Find out the Real Story Behind This Bright Santa Monica Home

Written By: Jordan Ligons
Photographed By: Joe Nardello  Santa Monica Barbie Beach House

As you’re beach cruising in Santa Monica and you see this vibrant, mesmerizing home, it will make you stop mid pedal. The striking color combinations matched with the sandy beach that is only steps away looks like it came straight off the set of Aqua’s 1997 hit “Barbie Girl” that we all know the lyrics to.

Many have had the same thoughts. Internet rumors have flung around that this three-story townhome was the home of Barbie Creator and Co-Founder of Mattel, Ruth Handler, until her death in 2002. It is said that she created her life-size Barbie Dream House to imitate the lifestyle of the dolls that she invented. Unfortunately, it seems that those on the Internet took the lyrics “Imagination, life is your creation,” a little too literally.

According to real estate agent Victoria Risko of Sotheby’s International Realty, the three separate owners of the neighboring houses all decided to paint their homes bright, pastel colors. “They were called the Sherbet Homes,” said Risko, who sold two out of three of them in 2006. Neighbors 1343 and 1347 Palisades Beach Road once donned soft yellow, mint green, and powder blue paint.

Now, only one remains. The bubble gum pink and purple Barbie-esque beach abode stands out in Santa Monica like a (pretty) sore thumb. Its three decks, all connected by a neon green spiral staircase, overlook the Pacific Ocean. With three bedrooms and three bathrooms, it’s spacious enough to house all the accessories of Barbie’s over 150 careers. Regardless of the home’s dis-affiliation with Mattel and Barbie, it is still a beaut, a real sight for sore eyes.  

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Sweet Sherbet Houses

This home was originally a trio of brightly colored houses. Houses located at 1343 and 1347 Palisades Beach Road were formally painted mint green, yellow, and pastel blue to accompany the bright pink and purple color scheme of this home.

1341 Palisades Beach Rd Santa Monica Barbie Beach House
Santa Monica, CA 90401 Santa Monica Barbie Beach House
This Bright Beach House is Rumored to Belong to Barbie Founder Ruth Handler. Find Out the Real Story!

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