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It’s the Best Time of the Year! 

Written By: Kaylin Waizinger Socially-Distanced Tailgate

Football season is officially upon us! And whether you’re a staunch fan of [insert team name] or you simply look forward to the funny Super Bowl commercials, there are no better weeks than the 17 that lie ahead. But despite all the hype, the stadiums will be empty due to the infamous coronavirus (ugh); on the bright side, however, you don’t need tickets to watch the games. With that said, we’ve  put together everything you’ll need to set up the perfect socially distanced tailgate for Sunday football. Throw on your jersey and gather your quaran-team because this tailgate setup is a total touchdown!


1 | Fire up the Grill Socially-Distanced Tailgate

Let’s be real—no tailgate is complete without a grill. Everdure has an amazing line of compact and stylish portable grills that are perfect for outdoor use. Pick up some meats from your local butcher and fire up the grill for a tasty, festive meal. Tailgating in San Diego? Ranch 45 has an on-site butcher shop with a quality selection of Brand Beef products! If grilling isn’t in your wheelhouse, support a local restaurant and order food. Everyone appreciates a catered meal, especially if it is from a local eatery. 


2 | On the Rocks Socially-Distanced Tailgate

If football season doesn’t usher in a hankering for beer, is it even football season? Pack an ice chest with a selection of bottled and canned beverages like Modelos, Coronas and Pacificos to sip on as you watch the game. Igloo’s BMX Coolers are made from durable blow-molded construction and will keep your refreshments chilled for hours. If you or one of your pals is gluten-free, stock up on Constellation Brands’ new line of Corona Hard Seltzers. Our favorite flavor is tropical lime!


3 | A Bloody Brilliant Idea!

If you want to get really crafty, set up a delicious Bloody Mary bar with all the fixins. This DIY-style bar is always a hit. See below for a full shopping list of ingredients and garnishes.

-Tomato juice
-Fresh lemon or lime juice
-Worcestershire sauce
-Fresh dill
-Pimento or blue cheese-stuffed olives
-Lemon wedges


4 | Put It on the Big Screen

Ok, this is a big one. As much as people love to eat and drink together, it is football Sunday. Best Buy and Amazon have an assortment of outdoor projectors and screens that are perfect for game day viewing. Whether you’re in the driveway, the cul-de-sac or your backyard, you can watch any game in HD while you hang out with your friends and cheer on your team. 


5 | Furnish It Socially-Distanced Tailgate

During your socially distanced viewing party, people are likely going to want to sit and watch the game. An assortment of picnic blankets, chairs and umbrellas (for shade) are all necessary components to a tailgate. Just be sure to space your seats six feet apart. Oh, and don’t forget your hand sanitizer and masks!


6 | Let the Games Begin

If your group is small enough, feel free to break out some lawn games, such as cornhole or Giant Jenga to play at halftime! People always love a little competition, especially during football season.


Happy hosting!