Inside the Home of Bestia Owners Gergis and Menashe

Bestia Owners Genevieve Gergis and Ori Menashe Give Us a Peek Inside Their Classic LA Property

Written By: Jeff Cooper
Photographed By: Taylor Lewis  Inside the Home of Bestia Owners Gergis and Menashe

The Owners: Genevieve Gergis and Ori Menashe

Silver Lake has become one of Los Angeles’ most sought after neighborhoods, offering residents a vibrant community with shopping, cafes and top-notch restaurants. The original homes built in the early to mid 1900s have become hot buys for developers looking to make their mark—and their dollar—in the ever-growing neighborhood.

Genevieve Gergis and Ori Menashe weren’t sure they would be able to make their dream of homeownership come true in the pricey Los Angeles housing market, but the restaurateurs worked hard and made their dream of homeownership come true. They found the perfect piece of Los Angeles to call home on Rotary Drive.

It has been their home for less than two years. It was a move made more essential by their growing family, and their young daughter now has her own space in the 3-bedroom, 2-bath property. They are so grateful for their home, and worked hard to get where they are today—and the pride shows in the beautiful space. Things stay cozy with just under 1, 300 square feet of living space and single car garage, but the huge lot size and amazing view of the Downtown Los Angeles skyline had them sold. Their realtor originally told them the small home might leave them unimpressed, but it was in their target budget and stole their hearts. The view is truly stunning; the Los Angeles skyline can be seen from most rooms of the home, even from the master bedroom.

The home was built in 1936 and is pretty much in its original form. The duo went against the new trend of re-developing and want to embrace the history in the property—they kept the original hardwood flooring and midcentury touches that make the home special. The home is bright, white and airy, and Gergis’ experience in interior design shines in the beautiful furnishings she uses to create the warm feel of the home.

European apartments inspire the design; Gergis loves historic buildings full of modern furnishings. This style celebrates the history of the structure while juxtaposing it against modern life. She even showed us the original tile work in the laundry room that outlines sinks and washbasins from before the appliances took over manual scrubbing!  

The front door to the property is directly on Rotary, and from the street the home appears clean and proper –– it’s a well-maintained bungalow perched upon a hill. Going through the front door, the space opens up to light, white walls and that amazing view. The small space feels open and vibrant, like a deep breath of fresh air after a long day. The bright clean walls contrast and highlight the brightly colored furniture to create intimate spaces within the room—a wooden chair in one corner has cushions and a striking pillow with an orange owl stitched onto its surface with orange tassels coming from each corner.

The duo owns and operates Bestia restaurant in Los Angeles, and have the same mentality when designing the space there that they did their own home. They found joy in creating a new experience in an original space. Don’t take away from the history; just add another chapter to the story.

The home kitchen is pretty much the 1936 original, except for modern appliances and hardware that has been changed over the years. It’s not a huge space, but is a big upgrade from the kitchen in the one bedroom Los Angeles apartment they shared before purchasing this property. Gergis recalls not being able to open the refrigerator and stove at the same time in their old tiny kitchen, and loves the new property’s homey feel and space upgrade.

The owners mix beautiful new pieces from local shops with a lot of creative vintage finds. They have done an amazing job of mixing and matching to create a unique and special look. They explain that their one-off vintage treasures are built so well that they become lifetime or heirloom pieces, they are exciting and unique, each with a story behind them. Gergis shows me large round-edged coffee table in front of her vibrant sofa—it was carved from a single piece of ash wood in the late 1960s. She loves sharing the history of the table with guests, and loves that the raised edges protect her beautiful flooring when her daughter accidently spills juice on the table’s surface!

In her work decorating other people’s homes she often aimed for continuity throughout a property, but in her own home she doesn’t mind having what she calls a little clutter. The owners want their home to have a soul, and that means filling the bookshelves to the brim, adding accessories on tables, or creating small spaces designed for comfort, not flash. The finishes need to be aesthetically pleasing and practical, following a midcentury mindset in both form and function. It’s OK for the home to have things out of place; this space is about creating comfort.

Nothing screams Los Angeles more than the view from the top of Rotary Drive. Sunshine pours in and frames the downtown skyline. This property truly feels like a home, an oasis from the hustle and bustle of freeways and boulevards, and the perfect place for this family to lay roots.

Stepping Up: The owners love exploring the staircases in Silver Lake, which are hidden up and down the hills. There is a staircase that goes all the way down the hill very near their home to stores, restaurants and coffee shops. They take the stairs down and walk to get lunch or stroll around by the reservoir with their daughter.

2121 E 7th Pl
Los Angeles, CA 90021
I F /// You Live in LA, You Love Bestia. Now Take a Look Inside the Owners’ Home.

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