Pacific Catch San Diego
Credit: Albert Law // @porkbellystudio
Pacific Catch San Diego
Credit: Albert Law // @porkbellystudio

5 Dishes From La Jolla’s Pacific Catch That’ll Warm You Up This Winter

From Curry to Dumpling Tots, Here’s What to Order at Pacific Catch

When we see food, we eat it—especially when it’s seafood! Pacific Catch is one of San Diego’s premier sit-down seafood experiences, specializing in the ocean’s very best in every form: tacos, sandwiches, soups, fish and chips and more. This La Jolla hot spot just launched a brand new Noodle Time menu, complete with brag-worthy ramen bowls and comfort-food creations. A creamy miso bowl, savory Hawaiian “Saimin” and spicy red curry ramen are just a few of the flavors that grace their newest menu made special for mitten season. Here are five new dishes to try this season!

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Red Curry Bowl

Credit: Albert Law // @porkbellystudio

Ingredients: Fresh ramen noodles, pickled red Fresno chiles, broccoli, cilantro, Thai basil and a lime wedge

Can you handle the heat? We’re starting noodle season off spicy with the red curry bowl. The rich color of the red curry is the only hint you need to know that this bowl brings the heat–thanks to the red curry classic: pickled red fresno chiles. Much like jalapeños but slightly hotter, the spicy broth and fresh, soft noodles are complemented by sauteed shrimp, broccoli, cilantro and Thai basil to bring the full flavor profiles to life in this fiery ramen bowl. Add Dungeness crab for an extra treat!


Hawaiian “Saimin” Bowl

Credit: Albert Law // @porkbellystudio

Ingredients: Fresh ramen noodles, baby bok choy, soy marinated egg, crispy Maui onions, green onions

If there’s one thing that warms the soul, it’s time in the sunshine. Bringing the beauty of the Hawaiian islands right to your back door is Pacific Catch’s Hawaiian “Saimin” bowl, a ramen bowl paying homage to the classic Saimin noodle bowl found on the islands themselves. This salty, savory dish filled to the brim with fresh ramen noodles and soft baby bok choy is perfectly complemented by the crunch of crispy Maui onions and a marinated egg. 


Creamy Miso Bowl

Pacific Catch San Diego
Credit: Albert Law // @porkbellystudio

Ingredients: Chashu pork, fresh ramen noodles, shiitake mushrooms, corn, shishito peppers, inari strips, nori, togarashi, soy marinated egg 

It’s no coincidence that dreamy rhymes with creamy. Behold: the creamy miso bowl. The Japanese starter we all know and love gets a major facelift and a bigger bowl to bear it all. It’s packed with all of the classics and then some: tender chashu pork, fresh ramen noodles, corn, shiitake mushrooms, nori and of course, the soft boiled egg. The sweet is what makes this bowl unique: the decadent shishito peppers and sweet inari strips make for a delightful chewy texture among the mixture of sweet and savory mouthwatering flavors. 



Dumpling “Tots”

Pacific Catch San Diego
Credit: Albert Law // @porkbellystudio

Ingredients: Crispy shrimp shumai (9 pc), spicy soy dipping sauce, furikake

Dive right into your deep-sea dining experience and order an appetizer of the Dumpling Tots, otherwise known as shrimp shumai. Rich, tender shrimp and the slight spice of the Japanese blend furikake awaits you under a crunchy outer fried layer reminiscent of a warm, comforting hush puppy. But wait–before you bite, squeeze a dash of lemon on top and dip your dumpling into the decadent, mildly spicy soy dipping sauce to create the perfect palate experience. Come in and experience this comforting crustacean—the coconut shrimp has met its match.


Grilled Bok Choy

Pacific Catch San Diego
Credit: Albert Law // @porkbellystudio

Ingredients: Bok choy, Korean glaze, crispy Maui onions

Order the grilled bok choy for the table to get your fill of greens and glazed goodness that’s simply a must-try. Dressed to perfection, the Chinese cabbage’s slightly peppery, mild taste is complemented by a Korean glaze and the sweet, crisp taste of breaded Maui onions. Surprise your friends that scrunch their nose at the thought of vegetables and meet them with this sweet, soft dish that serves as the perfect start to your main courses to come.


Pacific Catch
4575 La Jolla Village Dr, Ste 1160
San Diego, CA 92122

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