The Outrageous Outfits You Missed at Comic-Con 2016

The Outrageous Outfits You Missed at Comic-Con 2016

Squad life, for life!❤️? #Sdcc #suicidesquad #sdcc2016 #dccomics the wall can’t keep us locked up forever!?

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This is EVERYTHING! ? We shot this while waiting to go up in Hall H and meet the cast of the #suicidesquadmovie this past weekend has felt surreal, I felt like I was living in a dream, And I never wanted it to end. The squad became so much more than just fellow contest winners. We laughed, cried and wiped sweat from our eyes as we posed for hours in sweltering heat just to see a kid smile as he ran up and hugged us. I can honestly say that we are more than acquaintances, more than friends, more than Squad. We are a family! ❤️And I will forever remember this experience for my whole life! Thank you @dccomics ! This weekend meant the world to me! Please everyone follow my #squadfam they deserve it! @rickymiddlesworth @titan_cosplay @myeverydaylifestyle @robthehulk @banzai_wolf_burger @brosephdavid @charlyjoakers @gereezi @jayperiod #sdcc2016 #suicidesquad

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My #wcw can beat up your boyfriend and your girlfriend. Edit by @verafied111 #sandiego #sdcc #sdcc2016 #comiccon #bodybuilder

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A scary #cosplay I have yet to identify. Help? #marvelcosplay #marvel #sdcc2016 #sdcc #comiccon #comiccon2016

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VIVA TEELA!! #sdcc #sdcc2016 #teela #heman #motu #girlswhocosplay #cosplay #coplaymodel #photo #photooftheday

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Walkers, just walking around comic-con. #sdcc #sandiego #sdcc2016 #zombies #walkers #walkingdead

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Loki Cosplay #sdcccosplay #Sdcc #sdcc2016 #loki #lokicosplay #cosplay #avengerscosplay #avengers

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