This May Be the Tastiest Ramen in Fountain Valley

Ryu Ramen Is Serving Bowl After Bowl of Rich, Flavorful Tradition

Written by: Michelle Jaco
Photographed By: Ed Visions  Best Ramen Fountain Valley

If you’ve ever had ramen before, it’s probably safe to say that you’re a fan. A bold statement, I know, but if you’ve experienced ramen in its most authentic form, then you understand just how alluring the experience can be—no, should be.

From the stacked layers of aromas that gracefully stimulate the senses to the light cascade of steamy broth touching your tongue and finally, that delightful feeling of the long, gooey noodles making its way from palate to belly. Yes, ramen done right is an experience, indeed, and it’s the type of experience you can expect from Fountain Valley’s Ryu Ramen.

Upon entering Orange County’s latest ramen establishment, you cannot help but become pleasantly enthralled by the wonderful display of Ryu team members cranking out piles of freshly prepped noodles, stationed in what is known as the “Noodle Room.”

Owner, creator and Chef Ryu Isobe explains, “We have an open kitchen which allows guests not only to see the food being prepared but to feel the energy of the kitchen as they dine. And I also wanted my cooks to be able to see the joy they give people with the work they do.”

Similar to how precious works of art are showcased in museums, the noodles are openly on display for guests to observe, as the noodle preparation is an art form in itself. “We are dedicated to being a from-scratch kitchen. We make a claim of serving authentically prepared ramen, and a huge part of this is making our own noodles,” explains Chef Ryu.

Because Ryu prepares its noodles in-house, there is an element of control in everything—down to the flour, water PH levels and even the thickness of the noodles. “You will notice that the noodles here at Ryu Ramen are thinner than most other ramen restaurants, and that is on purpose. The thinner the noodle, the more noodles in a bowl, creating more surface area for the broth to cling to, which is a large part of how our ramen is so flavorful.”


With a colorful list of masterful creations to choose from, Ryu Ramen has something for everyone to enjoy, but the Ooh Mami Ramen is an absolute must-try. “The Ooh Mami Ramen is our most flavor-forward ramen,” says Chef Ryu. Prepared with ingredients that are made with the time-honored tradition of the Japanese ramen masters of the past, Chef Ryu decided to incorporate enticing elements that would take ramen to the next level. 

As the broth is the soul of the bowl, the flavors are united with tastes and textures that are made from a rich and creamy Tonkotsu pork broth, consisting of a special garlic and tangy Gochujang miso paste, all entrenching the delicate noodles, juicy ground beef, kikurage mushrooms, toasted sesame and chopped scallions (you can also choose from rich pork belly chashu, tender chicken breast, or organic tofu).

This festival of flavors is topped with the secret ingredient that is often found in authentic Japanese ramen: “Mayu.” Ryu’s is made in-house by using the traditional method of slowly cooking garlic in oil on low heat for an extended amount of time. This creates sweetness while also adding a charred element to the oil.

When asked for the inspiration behind opening a restaurant, Chef Ryu responded, “I just took my commitment to quality, authenticity and innovation and applied it to ramen… I wanted to share that with the world. 

He concludes: “Ryu Ramen is the accumulation of all my lessons learned from mistakes I’ve made, new ideas and quality standards I have developed that for one reason or another was not able to implement at other restaurants I have been a part of. Ryu Ramen is truly my heart’s work and what I hope my legacy to the world will be.”

That is, in fact, ramen reimagined. Best Ramen Fountain Valley


Ryu Ramen Ingredients: 

-Housemade Noodles 
-Creamy Tonkotsu Pork Broth 
-Pork Belly Chashu
-Soft-Boiled Egg
-Mayu (Black Garlic Oil)
-Japanese Garlic Purée
-Toasted Sesame Seeds
-Ground Sesame Seeds
-Fried Shallots
-Pickled Ginger
-Chili Hairs

Flavor Flav: The Ohh Mami ramen gets a special garlic imported from Japan, which has the maximum garlic flavor aroma without having the astringent bite of raw garlic. 

A Lil’ Extra Somethin’: Ryu Ramen adds a special ingredient to their ramen—a black garlic oil, referred to as “Mayu,” which is a traditional Japanese ramen ingredient.

Ryu Ramen
10832 Warner Ave
Fountain Valley, CA 92708
714.369.2018  Best Ramen Fountain Valley

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