Beyond King Tut Exhibition in San Diego
Credit: Timothy Norris

A Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Cinematic Beyond King Tut Exhibition in San Diego

The Exhibit Will Be at San Diego’s Del Mar Fairgrounds Until March 26

The tales of legendary Egyptian pharaoh King Tut are told all around the globe, from museums to classrooms and every inquisitive conversation in between. Take everything you thought you knew about the renowned ruler a step further at National Geographic’s Beyond King Tut: An Immersive Experience, a walk-through exhibit now on display at San Diego’s Del Mar Fairgrounds. Celebrating the 100th anniversary of the tomb’s famous discovery in November 1922, this pop-up museum takes visitors beyond the curtain and envelops them in the extravagant world of 18th century Egypt. Self-guide your way through nine distinct multi-sensory galleries that boast cutting-edge visuals and educational anecdotes at every turn! Discovery doesn’t wait up—this touring exhibit will only be open in San Diego from Jan. 27 through March 26!

Known formally as King Tutankhamun, the young ruler of the 18th dynasty of ancient Egypt served from the ripe age of nine until his early death at age 19. The eventual unearthing of his tomb has since been considered one of the greatest archaeological discoveries of all time. Guests of this unique experience will guide themselves through the tomb’s discovery in the same way archaeologists did: by dissecting every detail until the pieces come together in a symbolic story of triumph, leaving attendees feeling as though they had a hand in the excavation itself.

Beyond King Tut Exhibition in San Diego
Credit: Timothy Norris

Your visit begins with a brief full-screen video overview of King Tutankhamun and the significance of his tomb’s discovery, transforming into swinging doors that warmly welcome you into his world. As you stroll by the historical snapshots showcasing the public attention the discovery garnered in the past, you’ll notice you aren’t so different from the crowds. Though your fashion choices may differ, you hold their same sense of wonder—the one that attracts us to this discovery even 100 years later.

Learn about the Boy King’s time on Earth from his most-admired feats like restoring Egyptian religion and art to his favorite leisurely activities like ancient Egyptian board game Senet. Spend as much time as necessary moving your pawns on the exhibit’s interactive Senet boards to crown yourself the modern-day champ.


It won’t take much time soaking in King Tut’s large, LED-displayed family tree to discover that his mother is still unknown after all this time or that his direct lineage ended at his death. What you will certainly discover, however, is that his own life isn’t believed to have ended with his time on Earth.

Beyond King Tut Exhibition in San Diego
Credit: Timothy Norris

Much of the exhibit is dedicated to explaining the intricate detailing of mummifying King Tut and the serious symbolism and service ancient Egyptians put into laying their royalty to rest. The symbolic story of the hieroglyphs painted on his tomb’s wall is depicted in a mock room in the exhibit, featuring a dramatic voice narrating the tale through moving pictures on every wall. Every significant object laid to rest in the tomb with King Tut is identified and explained by high-quality depictions throughout the exhibit. An entire room is dedicated to deeply describing the ceremonious cleaning and wrapping of the Pharaoh and his many layered coffins–along with where every piece of the body had to be set aside to properly prepare him for a peaceful resting place. Art and visuals bring the entire experience to life to immerse each guest in a full-circle understanding from life to death.


Beyond King Tut Exhibition in San Diego
Credit: Timothy Norris

The last stop in your journey will be a visit to the underworld. The Egyptians prepared King Tut for the most fulfilling afterlife they could, but there were still several tests he needed to pass on his own. Take a seat in a breathtaking 360-degree room dancing with floor-to-ceiling video and surround sound to enjoy a cinematic retelling of his journey to the afterlife.

As the ancient Egyptians say, you have two deaths: when you leave Earth and the last utterance of your name. Aid legendary King Tut in his quest for eternal life at this one-of-a-kind experience! General admission starts at $38 for adults and $22 for children, or you can snag a VIP package complete with an exclusive VR experience and curated gift bag from the retail shop.


Beyond King Tut
Wyland Center at Del Mar Fairgrounds
2260 Jimmy Durante Blvd
Del Mar, CA 92014

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