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7 Epic Things We Did in OC While Stoned

Cann Social Tonics Are Changing the Game, and We Proved It

This past summer has, for the most part, been a social one一but it can get to be a draining process of drinking and waking up hungover each and every weekend. So, we decided to try something new…without cutting out all the fun, obviously. Cann Social Tonics, if you haven’t already seen scrolling on your IG feed, is the future of drinking一and we’re here for it. With 2mg THC and 4mg CBD per 7.5-ounce can, you get a light, feel-good buzz without any hangover the next morning (and without feeling like you’re getting blasted off to another planet). Each Cann is between 30-35 calories and made up of five natural ingredients, meaning the heavy beers and sugary cocktails won’t be missed. Whether you’ve had a long day at work and need something to take the edge off or you still want to be social with a (non-alcoholic) drink in hand, we’re here to introduce you to your new favorite beverage. Cannabis-Infused Drinks

We completely cut out alcohol for two weeks and instead turned to Cann Social Tonics to do these seven Orange County activities high. Here’s how it went. 

Cannabis-Infused Drinks

1 | Lounging Poolside at a Brewery

Modern Times Leisuretown
Drink This: Lemon Lavender

After I already committed to a non-alcohol week, the first stop my friends wanted to make was, of course, a brewery. So before they picked me up, I had a lemon lavender Cann and still had an ideal happy buzz throughout the afternoon. We lounged by the trendy Leisuretown pool (Yes, it’s free! Call ahead to reserve and simply pay a $20 holding fee.) that had major Palm Springs vibes, and I ordered The Truck Stop Munchwrap to cure my hunger. Who knew I wouldn’t miss having a beer, even at a brewery?!

Location: Anaheim

EXP 12/26


2 | Taking a Trapeze Yoga Class

Good Moodra
Drink This: Grapefruit Rosemary

Trying out a new workout class each week has been a hobby for a while now, and this week, I decided to have some fun with it. Good Moodra Yoga offers both trapeze and mat yoga classes. I went all-in and drank a Grapefruit Rosemary Cann before attending a trapeze class. Overall, it was a splendid experience, and my body felt stretched, strong and relaxed all at the same time.

Location: Anaheim 

Cannabis-Infused Drinks

3 | Checking Out the Cultural and Creative Complex

Drink This: Blood Orange Cardamom

Whether you’re looking for a change of pace after work or a weekend activity with friends, Compound, a cultural sanctuary in Long Beach, is the place to go. Among the art exhibits, open spaces and wellness events, this space is an innovative breath of fresh air. I stopped by on a Sunday after sipping a Cann to experience the multi-sensory interactive experience, Tidepools. I felt inspired and mesmerized, as I took in the beautiful art. I got home and decided to have another Cann because…why not? And upon waking up Monday morning, I had absolutely no hangover. 

Location: Long Beach


4 | Mid-morning Munchies Minus the Meat

Drink This: Lemon Lavender Roadies
Eat This: Good Morning Sammie

This morning we used CANN without the can. Lemon Lavender Roadies provide an on the go option that can be mixed into any drink. I added this one to my freshly brewed iced tea I had made that morning, picked up a Good Morning Sammie (just egg, sausage, cheddar, tempeh bacon and smashed tots) from Veg’d, the new plant based restaurant in Costa Mesa. I drove to Newport beach, found a nice quiet place to sit, drank my tea, contemplated my life and watched the waves as I ate my sammie. It was going to be a good day.

Location: Costa Mesa

Cannabis-Infused Drinks

5 | Tripping Out at This Immersive, Magical Cafe

Then This: Potion: Mana (A lush lavender infused lemonade)


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We sipped on a Ginger Lemongrass Hi Boy before entering Requiem Coffee, Tea and Fantasy, the immersive and interactive, neon colored, art exhibit and cafe in Anaheim.  Their website had intrigued us with the promise that “patrons can leave the stress and strife of the outside world behind and embrace coffee, tea, and fantasy.” We were ready to leave our stress behind. We ordered one of their lemonade potions, the Mana and sipped as we swayed through a neon fairy forest and a castle fortress. We finished the evening playing Mario Cart and planning to come back to play Dungeon’s & Dragon’s with my crew!

Location: Anaheim


6 | Attending the Immersive Van Gogh Experience

Beyond Van Gogh
Drink This: Cranberry Sage 4 Pack

For a truly trippy experience, my friends and I headed to the Anaheim Convention Center to witness the Beyond Van Gogh. And let’s just say, it lived up to the hype. We walked through 500,000 cubic feet of magnificent projections that animate Vincent van Gogh’s most treasured works of art. The exhibit was entrancing with its moving images that highlight detail and color, offering an inside look into the mind of the renowned artistic genius. To get the most out of this astonishing and imaginative experience, pack a few Canns to sip on and watch as the brush strokes come to life.

Location: Anaheim

Cannabis-Infused Drinks

A Close Drive from Orange County:
Roller Skating at an Outdoor Disco Garden

The DiscOasis
Drink This: Pineapple Jalapeño Hi Boy

Looking to get groovy? Take a drive to LA, throw on your roller skates and spend a night under the lights at The DiscOasis in Palos Verdes. This theatrical roller-disco experience unites art, music, dancing, roller skating, live performances and arcade and lawn games to create a night out unlike any other. Sip on a tangy Pineapple Jalapeño Hi Boy, groove to the beat and let the good times roll! Nothing beats a few Canns and a night at LA’s The DiscOasis with your crew.

Location: Palos Verdes


Cann Social Tonics


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