Cannabis Dispensary for Coachella
Credit: Eddie Cortez

4 Reasons We’re Making a Pit Stop at This Cannabis Dispensary Before Coachella

You Know Where to Find Us

Hailed as one of the best music festivals in the country for over two decades, the Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is an action-packed weekend spent soaking up the sun while jamming out to some of the world’s biggest musical artists. Offering a weekend-long lineup of performances encompassing nearly every genre as well as excellent dining options and mind-boggling art installations–all while surrounded by the serene natural beauty of the desert–it’s easy to see why 250,000 people flock to this one-of-a-kind event each year. And for those looking to add to the fun, look no further than Lighthouse Dispensary. As one of the best and biggest cannabis dispensaries in Greater Palm Springs, Lighthouse has all the marijuana products and accessories to help take your Coachella experience to the next level. Here’s why we’ll be adding Lighthouse to our pre-Coachella checklist.


The Closest Dispensary to the Festival Grounds

Located just 10 minutes from Coachella’s festival grounds, Lighthouse Dispensary is the quickest and most convenient way for festival-goers to stock up on flower, vapes, edibles and disposables before heading into the festival. Their diverse team of cannabis experts and connoisseurs are available day and night to help guide and assist guests in finding the perfect products to suit their desired experiences. Lighthouse prides itself on providing its customers with a friendly and informative shopping experience, making it perfect for both long-time and first-time partakers and everyone in between. Additionally, the Coachella cannabis dispensary boasts a chic and modern interior that allows guests to easily peruse through all that Lighthouse has to offer while enjoying a comforting and inviting zen atmosphere.


THC and Delicious Food: A Match Made in Heaven

It’s no secret that cannabis and a delicious meal go hand-in-hand. And with everything from popular cooking shows to five-star restaurants now beginning to embrace THC as the perfect thing to pair with your favorite foods, it’s time to put this philosophy to the test–and there is perhaps no better place to do so than at Lighthouse Dispensary. With dozens of delicious pop-ups and food trucks on-site for festival weekend, Lighthouse is the perfect place to indulge. After picking out your products (and maybe sampling a few), enjoy a delicious Carnitas Boy taco, a slice of ‘za from Nick’s Pizza or a sweet scoop of ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s! These will be just some of the vendors at Lighthouse Dispensary during weekend one and two of the festival!


Deals on Deals on Deals!

Cannabis Dispensary for Coachella
Credit: Eddie Cortez

Lighthouse routinely has the best deals on some of the highest-quality cannabis brands and products in the Greater Palm Springs area. For weekends one and two of Coachella, however, they are going above and beyond and offering an even larger array of discounts. From local flower brands like Cali Buds, Lolo and Moxie to popular vaporizer and edible giants, such as Stiiizy, West Coast Cure and Raw Gardens, Lighthouse will be offering a buy one, get one for $1 deal! Simply stop in and ask one of their experts to help you find your favorite products at the best price.


The Consumption Bus: A One-of-a-Kind Shuttle Service

Cannabis Dispensary for Coachella
Credit: Ashley Poyorena

On top of offering great deals, excellent service and top-tier products, Lighthouse Dispensary is also offering festival-goers a one-of-a-kind shuttle service directly from their dispensary to the festival grounds. In an effort to keep all their guests safe and ensure they have a fun  experience, Lighthouse invites visitors to board the “Consumption Bus” and catch a ride to Coachella. Simply have your ride-share drop you off at the dispensary, show the bus driver your receipt from Lighthouse and enjoy a complimentary ride to the festival grounds!


Lighthouse Dispensary
84160 Ave 48
Coachella, CA 92236

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