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10 Adult Summer Camps That’ll Make You Feel Like a Kid Again

Relive Your Best Childhood Memories at All-Inclusive Camps Across The Country

Who said camp was just for kids? Imagine the best week of summer, circa ‘09: river rafting, high ropes and nights under the stars. Except this time around, Arnold palmers are swapped for bloody marys. And rest assured, camp crushes are most definitely still a thing—let’s agree to call it campfire and chill. This summer, we encourage you to not act your age and experience camp for adults. Here are 10 all-inclusive adult summer camps in the US that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

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Camp No Counselors 

Dates: Aug 15-18 (California Camp) and Aug 30-Sept 2 (New York Camp)

Credit: Liam Macleod

Camp No Counselors is for the crew who wants to play like kids and party like adults. The only rule is to leave your bunkmate at home—this camp is all about making new connections. The morning starts with a friendship walk, and from there, the possibilities are endless. Compete in the Olympics, make a splash at the pool party or rehearse for the evening’s lip sync battle. The night goes by quickly when you’re dancing to DJs under the stars. Did we mention the no-tip open bar? Camp No Counselors kicks off in the Sierras off the California coast and then heads just two hours outside of Manhattan near the New York State border. We might recommend that you loop “What’s My Age Again” by blink-182 before the bus arrives. 

Locations: Sanger, CA and Equinunk, PA


Camp Rahh 

Dates: Aug 22-25

Credit AJ Ragasa + Delaney Brown

Just outside of Seattle is a connective adult summer camp to rid your mind of the hustle and bustle. Take in all the childhood nostalgia when you arrive among rustic lakeside cabins where campers bunk. Camp Rahh hosts a multitude of activities designed to spark inspiration—think guided meditations, creative writing, even cooking classes. Not everything that happens at camp stays at camp: campers take home tangible skills and lasting memories. Farm-to-table al fresco dinners are the highlight at Camp Rahh, and it’s open to adults ages 18+.  Male, female and all-gender cabins are available. 

Location: Samish Island, WA



Camp Halcyon

Dates: Aug 29-Sept 1 (Wisconsin) and June 6-9 (Poconos)

In full embodiment of “halcyon,” a period of time that was idyllically happy and peaceful, Camp Halcyon transports campers to relive these moments as adults. Unplug from socials (for real!) because there’s no electricity in the cabins. Then unwind at happy hour, which starts at check-in and repeats every night before dinner. Cozy co-ed cabins sit under the pines and definitely give the full camp experience—bunks and all. Campers can expect yoga before breakfast and a bloody mary bar in the dining hall. After breakfast, a typical day consists of paddle boarding across the lake, whiskey and cigar tastings and activities like trivia and dancing. Late night parties are illuminated by the glow of the campfire, the moon and the constellations. Camp Halcyon getaways take place in Michigan, Wisconsin and Poconos.  

Location: Michigan, Wisconsin, Poconos



Dates: Sept 19-22

Campowerment is for the girls! This all-women’s retreat allows campers to let go of expectations in a safe haven that’s all about fostering deep connections and making meaningful memories. Find this camp nestled in the Pennsylvania pines of the Pocono Mountains. Glamping is key here—leave your sleeping bags at home! Cabins come with linens and blankets, and towel service is included. Typical cabins sleep 12, but campers can upgrade to semi-private accommodations for a more luxurious experience. Women ages 21-83 attend Campowerment, where everyone chooses their own adventure—activities start at 7 a.m. and run until 11 p.m. every day. The best part? Building long lasting relationships around the campfire!

Location: Pocono Mountains, PA


Endless Summer Surf Camp 

Dates: Sept 2-6 and Sept 9-13

Calling all locals! If you’ve ever contemplated picking up a surfboard but never mustered up the courage, now’s your time. Catch your first wave off San Onofre’s rolling shores at Endless Summer Surf Camp. Overnight and day camp options are designed to accommodate any schedule. All surfing equipment is provided, and campers are taught by the very best. Learn the etiquette of the surf lineup, which waves to watch for and even ding repair! While out of the water, surfers can skateboard, square off during a game of ping pong or chill in the low-tide lounge. You’ll leave with tan lines and an itch to catch your next wave. 

Location: San Clemente, CA


Brant Lake Adult Camp 

Dates: Aug 23 – 25

Brant Lake Adult Camp takes camp to a whole new level. This lakefront retreat is located in New York—a four-hour drive from the city—and does everything in refined fashion. As refined as camp can be, that is! This camp has upgraded paddle boards to boat rides, with sailing lessons and water ski competitions on the perfect wake. Paint nights are elevated to ceramics classes, and backyard barbecues include tender, juicy steaks. But campers here don’t take themselves too seriously—there’s still keg kickball and color wars! Sand volleyball pits sit right on the lake, and lounging on the dock is the ultimate way to unwind in the afternoons. Beer, wine and seltzers are included at camp, but bringing your own beverages is welcomed. Brant Lake Adult Camp is targeted to young professional adults, so go ahead and set up that OOO. 

Location: Brant Lake, NY


Epic Nerd Camp 

Dates: Aug 17-21

Credit: Epic Nerd Camp

Immerse yourselves into a world of sci-fi, but off-screen this time. Located in Maryland, Epic Nerd Camp is an experience straight out of the gaming world. Over four nights and five days, campers simulate live action role-playing with sword play, archery and creative crafting. The pool becomes a school for mermaids, and campers must beware of the bridge trolls near the lakeside swamp. At the west end of the campground is an escape room that tests wits with riddles and themed entertainment. After escaping, campers can make their way down to the Quidditch court, where the Harry Potter rule book applies. 

Location: Darlington, MD


We Met At Camp 

Dates: Aug 25-27

Credit: We Met At Camp

We Met At Camp is an invite-only experience based on applications. This adult summer camp is looking for smart, successful and creative individuals who want to spend a weekend reliving adolescent memories. DJ pool parties, sporting competitions and all-white themed dinners make up the weekend itinerary. And no one’s too cool for the inflatable water slides. 

Credit: We Met At Camp

Beverages and snacks are stocked at every bunk bed, and rosé tends to be the drink of choice at the open bar. The application asks for your LinkedIn and Instagram handles, so polish your creds before you apply! This is the kind of camp where your meet-cute is waiting. 

Location: A secret location near New York, NY


Club Getaway

Dates: Every weekend from May 17-Oct 4

Paint and sip with yoga and a private lake? This is all to be expected at Club Getaway in Connecticut. But it’s not all relaxation here: spike adrenaline on a 40-mph zip line through the woods or take to the high ropes course in the trees. When the sun goes down, the stage lights up—there’s live bands, karaoke and stand-up comedy nights. With the help of a little (or a lot) of liquid courage, it could be your time to shine. Not to mention this three-day, all-inclusive adult summer camp is cheaper than any weekend spent at a resort. Camps run all throughout the summer (wee!).

Location: Kent, CT


Adult Space Camp Academy

Dates: July 26-28, Aug 9-11

If you’ve ever said you wanted to be an astronaut when you grew up, and now you’re grown up, the Adult Space Camp Academy may be your next best bet. This immersive three day program offers adults the chance to live out their galactic dreams in an interstellar environment at the US Space & Rocket Center—home to the most comprehensive US manned spaceflight hardware in the world. Campers get education directly from the experts! Hop abroad and let imagination take flight with multi-axis astronaut training and space mission simulations. From mastering zero-gravity maneuvers to navigating the tight corners of spacecraft, every aspect is meticulously crafted to replicate authentic space travel—even the food! 

Location: Huntsville, AL

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