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What’s on Your List?

Written By: Taylor Gorski Post Quarantine Los Angeles

These past few weeks, I’ve ordered one too many sweat suits, baked a whole lot of bread and daydreamed about what I’m going to do post-quarantine; 2020 has been uncertain to say the least, but let’s look towards a brighter future together. When it’s safe and recommended by government and health officials to do so, this is how I’m spending my post-quarantine time in Los Angeles. 


1 | Booking a Local Staycation Post Quarantine Los Angeles

I’m dreaming of checking into a boutique hotel, grabbing an Aperol Spritz at the cocktail bar and relaxing in a lounge chair by the pool under the warm California sun. Los Angeles is home to some incredible, beautiful hotels that people from all over the world travel to; take your pick of ocean air or city views. Mingling with strangers, escaping a daily routine and waking up to breakfast in bed awaits. I have my heart set on staying at one of these LA hotels when the time comes. 


2 | Table for Six! Post Quarantine Los Angeles

Indulging in chips and guacamole, cheers-ing to friends and the overall experience of sitting down and dining at a restaurant are things I truly do miss. Sipping a watermelon mezcal margarita from Elephante, ordering the roasted vegetable salad from Stark’s, brunching at Great White and eating every last drop of my spicy fusilli from Jon & Vinny’s are in my near future. 


3 | Pass the Wine, Please Post Quarantine Los Angeles

Friends! Food! Good times! Nothing beats this combination. Planning an epic dinner party with a delicious dinner and good wine (and maybe a Modelo or two) is on the calendar…but with the date listed as TBD. This homemade ravioli recipe from Italian Homemade Company is sure to be a crowd pleaser. Having friends over for dinner—accompanied by endless laughs and Jeopardy competitions—will never be taken for granted again!  


4 | Coffee Shop Grind Post Quarantine Los Angeles

A workspace other than my dining room table is desperately needed. Coffee shops are my go-to work environment, providing inspiration and the necessary amount of caffeine to complete an assignment. While I typically like exploring a new coffee shop each time, my go-tos are Alfred Coffee, Joe & The Juice and Verve Coffee Roasters

5 | Sea Salt + Sandy Skin Post Quarantine Los Angeles

With beaches having been closed, the ocean has been a fishy subject. I look forward to diving into the waves and floating in the sea without worry, followed by devouring a Yeastie Boys bagel sandwich. 


6 | Tie Your Laces

I think my shoes miss me. I’ve been living in sweats and slippers; it’ll feel so good to get dressed, put on my favorite pair of boots and hit The Point in South Bay for some IRL shopping and a stop at Tocaya Organica


7 | Take a Roadtrip

Big Sur, San Francisco or Paso Robles? One of the many reasons I love California is you’re able to get in your car and have the opportunity to experience a new environment just a few hours away. Booking an Airbnb, trying new restaurants and putting my phone into “do not disturb” mode to disconnect for the weekend is on the books. 


8 | Whole Lotta Hugs

This one is pretty straight-forward, but hugging family and friends is definitely on the list. 


9 | Plan an International Trip 

Saving destination pins on Pinterest, searching for flights and looking at past photos of trips has been a weekly routine of mine, and the day will soon come when a trip can be booked! (I’m not packing my bags already…)

10 | Appreciate the Small Things

Like chatting with a stranger, being surrounded by loved ones, showing gratitude towards frontline workers and appreciating good health.