Flex on ‘Em With the BRABUS Adventure Package, Created Specifically for All Models of the Current G-Class

From a Glossy Spare Wheel Holder to Unmistakable Wheel Arch Flares, the BRABUS Adventure Package Is Here to Take Your Ride to the Next Level

Written By: Kaylin Waizinger
Photography Provided By: BRABUS Germany BRABUS ADVENTURE package

The BRABUS engineers and designers are at it again—just in time for your summer adventures. With the launch of the BRABUS ADVENTURE Package, the world-renowned German tuning corporation is changing the off-road experience for all models of the current G-Class.

In addition to spectacular style, the BRABUS ADVENTURE Accessories Package focuses on strengthening the vehicle’s off-road capabilities with features like extreme ground clearance, making its structure and integrity even more resilient than before. With that said, we’ve created a breakdown of the equipment and how each accessory flawlessly functions. 



The strapping wheel arch flares add 10 centimeters to the width of the vehicle body while providing fresh focal points with carefully positioned features. At the front and rear axle, stylish fender attachments work to create a sophisticated side-view look. Bodywork modifications include new fasciae at the front and rear, which are designed to seamlessly transition into the wheel arch flares, naturally creating space for a variety of tailor-made tire and wheel combinations. 



This glossy attachment is constructed of high-quality carbon and powder-coated steel, making it easy to access the spare wheel. With swiveling technology, the spare wheel holder keeps your wheel stowed, secured and ready to retrieve in case of an emergency.


ADVENTURE Height Increase

This raise increases the height of your Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon to precisely 50 millimeters, which provides extra ground clearance and endless possibilities for off-road excitement.


Roof Rack 

Conveniently installed on the roof of your vehicle, this luggage rack will create interior space and make any trip worth the trek.


Rear Ladder

To better access your newly installed roof rack, you’ll want to attach the rear ladder to your vehicle to ensure a comfortable reach. 



With a towing power of 4.500 kilograms (or nearly 10,000 pounds), the rope winch provides your vehicle with strong tractive power. It can also be moved with the help of a radio remote control.


Wind Deflector With LED Headlights

The wind deflector is made of high-quality carbon and includes four integrated LED headlamps, two LED high beams and two LED work lights to help you see the road ahead and withstand windy conditions.

The BRABUS team takes pride in the meticulous restoration and enhancement of the current Mercedes G-Class. If you’re looking to upgrade your vehicle’s appearance, the BRABUS ADVENTURE Package has everything you need to give your Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon distinctive style and incredible off-roading capabilities.

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