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Little Italy Is Getting a New Fitness + Wellness Destination—Here’s an Inside Look

There’s No Shortage of Motivation at Balanced Fitness & Health

Balanced Fitness & Health has a unique approach to fitness: sustainable wellness and holistic living act as guiding principles. While the gym offers luxury amenities, state-of-the-art equipment and a team of passionate health experts, this gym is not your typical fitness studio. “The idea behind Balanced Fitness and Health was to create a truly functional space in a boutique style,” explains owner and founder Rodrigo Iglesias. With two locations in Downtown and La Jolla, Balanced Fitness and Health is excited to expand its community into San Diego’s vibrant Little Italy neighborhood. Here are five reasons this gym inspires members to fall in love with fitness while building habits suited to their individual lifestyles.

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Creating a Harmony Between Work and Fitness

Best Gyms Little Italy San Diego
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

In a world where diet plans, weight loss supplements and marketing strategies pervade the fitness space, Balanced Fitness and Health helps members cultivate a balanced lifestyle both in and out of the gym. Recognizing that fitness looks different for everyone, the gym is tailored to suit individual preferences. From customized personal training programs to all-inclusive memberships, the staff works with members to create enjoyable, maintainable fitness plans. With obesity rates on the rise, owner Rodrigo Iglesias felt the need to create a space where members feel inspired—as opposed to shamed—to integrate a balance of healthy habits into their fitness, work and personal lives. Balanced Fitness and Health doesn’t believe in taking fitness to the extreme. Instead, slow and sustainable results are the priority at this studio. “Balance is just that. It’s not an extreme diet or extreme fitness regimen. It’s literally so you can have a healthier lifestyle,” Iglesias says.


A Motivating Community 

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Community is everything at this local boutique gym. The smaller studio space means staff can foster an intimate workout environment while still hosting medium-to-large classes. Unlike big box gyms, the intimate approach means weights, cardio and fitness classes are fused into a single space. The personalized setup was designed for athletes to engage in multiple fitness arenas simultaneously, while also connecting with those around them. As new members of the Little Italy neighborhood, Balanced Fitness and Health is eager to connect with locals through community events. Hosting fun gatherings like weekend hikes and happy hours are just a few ways the gym hopes to leave a positive impact. “My goal this coming year is to become a staple in the community,” Iglesias explains.



An All-Inclusive Membership Approach

Best Gyms Little Italy San Diego
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Most gym enthusiasts can agree that membership upcharges and constant sales pitches are a major turnoff when selecting a gym. Balanced Fitness and Health eliminates this pressure with a rare, all-inclusive membership. Members receive unlimited access to the gym’s luxurious amenities, fitness classes and personal training. With no upgrades or sales pitches, their mission is to help clients see results and maximize their potential in the gym without sacrificing their budget. “We incorporated our business model to have all those [amenities] available without having to increase the prices,” explains Iglesias. Many of the studio’s resources aren’t available at competing gyms without increasing your membership rate. Having consistent, unlimited access to abundant resources reduces the risk of falling into a fitness rut and helps members achieve results faster and more efficiently.



Luxurious Facilities and Amenities 

Best Gyms Little Italy San Diego
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

A sleek, modern finish meets stylish spa facilities and advanced fitness equipment at the new Little Italy location. Their unique Reax Run treadmills elevate workouts by unexpectedly changing speed and inclination to encourage balance and maximize muscular activation. The training turf provides a soft foundation for improving form while classic equipment such as bikes, rowers and ellipticals are all staples on the training floor. Newly designed luxury showers and locker lounges provide an elegant sanctuary for members to recharge after a sweaty workout. In a balanced fashion, the gym also offers several restorative amenities designed to promote rest. Their cold plunge and sauna deliver unparalleled health benefits such as cell regeneration and improved skin health. Fun, additional perks include towel service and cold brew for those days when you need an extra energy boost.



Fitness Classes and Personal Training 

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

As an additional perk of the all-inclusive membership, the personal training program at Balanced Fitness and Health emphasizes a holistic approach. Programs begin with a free body scan to identify target goals. Members work with their trainer to create a custom program adapted to their goals and preferred pace. Trainers work with clients across all aspects of health and wellness, including nutrition, proper form and personal care to reach peak performance.

Challenge your body in one of their intensive yet revitalizing workout classes. Members can choose from mat pilates and restorative yoga to higher-intensity classes such as spin, boxing and HIIT. “Our instructors are hired with a focus more aligned with personal trainers than traditional instructors. This approach ensures that everyone in our group classes receives the individual attention they deserve,” Iglesias says.


Balanced Fitness and Health
Locations: Downtown, Little Italy, La Jolla

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