Get Produce Delivered to Your Door With This Local Palm Springs Harvest Box

These Local Entrepreneurs’ Farm-to-Front Door Concept Is the Freshest in Town

Farm-to-table has grown in popularity in recent years. But what happens when the tables disappear? Outside-the-box thinking led two local valley entrepreneurs to an inside-the-box solution…literally!  Fresh Produce Delivery

Tony Marchese was feeling the effects of the pandemic at his restaurant, Trio, in Palm Springs. “I had to start looking at alternative business models,” he explains. He teamed up with local farmer, Mark Tardos, who was similarly confronted by the drop in demand from restaurants. They came up with CV Harvest Box. “It’s farm-to-front door,” explains Marchese, a service that collects produce from a multitude of local growers, packages them, and ships them out to customers’ homes. “Some products are picked on Thursday and delivered on Friday,” adds Marchese. “You can’t get any fresher!” 

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 In a global, chain-store economy, we tend to forget the bountiful agriculture that exists in our own backyard. With three growing seasons, the Coachella Valley is blessed with an abundance of fruits, vegetables and dates. “We’re very lucky to have some amazing local products,” adds Marchese. It’s a billion-dollar industry that employs around 12,000 people.  

Marchese dubs the program “locally integrated,” elaborating: “eat local, buy local, support local. Everything’s about trying to keep the money right here within the valley.” Additionally, it allows consumers to dodge the crowds, delivering a treasure chest of the finest, freshest produce each week. Sample mixes include dates, Indian eggplant, live cilantro, Dino kale, Ruby Red grapefruits, Fuyu persimmons, microgreens, organic pomegranates and strawberries.  

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“We’ve also started adding small businesses to bring a wider variety,” adds Marchese. Ancillary offerings include baked goods, cookies, salsas, sauces and oils as well as prime steaks. Some ingredients are even bundled into complete DIY Moscow mule and Bloody Mary kits. 

Every box also comes with a featured recipe, or you can explore a multitude of local chefs on social media that put their own weekly CV Harvest Box deliveries to work.  

“It’s a fun project, and it just keeps growing,” enthuses Marchese. Fresh Produce Delivery

With its emphasis on the local economy and ecology, there’s so much to respect about CV Harvest Box. It’s also guaranteed to brighten up your kitchen and culinary creativity. 


CV Harvest Box
707 N Palm Canyon Dr
Palm Springs, CA 92262

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