4 Catalina Island Itineraries for Every Type of Traveler

Catalina Island Offers Adventure, Relaxation and Memorable Experiences for All! TSA screenings, endless lines, luggage restrictions and the enigma that is airplane mode—traveling has grown to be quite a chore. To simplify things, hop on the Catalina Express for a 22-mile boat ride to Catalina Island. Celebrating 40 years of service to the island, Catalina


This May Be the Tastiest Ramen in Fountain Valley

Ryu Ramen Is Serving Bowl After Bowl of Rich, Flavorful Tradition Written by: Michelle Jaco Photographed By: Ed Visions  Best Ramen Fountain Valley If you’ve ever had ramen before, it’s probably safe to say that you’re a fan. A bold statement, I know, but if you’ve experienced ramen in its most authentic form, then you


Here’s 9 Reasons Y Millennials Are Flocking to Downtown Oakland

You Don’t Know the Bay Until You’ve Crossed These Off Your List Written By: Michelle Jaco Photography Provided By: Marc Szabo Studios, Inc. No generation has seemingly been studied quite as much as millennials—and understandably so. Complex, expressive, social, connected—these are only some of the characteristics of the average Gen Y’er. And true to form,

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