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15 Valentine’s Day Gifts That Puts Flowers and Chocolates to Shame

Get Creative With This List of Unexpected Gift Ideas

Some people adore Valentine’s Day, and others dread it. No matter which camp you fall in, we’re here to ease any anxiety with a roundup of unique and unusual Valentine’s Day gift ideas to make your significant other smile (insert “you” here if you’re riding solo and want to treat yourself to something sweet). From a set of CBD wellness oils to ice cream masked as fried chicken, these gifts cover a wide range of styles from romantic to downright cheesy. In this guide, you’ll find physical Valentine’s Day gift ideas, as well as ways to cultivate new experiences and make new memories with your significant other, yourself or your friends. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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Brand: HARU
Price: $183.99

What sweeter way to spice up the bedroom this Valentine’s Day than with a set of CBD sexual wellness oils? As a brand, HARU embraces inclusivity and diversity while enhancing and exciting your sex life…no matter what that looks like. Their popular Majestic Me Gift Set includes the lavender-scented STRESS-FREE Massage Oil, which features a variety of ingredients such as mineral oil, sunflower seed oil and more. Lather it on to soothe sore muscles and stimulate the senses. The SPLASH Moisturizing Skin Oil is a potion concocted to calm both skin and mind to get you in the mood, while the INSATIATE LITE intimacy warming oils (the set includes a six-pack!) create a warming sensation. And, last but not least, the THRILL Sex Drop is meant to add some extra sensation to your special night. Light the candles, cue the music and let HARU start the turntable for an unforgettable evening of romance. There’s no better gift than the romantic Valentine’s Day of your dreams.

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Spicy Cocktail Gift Set

Brand: Mixy
Price: $55

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts
Credit: Cheri Root Photography

Mix up the expected box of chocolates—and gift a cocktail mixer instead! Mixy’s Spicy Gift Set includes strawberry and orange-forward drinks that can be infused with tequila, vodka or water if you prefer. Just like your love, these spicy drinks grow stronger with time, so concoct your cocktails 1-3 days before sipping and savoring.


French Macaron Kit

Brand: The Gourmandise School
Price: $62

This Valentine’s Day, give your significant other some quality time with a side of something sweet. The French Macaron Kit, offered by The Gourmandise School, is a perfect opportunity to create new memories in the kitchen. The kit includes all the necessary ingredients, and it even grants access to one of the school’s virtual macaron classes to make your date smooth as butter.


Sweet Treat from Harucake

Brand: Harucake
Price: $65-70

“Handcrafted with love.” Harucake goods are marked by the 100% organic fresh cream that takes these cakes to the next level. Known for their minimalistic designs, these sweet treats give off major eye candy vibes—so, one of these cakes may give you a run for your money when it comes to stealing glances from your honey. Is there any better Valentine’s Day gift idea than something sweet?!


Burn No. 3 Candle

Brand: Maude
Price: $30

Soothe the senses with the Burn No. 3 Candle. This soy-based massage candle, made by Maude, is the perfect gift to simply set the Valentine’s tone. After lighting the candle’s flame for 10-15 minutes, pour the oil into your hands or onto your partner’s body and give the ultimate gift of a personal massage.


Gift Card to Meet Cute Romance Bookshop

Brand: Meet Cute Romance Bookshop
Price: Varies

Offering everything from steamy medieval love stories to hair-raising thriller romances, Meet Cute Romance Bookshop in San Diego is the perfect stop for that hopeless (or dare we say, hopeful) romantic in your life. Surprise them with a physical or digital gift card to be Belle for a day and ride the proverbial ladder of this bookstore’s shelves. When it comes to Valentine’s Day gift ideas, you can never go wrong with a gift card!


Mixed Pack of Usual Wines

Brand: Usual Wines
Price: $118

Because wine not? Free of all the fake stuff, Usual Wines ferments California grapes in a natural way to most effectively squeeze out the flavor without any added sugar. A pack of mixed wines—Red, Rosé and Brut—is the perfect gift to give your other half. Drink and be merry!


“Not Fried Chicken” Ice Cream Bucket

Brand: Life Raft Treats
Price: $109.95

Credit: Andrew Thomas Lee @andrewthomaslee

Can’t get much more creative than ice cream disguised as fried chicken. Give the gift of a good laugh when your significant other reaches into the bucket thinking they’re about to grab fried chicken, when indeed they’ll find ice cream coated with white chocolate and crushed cornflakes. At the center is a chocolate-covered cookie “bone,” to make for the perfect final bite.


Netflix Special Box of Roses

Price: $250

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts
Credit: Issa Farah

Personalize your Valentine’s Day with a customized Netflix movie. The co-stars? You and your significant other. The plot? Your love story. Can’t get much more romantic than that! When your partner opens up the box, they’ll find 24-30 preserved roses that last for 2-3 years—and the scenes of your love life will play right before their eyes.


Tiny Magnetic Photo Book

Brand: Social Print Studio
Price: $26

Need a sentimental Valentine’s Day gift for her? It may be small in stature, but this Tiny Magnetic Photo Book sure is big at heart. Shed a tear or two as the two of you flip through your love life told through a story of 24+ photos in this magnetic, hardcover book. Create three identical books, or continue the walk down memory lane with up to 72 photos, spread across three covers.


Personalized Record

Brand: Print Your Vinyl
Price: $299 

Whether “your song” is a slamming screen door or something a little less dramatic than a scene from Taylor Swift’s life, there’s probably a selection of music that strikes a chord between you and your boo. Between a customizable cover and studio-grade audio of your go-to songs, this Valentine’s Day gift idea is sure to blow anyone away.


Meathearts by Manly Man Co.

Brand: Manly Man Co.
Price: $26.50

Best Valentine’s Day Gifts
Credit: Manly Man Co

We love cheesy romance, but why not make it “meaty” romance? The Meathearts by Manly Man Co. are here to bring a lighthearted laugh with sayings such as “Beef Mine” and the classic “XOXO.” These heart-shaped snacks are surely the way to your man’s heart, topping the list of best Valentine’s Day gifts for him this year.


The Kissing Mugs

Brand: Uncommon Goods
Price: $50

Credit: Uncommon Goods

Cheers to kisses forever. The Kissing Mugs by Uncommon Goods make for the perfect way to start your Valentine’s Day: curled up close with your cutie. These mugs are shaped into faces, and when they touch, their lips kiss. Made with porcelain and offered in a variety of colors, these make the perfect Valentine’s Day gift and are a sweet touch to show you care!


Love Talk Cards

Brand: Intimacy Games
Price: $24

With questions ranging from “When you look into my eyes, what do they tell you?” to “What helps you relax so that you can be fully present during sex?” The Love Talk Cards hit a home run when it comes to intimacy. Dive deep into the layers of your significant other’s inner workings and ignite your sex life!


Dipsea Subscription

Brand: Dipsea Stories
Price: $69.99 per year

For some, the perfect gift may look like a subscription to Dipsea Stories, which is an archive of audiobooks written to arouse the senses. This website allows the listener to search for stories that reflect their own love life’s storyline, as well as ones that might only come true in their wildest dreams.

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