Credit: John Fornander / Unsplash
Credit: John Fornander / Unsplash

Aww Shucks! The 10 Best Spots to Get Oysters in LA

Paired Well With a Cold Beer or Chilled Glass of Wine, We Love These Oyster Options

Oysters are one of the most elegant and refined options when it comes to seafood. Though they might seem a bit intimidating, people have been enjoying this savory shellfish for centuries. In fact, in the 1800s, oysters were seen as a very simple and cheap way of getting your daily dose of protein. Nowadays, they are considered a distinguished delicacy. Despite the fact that they can be eaten year-round, oysters reach peak quality during the colder months, making them the perfect winter appetizer. Whether you’re looking to dress them with a tangy mignonette or a classic cocktail sauce, these 10 restaurants have the best shuckin’ oysters in LA. Best Oysters Los Angeles


Broad Street Oyster Co

Credit: Jenna Weinstein w/ Broad Street Oyster Co

It doesn’t get much better than oysters by the beach. Broad Street Oyster Co. invites you to crack open a cold one and soak up the Malibu sun while chowing down on some stellar seafood. This beloved seafood stand is known for keeping things simple by serving their oysters over ice with nothing more than some lemon, cocktail sauce and horseradish. Throw them back as a starter before digging into one of their buttery lobster rolls.

Location: Malibu

Best Oysters Los Angeles

Water Grill

Credit: Water Grill

From the ocean views to the elegant, nautical decor, Water Grill in Santa Monica boasts a stunning backdrop for a seafood dinner. Keep things light by building your own iced platter with your chosen selection of fresh oysters from all over the world. For salty and savory shellfish, try some of their East Coast options like the Beach Plum oysters from Massachusetts. Craving something sweeter? Stick to West Coast varieties like Kumamoto. Regardless of your pick, be sure to add some of their habanero-lime relish for a tangy treat! If you want something a bit more filling, Water Grill’s oysters Rockefeller is a decadent take on this beloved delicacy. 

Location: Santa Monica


Blue Plate Oysterette

Santa Monica’s Blue Plate Oysterette brings East Coast cuisine out west with shellfish that is sourced from some of the best oyster farms and fishermen around the world. Go for the chef’s choice oysters for a full ocean-to-table experience out on the patio that looks out onto the ocean. Top your oysters with the housemade cranberry mignonette for a tidbit of tartness while sipping on a crisp glass of sauvignon blanc.

Location: Santa Monica

Best Oysters Los Angeles

L&E Oyster Bar

Get a taste of the south at Silver Lake’s L&E Oyster Bar. With a selection of oysters that changes daily, L&E Oyster bar relies on premier oyster farms to send them the best of the best for guests to enjoy on their quaint, European-style patio. Grab a bistro table and indulge in a glass of local vino as you do some people-watching. 

Location: Silver Lake


Rappahannock Oyster Bar

Credit: Katie Gibbs

Located in ROW DTLA, this elegant and upscale oyster bar places a focus on sustainable and locally sourced seafood. The industrial-style space features an open kitchen, so you can see exactly how your food is being prepared, adding an artistic element to the entire experience. Choose between a salty or sweet selection of oysters before picking your desired sauces. We recommend the kimchi mignonette for a unique kick.

Location: DTLA 

Best Oysters Los Angeles

Found Oyster

Credit: Anna Hunko on Unsplash

Found Oyster is a casual eatery that prioritizes quality and flavor over flashiness. If you find yourself having to wait for a table (which you might—they don’t take reservations), simply head into their wine and beer zone and get your buzz on. Besides, their freshly shucked oysters are well worth any wait. True seafood fanatics will love their Overboard Platter, which features 18 chilled oysters along with crudo, lobster cocktail and more!

Location: East Hollywood


The Oyster Gourmet

With a focus on French influences and top-notch hospitality, The Oyster Gourmet features oysters and other ecologically sustained seafood that is predominantly sourced from the West Coast. Though The Oyster Gourmet operated out of various restaurants, such as Joe’s Restaurant and Zinque in Venice for many years, you can now satisfy your craving by visiting their airy kiosk in DTLA’s Grand Central Market.

Location: DTLA 

Best Oysters Los Angeles

Oyster Boys

Credit: Anima Visual on Unsplash

LA locals can find freshly shucked HACCP oysters from the Oyster Boys at the Hollywood Farmers Market every Sunday from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. If you’re looking to experience oysters at their purest and most untouched form, this is your chance. Rather than providing fancy forks and an elegant setting, the Oyster Boys have set out to bring the shellfish directly to you. Planning a party at home? Ask the Oyster Boys to cater your next event! 

Location: Hollywood


E.P. & L.P.

Credit: E.P. & L.P.

In addition to their innovative array of Australian-inspired dishes, E.P. & L.P. serves some amazing brunch-inspired bloody mary oysters! The savory tomato juice complements the oyster’s innate saltiness, resulting in a flavor-blasting combo. These chilled oysters are the perfect appetizer to have with a boozy brunch. Pro tip: The caviar seaweed snack is another great starter that pairs perfectly with the oysters.

Location: West Hollywood

Best Oysters Los Angeles

Good Clean Fun

While Good Clean Fun in downtown LA is known for putting an innovative twist on traditional recipes, they like to keep it classic when it comes to their raw oysters. Their spiced hibiscus vinaigrette and pickled mustard seeds really bring out the briny flavor of the oysters (plus, their all-natural wines are the ultimate refresher). Though the menu changes regularly, they tend to have a baked oysters option as well, resulting in a buttery bath of decadence on the half shell. 

Location: DTLA

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