4 Ready-to-Pour Cocktails You Should Have Stocked in Your Fridge This Fall

Chill, Pour and Garnish—Bring the Sip to Any Occasion With Batch & Bottle’s Premium Pre-Bottled Cocktails

While there’s not always time to make beautiful, elevated cocktails at home, we have just the solution that still satisfies the taste buds. Created with rich flavors and bold aromas, Batch & Bottle offers premium pre-batched ready-to-pour cocktails. These drinks bring both the party and the skill with every sip! With a library of tasty craft beverages, you can impress your guests effortlessly at your home bar when hosting. Batch & Bottle provides the finest ingredients suitable for everyone’s drink of choice. Leave it to the pros and pour a perfectly crafted cocktail, such as a Hendrick’s Gin martini or Lazy Old Fashioned, and relax with these hassle-free sips. 


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Reyka Rhubarb Cosmopolitan

Best Enjoyed at: The Pool

Reyka Rhubarb Cosmopolitan-TimothyKwon_BatchAndBottle
Credit: Timothy Kwon

Although autumn typically is the start of sweater weather, us Californians know we still have some warm sunny days left to hit the pool. Batch & Bottle’s premixed cosmopolitan is a reimagined classic that features Reyka Icelandic Vodka mingled with natural rhubarb, tangy blood orange and a hint of fresh squeezed lime. This refreshing pick-me-up will help you beat the heat while providing electrifying flavors for a fun afternoon spent poolside. Simply shake with ice and garnish as you please for a warm-weather treat.


Hendrick’s Gin Martini

Best Enjoyed at: Your Next Dinner Party

A frosty martini glass poses as the perfect dinner party accessory, ultimately elevating your tablescape and kicking off a classy evening. Batch & Bottle beautifully marries cool and floral flavors for a smooth Hendrick’s Gin martini. This award-winning cocktail combines the original Hendrick’s Original blended with crisp cucumber and rose for a delicious refreshment that’s perfect for celebratory toasts. Chill or freeze this fragrant, premade concoction and garnish with a cucumber slice for a simple cocktail everyone will enjoy. Crack open a bottle and raise a glass to a party without the fuss. Cheers!

Ready-to-Pour Cocktails

Monkey Shoulder Lazy Old Fashioned

Best Enjoyed at: A Campfire

A flannel, hiking boots, plenty of firewood and a few bottles of Batch & Bottle’s Lazy Old Fashioned are the essentials you’ll need for this year’s annual camping trip. The cozy escape you crave is encapsulated in this bottled cocktail that combines Monkey Shoulder malt scotch whiskey, golden sugar and bold bitters. If it’s your turn to cook dinner at the campsite, that also includes providing the booze! We’re talking easy and convenient yet full-flavored drinks. When pouring up a cocktail is this easy, no need to pack mixers and chasers. Break out the tumblers, snag the bottled cocktail from the ice chest and enjoy sipping around the campfire, effortlessly.



Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan

Best Enjoyed: After an Extra-Long Work Week

Credit: Timothy Kwon

It’s finally Friday night, and after a long work week, you’re feeling pretty drained. Staying in doesn’t always have to cost the pleasure of enjoying a luxurious cocktail at the bar top. Batch & Bottle’s Glenfiddich Scotch Manhattan combines Glenfiddich Single Malt Scotch Whisky, sharp bitters and sweet vermouth for a rich and satisfying nightcap. The aromatic recipe plays with herbal and warm flavors for a smooth finish to the ready-made bottled cocktail. Serve chilled or neat in your favorite glass with an orange twist, and get ready to kick back with an old-time classic.



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