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5 Simple Ways to Improve Your Health This Spring Without Joining a Gym

No Cardio Equipment? No Problem!

With summertime on the horizon, the pressure to hit the gym and “get fit” is immense. Every spring, gyms fill up with new faces looking to shed that winter weight. And, if we’re keeping things real, most folks don’t stick to their goals for more than a couple of weeks. 

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If you’ve already given up on your exercise goals this month simply because you don’t l-o-v-e the gym…don’t fret! Weight machines and cardio equipment aren’t everyone’s love language, and that’s okay. There are numerous ways to get healthy in time for summer and build sustainable and positive habits. To get you inspired, we asked Alexa Ryan, nutritionist and founder of It Comes Naturally, to give us a few simple things you can do for your health this spring, even if you don’t love exercising. 


TIP #1: Start an All-in-One Supplement Routine

Gut Health Tips
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Health begins with how you fuel your body. “If working out isn’t your favorite or a strict nutrition plan doesn’t work with your schedule, supplements are an easy and effective way to amplify your health,” says Alexa. Her supplement brand, It Comes Naturally, was born out of a passion for helping others heal their bodies from the inside out, and her Pure Blooms Super Supplement aids in doing just that. “With over 30 essential nutrients, including protein, all in a single powder, Pure Blooms is the easiest, high-quality supplement that can tackle your gut, brain, energy, inflammation, blood sugar, mood, sleep and immunity without taking a bunch of capsules and pills every single day,” she explains. This all-in-one powder is one of the best gut health supplements on the market!


TIP #2: Replace Happy Hour with Healthy Hour

Best Health Tips
Credit: Katie Oswald

If you participated in Dry January this year, you’re probably more than familiar with the joys of a mocktail. Although most mocktails are delicious and refreshing, they’re usually just the juice of a cocktail minus the alcohol. Alexa explains, “You can keep up with the health benefits of Dry January but not sacrifice the fun by upgrading your mocktails to something functional.” Mocktails can be functional and give you a wealth of health benefits with every sip. Designed to relax you, energize you and make you feel good, functional mocktails incorporate natural remedies like herbs, vitamins and functional foods instead of alcohol.

Alexa’s brand, It Comes Naturally, is bringing functional mocktails to Orange County with a pop-up bar called The Healthy Hour. “This event will feature a menu of unique and delicious functional mocktails. One of these mocktails is called “Dope Juice”—a blend of functional mushrooms and CBD infused into a tangy green juice. It’s crafted to ignite creativity and elevate your mood, giving you the perfect balance of relaxation and focus. The Healthy Hour is a better-for-you way to socialize, let loose and have fun over a “drink” with friends!” says Alexa. Reserve your ticket for entry to the pop-up event on May 18 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Jack Henry Studios in Costa Mesa. Don’t miss out on this free Orange County event!


TIP #3: Prioritize Recovery

“Use this spring to set your future self up for success,” says Alexa. “You don’t have to tackle every wellness goal all at once. Start with a healthy recovery habit that will prepare you for bigger goals this summer.” Alexa recommends healthy recovery routines like the sauna, red light therapy and easy walks. These simple habits may not feel like much, but your recovery process is essential for building strength. Alexa advises, “Treat yourself to some quiet, one-on-one time to reflect. Or, bring along a partner or friends if a social energy boost is what you need while enjoying a moment of restoration.”

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TIP #4: Give Your Body a Spring Cleaning

Best Health Tips
Credit: It Comes Naturally

Still feeling like you’re coming out of winter hibernation and delayed in your goals for this year? That’s completely normal! “Our bodies naturally adjust to the seasons. So, starting a new wellness routine in the spring is a great idea,” says Alexa. “The season change is nature’s way of telling us it’s time to move into a healthier and more vital phase of life.”

Spring is the perfect time to refresh, renew and reset your body. Just like your house, your body needs a spring cleaning to help move out what you’ve accumulated and start fresh. Starting a total body reset program like It Comes Naturally’s 14-Day Gut Reset is the perfect way to jump start your wellness goals. “In just two weeks, you can rebuild your gut health, brighten your skin, increase your energy, improve your sleep and eliminate any waste your body has been holding on to throughout the winter,” she says. The reset kit includes the Pure Blooms Super Supplement, a 25-page digital booklet with guidance, recipes and instruction to ensure your success and a BPA-free Eco Shaker Bottle!


TIP #5: Start Your Own Herb Garden

Spring is the perfect time to get in the garden! Planting herbs this season is a major flavor and nutrient hack for healthy eating. Alexa says, “Adding fresh herbs to meals is one of the easiest ways to boost flavor and nutritional value. If you started growing just mint, oregano and basil this spring, you’d have a garden full of tummy-soothing, antioxidant-rich and immune-boosting herbs that taste incredible in all kinds of healthy recipes.” She adds, “The herbs we get in grocery stores are not full of the nutritional value we need. The way they’re harvested and grown plays a role in this. By growing your own herbs, you can have organic, nutrient-rich flavor boosters available to you all the time.”

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