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7 Flower Shops in Los Angeles for Love-ly Valentine’s Day Bouquets

LA Is Bloomin’ With Nurseries and Floral Shops

As Cupid sharpens his arrows in preparation for his favorite day, Los Angeles flower shops bloom into vibrant canvases of creativity. From glamorous boutiques overflowing with antique roses to quirky havens crafting whimsical wildflower bouquets, each shop preps for the Valentine’s Day rush in its own special way. Whether you seek a traditional declaration in scarlet buds or a quirky ode to affection with succulents, Los Angeles’ flower shops and nurseries offer a bloom for every beating heart. So, lace up your favorite walking shoes or settle in for a digital spree because navigating the city’s floral offerings for Valentine’s Day promises a bounty made special for your boo.

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We sat down with a few of the owners of our favorite flower shops in Los Angeles to get their recommendations for Valentine’s Day!


1 | Rolling Greens

Staff V-Day Pick: Brianne Bird, arrangement bar manager at Rolling Greens, says, “While red roses are typically the go-to flower for Valentine’s Day, I’d recommend a beautiful arrangement of orchids or succulents in a palette of soft pastels. Cut florals are lovely but very short-lived. A plant arrangement says, ‘I love you’ for many months to come! It’s a beautiful alternative to the predictable Valentine’s Day bouquet, and a succulent arrangement also symbolizes strength, love and positive energy.”

Order By: 1-2 days before pick-up. Rolling Greens is happy to design an arrangement for you; however, customer input is always welcome! Delivery is also available throughout Los Angeles. 

Locations: Culver City, Beverly Grove, Studio City


2 | Sweet Blooms Atelier

Staff V-Day Pick: Jamie, owner and floral designer of Sweet Blooms Atelier, recommends sweet peas and ranunculus. Let an in-house designer arrange a choice selection in a hand-tied bouquet or settled in a vase, or select from their signature hat boxes! These bloom boxes take holiday roses to a whole new level, adding a sophistication that will woo even the longest of lovers. Sweet Blooms Atelier also features an expansive selection of succulents, should you prefer a longer-lasting arrangement. 

Order By: At least one week in advance.

Location: Hermosa Beach


3 | Coffee and Plants

Credit: Kim Fox

Staff V-Day Pick: Coffee and Plants’ Valentine’s Day special is a succulent: A hoya heart plant in one of their signature pink pots—very cute and easy to maintain! However, Dennis Jauch, Co-owner and Creative Director of Coffee and Plants, says, “If you’re looking to buy your significant other a bunch of flowers, nothing says ‘I love you’ more than a decadent bunch of peonies.”

Order By: In-store shopping only. Be sure to try their delicious “Love Potion” beverage—a chocolate raspberry latte topped with coco whip (available throughout February).

Locations: Pasadena, Studio City


4 | Flowerboy Project

Best Flower Shops Los Angeles
Credit: Flowerboy Project

Staff V-Day Pick: According to Sean Knibb, founder and creative director of Flowerboy Project, sweet peas are the ultimate Valentine’s Day pick. These fragrant and feminine flowers range in color from light pastels to rich jewel tones, so they’re fun to mix and match in a bouquet. Stop by the Venice Beach location to pick up your bunch of blooms (sourced each morning from the local flower market), and be sure to check out their curated collection of gifts.

Order By: Feb. 11 at 3 p.m.

Location: Venice Beach 



Staff V-Day Pick: Nemuel De Paula, founder of LENITA, recommends Proteas, a South African flowering plant also known as “sugarbushes.” These long-lasting flowers are typically shades of pink, white, cream, red and yellow. “They are unique and wild!” says Nemuel, who recently expanded LENITA from a little pink flower truck (a 1991 Dodge Aeromate truck he bought on Craigslist) to a brick-and-mortar shop. Today, his retail space functions as a community hub where people can not only shop but also partake in floral design workshops.

Order By: Feb. 9. The shop will also have grab-and-go options leading up to and on Valentine’s Day.

Location: Highland Park


6 | The Original Los Angeles Flower Market

Best Flower Shops Los Angeles
Credit: The Original Los Angeles Flower Market

Staff V-Day Pick: The Original Los Angeles Flower Market is home to 35 different vendors, making it a regional hub for florists, designers and retailers. While roses are timeless, customers can explore the diverse options available, such as strawflowers, tulips, daisies and more. If you know your way around a vase, stop by and build your own unique bouquet this Valentine’s Day.

Order By: Florists are recommended to place their order now to ensure timely delivery and guarantee holiday availability.

Location: Downtown LA


7 | Mickey Hargitay Plants

Staff V-Day Pick: Built on the concept of “making Los Angeles a greener place,” the team at Mickey Hargitay Plants believes plants are the gifts that keep on giving! “They also have many life lessons to teach us,” says their staff. “We have a wide variety of Aglaonema, also known as Chinese evergreens, that contain many different color variations and are relatively easy to take care of.” These houseplants are native to tropical and subtropical regions of Asia and New Guinea, and they are the perfect gift for any homebody.

Order By: Stop by the WeHo shop and browse an array of gifts from now until Valentine’s Day.

Location: West Hollywood

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