Photography By: Adam Joseph Wells
Photography By: Adam Joseph Wells

5 Cannabis + Food Pairings to Get Delivered to Your Door This 4/20

These Marijuana Products and Munchies Are Sure to Make Your Day Sup-herbery

While unique and unconventional, you’ve probably heard about this “holiday” at some point in your life. April 20th, otherwise known as 4/20, is, in short, a day celebrating cannabis culture. From vapes to gummies, the options for products are countless these days—and the effects of each product range dramatically.  4/20 Weed Delivery

This 4/20, while you’re hanging out at home after a long day at the office (which may just happen to be your couch), order cannabis directly from Caliva, have it delivered to your door and pair it with a scrumptious takeout meal from one of our favorite coastal California restaurants. Caliva is offering 20% off specials on select brands, which can be found here

Here’s how we’re celebrating! 


1 | Havin’ a Good Time 4/20 Weed Delivery

Order This: Fun Uncle Cruisers Vapes
Eat This: Tacos from Playa Mesa

All strains of the Fun Uncle Cruisers Vapes test with over 85% THC. From Lemon Jack to Berry Gelato, the variety of these flavors are sure to please. Whether it’s vapes that contain energizing effects or those that put you in a wind-down mood, you’ll want to pair this high with a bite to eat. And since 4/20 does fall on a Tuesday, we suggest ordering a pair of tasty tacos from Playa Mesa in Costa Mesa!

EXP 5/17


2 | Dime a Dozen 4/20 Weed Delivery

Order This: DELI Nickels Gummy Rounds
Eat This: Firebird from The Crack Shack

These sugar-dusted gummies pack a punch with 5mg of THC per nickel and 20 nickels per pouch! Flavors include passionfruit, mango, mixed berry and green sour apple. Balance these sweet gummies with a bit of spice! Order the spicy Firebird chicken sandwich from The Crack Shack, and we promise you’ll be on cloud nine.

3 | To Be Blunt 4/20 Weed Delivery

Order This: DELI Greens 
Eat This: Pizza from Pizzeria Mozza

DELI Greens are quality buds that are grown right here in California. Sativa, indica and hybrid strains are available, so the choice is yours. Stick with the classics—go for a pizza for the ideal pairing. Pizzeria Mozza, located in Newport Beach and off Melrose in Los Angeles, offers perfect ‘za’s that feed one to two people. Don’t forget about dessert; their salted caramel chocolate tart is totally worth it. 


4 | Let’s Get Serious 

Order This: Mirayo 5 Pack Preroll – Ice Cream Zkittlez
Eat This: Fries and Sausages from Wurstkuche

This tin of five half-gram pre-rolls is cultivated with artisanal craft and traditional patience. Expand your consciousness outward, and reach for divine wisdom and inspired creative expression with each puff. There are two things you’ll need with these: fries and loaded sausages. Wurstkuche in Venice is the must-try spot to cure your cravings! 


5 | Dessert for Dinner

Order This: Chill Caramel CBD 1:1 Dark Chocolate 
Eat This: Doughnuts from Sidecar Doughnuts

Calling all sweet tooths! This one’s for you. First, it’s a bite of the Chill CBD chocolate; then, it’s pure indulgence in the form of Sidecar Doughnuts. With locations in Costa Mesa, Santa Monica, Fairfax, Del Mar and Torrance, there’s enough doughnut goodness to go around! From flavors like huckleberry to celebration cake, having one is just simply impossible. Who said you can’t have dessert for dinner?!



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