Credit: Fleur Kaan
Credit: Fleur Kaan

9 Beauty Products to Add to Your Holiday Wish List

Brighten Up This Winter With Serums, Oils and Scrubs

Whether it’s stuffed in your stocking or sitting patiently at a post-holiday sale, ‘tis the season for skincare! Santa’s stocking up his sleigh full of serums and scrubs, and we’re about to add a few to his haul. Perfect for giving or receiving, these nine beauty products give the gift of self-care and are sure to relieve any looming seasonal stress. From lip plumpers to body scrubs, fill your wish list or send out some self-care with these brightening, beautifying natural essentials.


SKiN by Grover Aesthetics’ Retinol (5X) Serum


Reverse the signs of holiday (and everyday) stress with the SKiN by Grover Aesthetics’ Retinol (5X) Serum! Retinol is crucial to preventing and reversing the signs of lines, pores and blemishes, and this one’s packed with five-times the punch. It’s formulated with All-trans-retinol, clinically proven to deliver the high level of retinization your skin needs. 


OSEA Malibu Undaria Algae Body Oil

The sea has come to save the season! Soften, nourish and firm your skin to the max with OSEA Malibu’s Undaria Algae Body Oil. This seaweed-infused body oil pairs with skin-contouring white lupin and natural oils to create a clinically proven formula that significantly improves moisturization and skin elasticity in just one week.


Sunshine Rituals Skin Mist

Even in the SoCal winter, the elements can be rough. Add Sunshine RitualsSkin Mist to your wishlist to experience a hydrating blend of herbs that tone atmosphere- and sun-induced dull, tired skin. This mist is rich in antioxidants to help reduce inflammatory chemicals, repair acne scars and more.



SKiN by Grover Aesthetics’ Plumping Lip Treatment

beauty products by Dr. Grover
Credit: Dr. Grover

Prepare for your pucker-up under the mistletoe with the SKiN by Grover Aesthetics’ Plumping Lip Treatment. This combination of stimulating ingredients draws out your most enhanced natural color lips for that healthy, plump appearance. With ingredients to help restore hydration and youthful volume, it keeps working even after it’s off.



The Retinol Gummy by Embody


Credit: Embody

Turning topical to tasty, The Retinol Gummy has turned the skincare staple retinol into a sweet treat. Topical retinoids are known to irritate and dry sensitive skin, so this innovative Vitamin A gummy keeps you glowing by promoting cell turnover and reducing breakouts from the inside out.


Moon Juice Beauty Dust

Credit: Moon Juice

Beautifying, clarifying and anti-aging, Beauty Dust by Moon Juice is a close second to the moon landing. This blend of adaptogens and herbs helps protect the skin from oxidative stress and serves as a clarifying anti-inflammatory. Add a few scoops of this tart berry flavor and blend up a smoothie made for smooth skin.


SKiN by Grover Aesthetics’ Brightening Polish

beauty products by Dr. Grover
Credit: Dr. Grover

Brighten up the dull winter weather with a natural all-over glow brought by SKiN by Grover Aesthetics’ Brightening Polish. Bio-friendly exfoliating beads work to remove dead skin cells and excess oils for healthier, younger-looking skin. This gentle exfoliant makes for a flawlessly beautiful glow!

XēBA BOTáNICA Hemp Face Cream

Face it: you need a full-service face cream. XēBA BOTáNICA’s vegan, zinc facial sunscreen provides SPF 32+, creating a barrier to the sun and harming elements while nourishing the skin without leaving behind a greasy residue. Say hello to super-soft skin with floral, lavender or scentless selections.


Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub by Goop

Credit: goop

Trade your sweet for salty in the G. Tox 5 Salt Detox Body Scrub by Goop Beauty. This product contains—you guessed it—five salts: Himalayan pink salt, Dead Sea salt, Celtic Sea salt, New Zealand solar salt and epsom salt. It scrubs away dead skin cells while the combo of oils helps to lock in moisture.

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