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Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

5 Reasons Your Next Meal Out Should Be at This NOLA-Inspired Oyster Bar in Oceanside

Indulge in Creole Cuisine and Celebrate Mardi Gras at This O’side Hotspot

Not much digging needs to be done to get to the good stuff, especially when it comes to oysters—but we’ll get into it anyway. The Southern hospitality of Louisiana just landed in San Diego with a charming coastal location and cuisine that’s to die for. So we’ve conjured up five reasons to check out the new Q&A Restaurant and Oyster Bar, which is situated in Oceanside’s boutique Brick Hotel! This buzzy ground-floor hot spot will transport you right to the heart of the French Quarter with Creole cuisine and a charming antique ambiance. Come for the party and leave an oyster aficionado (or just tipsy after a few NOLA-style cocktails). How’s that for a shuckin’ good time?


Chef Quinton Austin + an Authentic NOLA Food Menu

Best Oysters San Diego
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Q&A Restaurant and Oyster Bar is led by the fearless Chef Quinton Austin, who also serves as head chef for North Park’s similarly-themed culinary success, Louisiana Purchase. With a deep love for New Orleans cuisine, Austin served as former chef de cuisine in New Orleans at the world-famous Antoine’s Restaurant before ultimately making his move to San Diego. Having been completely immersed in New Orleans’ authentic French-Creole cuisine, his expertise shines through the rich Southern-style menu. Try Creole classics like Uptown Gumbo or crawfish garlic wings, or you can opt for the ultimate oyster experience with coast-to-coast oyster selections and your choice of preparation.


Buzz-Worthy NOLA Cocktails

Best Oysters San Diego
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Where’s all the rum gone?! Nothing carries you through a culinary experience quite like a cocktail, and at Q&A, you’re in for quite the ride. Let the flavors of a Bourbon Street parade hit your palate with classic New Orleans cocktails crafted with the specialty rum that the region is known for. We recommend the Tropical Sazerac, a sweet concoction made from a coconut oil washed rye and rum blend, velvet falernum, Jamaican bitters and absinthe. Or, go for the garnish with the Diamonds and Pearls, complete with gin rosa, watermelon, charcoal, whipped meringue and bubbly–adorably adorned with a single shining oyster.



Downtown O’side Location

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

New Orleans has been long known as The Big Easy, but if there’s one thing to make it even more relaxed, it has to be the beach. Just steps away from the sand, Q&A invites guests to lounge back Louisiana-style and send it to the sand right after to catch an iconic San Diego sunset. The ocean isn’t the only thing ready to call you in: catch the Sunset Market right outside Q&A every Thursday from 5-9 p.m., featuring eclectic goods, live entertainment and plenty of desserts—though if you ordered their beignets (definitely don’t skip these), you’ll be all set on sweets.


A Hip Spot to Celebrate Mardi Gras

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

If you’ve been looking for even more of an excuse to try the out-of-this-world New Orleans cuisine at Q&A Restaurant and Oyster Bar, double-down on authenticity since Mardi Gras is right around the corner! Get your fill of Fat Tuesday at their first-ever Mardi Gras party happening on Feb. 21 from noon to 10 p.m., complete with live music, DJs and a saxophonist to send your senses straight to Bourbon Street. Entry earns you a souvenir yard glass filled with Q&A’s signature Hurricane or limited-edition drink specials (we’re looking at you, watermelon daiquiri). You’ll also get half-off of yard refills all night long!


Transports Diners to the French Quarter

Best Oysters San Diego
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Built in the 1800s, the space was initially used as a general hardware store, and the exposed brick is a part of the original build—something the team intentionally brought back after being covered from past uses. Q&A Restaurant and Oyster Bar is an ode to New Orleans with a bit of a modern twist. The lush greenery that lines the ceiling is much like the botany you’d find all over New Orleans, and the smattering of hanging lights mix perfectly with the famous French Quarter-style chandeliers. Cozy up in one of the booths and savor the Southern comfort in one of Oceanside’s oldest structures!

Q&A Restaurant and Oyster Bar
408 Pier View Way, Ste 101
Oceanside, CA 92054

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