as Hidden Hills Magazine. Currently living in Santa Monica, Allie loves to indulge in good food, hot yoga, and daily walks along the beach; writing articles on travel, special events, as well as features on local businesses and individuals.




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