Roasted Chilies, Chipotles and Pepper Jack Cheese Make This Burger A Real Kicker

Rock and Brews’ Fire Roasted Green Chili Cheeseburger is Your New Favorite Sweat-Worthy Burger

Written By: Elizabeth Morris  Rock and Brews
Photographed By: Leslie Grow Rock and Brews

Rock and Brews skillfully combines two prominent parts of American culture: hamburgers and rock and roll. What began as a simple idea shared by five founders who live and breathe music has grown into a chain with 20 locations across the United States. This rock-themed restaurant specializes in classic comfort foods, such as burgers, wings and hot dogs with an artful, gourmet twist. Rock and Brews offers a family-friendly environment that captures the essence of the Rock ‘n Roll era. You may come for the rock concert experience, but even more legendary than music is Rock and Brews’ food.

Once you cross Rock and Brews’ opening gate, you feel as if you have entered an outdoor concert venue. Iconic music posters and records line the walls, building the “Great Wall of Rock,” and TV screens spark nostalgia by displaying scenes from rock and roll history. Their open-air patio is decorated with hanging lights and contains rows upon rows of picnic tables. The main body of the restaurant resembles a warehouse and is filled with bar stool tables and picnic tables. The seating arrangement creates an intimate atmosphere, which speaks to the importance of coming together over things that are easy to agree on: good music and great food.

The comfortable, good-natured ambiance makes Rock and Brews the perfect restaurant to gather family and friends. Once you have assembled your friends and family, sit back and have a look at Rock and Brews’ menu. Each section of the menu reflects the concert theme with titles like “Headliner Sandwiches,” “Opening Acts” and “Classic Hits.” No matter your selection, you are sure to encounter a mouth-watering bite. Although you cannot go wrong with any of the menu items, their Craft Burgers section should catch your eye.

The menu features eight burgers, but for those with an affinity for spice, look no further than the Fire Roasted Green Chili Cheeseburger. The foundation of every burger is the patty, and at Rock and Brews, the burgers are fresh ground and hand formed. Iceberg lettuce, red onion and tomato are carefully tucked under the grilled patty. A layer of, not once, but twice melted Pepper Jack cheese is then draped over the meat. The fresh vegetables make an audible crunch when you bite into them, while the cheese adds a creamy yet spicy nuance to the burger.

The ingredients listed thus far may have already decided your order, but the burger’s namesake ingredient makes this dish unforgettable. Poblano peppers, a mild Mexican chili pepper, are roasted to perfection then added as the cherry-on-top to the burger. With just right amount of spice, the peppers are the ingredient that make this burger distinct from any other. The burger is then finished off with a drizzle of a Chipotle aioli sauce that will have you licking your fingers. What better frame to encase this masterpiece than a toasted Sesame Brioche bun? The bun is both crispy on the toasted side and soft on the inside, the proper texture to seal in all the flavors. As a final touch, each burger is pierced with a wooden skewer to hold in all the savory ingredients.

Q&A With Executive Head Chef Severiano Martinez

Q: What event(s) helped shape your desire to become a chef?

Severiano Martinez: I love the kitchen, and when people leave happy with the food, it gives me motivation to work even harder.

Q: How has working at Rock and Brews allowed you to express your passion for rock and roll?

SM: I focus on making sure that when people come to enjoy the music, the food is amazing too so they enjoy both of them.

Q: What sets the Fire Roasted Green Chili Cheeseburger apart from other hamburgers?

SM: The green chilies because they make the burger very spicy.

Q: What brew goes best with the Fire Roasted Green Chili Cheeseburger?

SM: Any IPA would go with the burger because they pair well with the spice of the peppers. Try the Three Weavers Expatriate.

Eat Fit: Comfort foods are delicious, but high calorie. Those following a healthy diet have no need to sacrifice their American favorites because Rock and Brews offers gluten free options and a “Rockin Fit” section.

Kiss Me: You know your dining experience will be truly rock inspired when two of the five partners of the Rock and Brews restaurants are Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley, members of the renowned band KISS.

Beer Belly: Wash your meal down with one of Rock and Brews’ beers. With nearly 100 beers to choose from, each diner is bound to find a brew to pair with their meal.

Photoshoot Location:
Rock and Brews
143 Main St
El Segundo, CA 90245

Rock and Brews’ Fire Roasted Green Chili Cheeseburger is Your New Favorite Sweat-Worthy Burger

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