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Prepare to Be Spooked! 14 Haunted Spots Across SoCal to Explore…If You Dare

Get Your Scare on This October at These Local Haunts

Playful spirits and inexplicable apparitions are said to roam several halls and harbors of Southern California, from Coronado Island to Eureka’s haunted Redwood Coast. Gather your favorite ghost-hunting hopefuls and skeptical sleuths to explore these 15 spooky spots to celebrate Halloween in Southern California that are sure to give a proper seasonal spook. Place yourself in the path of the paranormal in haunted mansions, abandoned ghost towns, iconic hotels and unassuming historic buildings to send chills down your spine—or as the skeptics would call it, an incessant cold breeze. 


Queen Mary

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Long live the Queen—and everyone once aboard, apparently. A few lost souls linger in luxury on the Long Beach-docked Queen Mary, which once served as an elegant means of travel after ferrying soldiers during WWII. Among the over two-million total passengers carried during its days at sea, there have been 55 recorded deaths, many of which can still be felt in the glamorous gallows. Hop on board for a haunting experience at one of their nighttime paranormal investigations.

Location: Long Beach


Los Angeles Haunted Hayride

Enter the grounds of the Haunted Hayride to experience Los Angeles’ theatrically produced top terrors. Beginning the first week of October, screams can be heard across the grounds just outside of Griffith Park. A general admission pass grants guests access to the famed Haunted Hayride in the foothills of Midnight Falls as well as several additional unique attractions like the Midnight Mortuary. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear unexplained neighs in the distance.

Location: Los Angeles


“American Horror Story” House (Alfred F. Rosenheim house)

Credit: Kansas Sebastian / Flickr

Built in 1908 by Alfred F. Rosenheim as his own personal residence, the Rosenheim Mansion has become a popular filming location over the years for several well-known shows and movies, most known as the primary location of “American Horror Story: Murder House,” which was featured in the series’ first season. Serving as a real-life Catholic convent in years past, recent owners have reported freaky paranormal feelings in the home, so much so that they have since relocated. Take a stroll in the neighborhood and have a feel for yourself—bonus points if it’s at nighttime.

Location: Los Angeles


House of Spirits

Credit: House of Spirits

Spook into a theatrical soiree at Vaughan Hall’s House of Spirits, an adult Halloween experience in a lavish mansion. Not just any mansion, of course—a haunted one! How would you have Halloween in Southern California without it? Opening night is on Oct. 15 and continues Thursdays through Sundays in October. Tarot readings, strange happenings and snacks dance about an impressive scene of costumes, and don’t forget about the spirits! Each ticket includes mini cocktails with a heavy pour of the kind of spirits you can consume.

Location: Los Angeles


Delusion LA

Can’t say they didn’t warn you: it’s all in your head. Delusion returns for another one-of-a-kind interactive theater experience, placing guests at the center of every scene. Watch a chilling tale unfold with the help of actors, stunt people, special effects and a scene guaranteed to send a chill up your spine. This year’s storyline focuses on the ever-prevalent cults of the 1970s, and it’s your job to draw unsuspecting victims away from the influence. 

Location: Los Angeles


Bermuda Triangle Beverly Hills

Money doesn’t always bring good fortune. Walk among the wealthy and the withered away at the Bermuda Triangle in Beverly Hills, an intersection known for fatal incidents. The crossing of Linden Dr and Whittier Dr has been the location of several tragic events over the years with many visitors reporting a strong feeling of negative energy. Stroll on by or take a peek in passing during the LA Ghost Tour to get your fill of Gucci, Prada and a side of the paranormal.

Location: Beverly Hills 


Whaley House Museum San Diego


A courthouse. A theater. A tragic-prone family. Thomas Whaley constructed his multi-faceted home with the intention of serving the community and his family, even after learning of a haunting happening on the grounds in years past. Many members of the Whaley family tragically died on the property, where they are famously said to still roam today. Book a tour, an after-hours paranormal experience or buy your ticket at the door for a walk-through at America’s most haunted house.

Location: Old Town San Diego


Hotel del Coronado

Credit: Hotel Del Coronado

Built in 1888, Hotel del Coronado has captivated the hearts of guests and beloved celebrities alike—as well as several spirits. Most famously, the spirit of Kate Morgan still roams the grounds; specifically, her old guest room. If you’re looking for a fright, book a stay in room 3327, or you can play it safe and try your luck around the lobby. Her antics are said to be quite playful—with a beach-front afterlife like that, how could they be menacing? It wouldn’t be Halloween in Southern California without visiting this stop.

Location: Coronado


Steam Ferry Berkeley

Credit: David Barajas / Unsplash

Add a little freaky to your ferry ride on the Steam Ferry Berkeley, a ship once used to ferry guests across the San Francisco Bay and also rescued citizens during the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. Along with eager maritime tour guests visiting the ship today, it’s rumored to have a few eternal passengers aboard. After a freak explosion killing John Norbom in the bathroom in 1911, there have been numerous reports of footsteps, bathroom stalls locking and other unexplained occurrences after hours. 

Location: San Diego


Davis-Horton House San Diego

Credit: Jamie Laird

Pioneers of the Gaslamp Quarter, Mr. and Mrs. Alonzo Horton had no idea of the haunted history they would leave behind in the area. Standing as the oldest surviving wooden structure in San Diego, Davis-Horton House was the couple’s last residence, offering self-guided tours six days a week to those interested in the city’s history, architecture and ghosts—if they happen upon them. Join San Diego Ghost Hunters for a paranormal investigation to experience the most haunted house in the Gaslamp for yourself.

Location: Downtown San Diego


Calico Ghost Town

Credit: @kreavysum and @sophiedallariva98

Find food, shopping, campgrounds and off-roading happen in the world of the living while the ghost of gold-mining’s past lives on in the land of lost souls. Abandoned in the mid-1890s after silver lost its value, Calico became a true ghost town in more ways than one with reported paranormal activity on the San Bernardino grounds. Experience the ghost of miners’ past for yourself and join a Calico Ghost Tour every Saturday evening.

Location: San Bernardino


El Adobe de Capistrano

Dine among the deceased, if you dare. At El Adobe de Capistrano, the waiter forgetting your side of hot sauce won’t be the only thing to fear. Converted from what used to be the town’s jail, this restaurant has been said to be haunted by past prisoners—specifically the wine cellar. Multiple staff members have reported eerie feelings and unexplainable taps, even spooking one waitress to the point of resignation. Sit down with a spirit-forward margarita in hopes of inviting in a few of your own.

Location: San Juan Capistrano


Star of India

Credit: Kara Peak / Unsplash

This historic, massive ship may not be the only star of the show. All aboard the haunting of the San Diego harbor on the Star of India, which once served as a vessel for immigrants traveling overseas. The ghosts of those taken during their travel are rumored to haunt the halls, from suicide attempts to drunken accidents. Ghostly gallows await you at the San Diego Maritime Museum through a self-guided tour or a fan-favorite stop during the Ghosts of San Diego Tour.

Location: Downtown San Diego


Fort Humboldt State Historic Park

Credit: Brian Baer / Fort Humboldt State Historic Park © 2012, California State Parks.

What appears to be abandoned may actually be perpetually occupied. Once serving as a military fort, Fort Humboldt State Historic Park is now said to be one of the most haunted sites in California, as the only surviving building is an eerie hospital. Abandoned in 1970 and once the home of General Ulysses S. Grant, it is now open to visitors, nearby campers and reportedly the apparition of the ex-president who died of malaria at the hospital. Take a stroll with the spirits and see for yourself.

Location: Eureka

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