Best Breakfast Burritos Orange County
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11 of the Hands-Down Best Breakfast Burritos in Orange County

Egg, Potato and Cheese, Please—This is Where to Get Your Burrito Fix

Breakfast burritos make California go ‘round. Sunday morning brunch? Breakfast burrito. Post surf session? Breakfast burrito. Partied too hard last night? Breakfast burrito. The Golden State simply wouldn’t be what it is today without our selection of scrumptious breakfast burritos. Whether you like a classic egg, potato and cheese burrito or you think the secret sauce is what makes or breaks it, you’ll love these picks! You don’t have to ask twice, let’s dig into the best breakfast burritos across Orange County. 


Ham n’ Scram

Must-Try: Original Breakfast Burrito 

This family-owned restaurant has been around since 2010. Cure your breakfast burrito craving any time of the day, because breakfast is served all day here. Most known for their Original Breakfast Burrito, this burrito includes two things we love: housemade roasted salsa and a grilled tortilla loaded with ham, bacon, egg, cheese, hash browns, onion and bell pepper. Ham is obviously the star of the show here, giving each burrito endless flavor. 

Location: Westminster


Nate’s Korner

Must-Try: Nate’s Favorite

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Best Breakfast Burritos Orange County
Credit: Nate’s Korner

Calling all hashbrown lovers! This is the burrito spot for you. Each of their eight giant burritos is loaded with crispy hash browns, and the eggs come over easy instead of your typical scrambled. You might want to consider splitting one with a friend—these wraps really are that massive. Some say this is the absolute best breakfast burrito in all of Orange County—we recommend going to try it for yourself!

Location: Santa Ana 


LJ’s Lil Cafe

Must-Try: Queso Burrito

Best Breakfast Burritos Orange County
Credit: LJ’s Lil Cafe

Located in the parking lot of Home Depot in Cypress, LJ’s Lil Cafe is unexpectedly one of the best breakfast burritos in Orange County you’ll ever eat. This small family business serves a divine Queso Burrito, each packed with three eggs, hot Italian sausage, crispy tater tots and homemade queso cheese. Is your mouth watering yet? There’s nothing like a Saturday morning Home Depot run paired with a jam-packed breakfast burrito. 

Location: Cypress (Home Depot) 



Sancho’s Tacos

Must-Try: Sawed Off 

With a vibey interior consisting of vibrant art, Sancho’s Tacos is another family-owned restaurant that keeps SoCal satisfied. The Sawed Off breakfast burrito is the perfect choice to grab-and-go, then eat on the beach while you watch early morning surfers do their thing. Choose between chicken, chorizo, bacon or sausage. If you know, you know: order some extra Chubbie on the side!

Locations: Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, San Clemente, Laguna Niguel 



The Trough

Must-Try: Steak Burrito 

Best Breakfast Burritos Orange County
Credit: The Trough

What do you get when you have over-easy eggs, crispy tater tots, steak, melted cheddar cheese and pico de gallo wrapped in a large, toasted flour tortilla? The Trough’s Steak Burrito that locals know and love. For $12, this scrumptious breakfast burrito pairs all of your favorite ingredients perfectly, making it the ideal way to start your morning. We recommend getting the chili cheese tots as a side and washing it all down with a mimosa. 

Locations: Rancho Santa Margarita, Irvine, Anaheim 


Cali Tacos

Must-Try: Chorizo and Potato

Cali Tacos is best known for their Cali Sauce. Try it once and you’ll understand the hype. Order any of their breakfast burritos and pour the sauce over each bite. We’d keep coming back just for the sauce! And hey, just remember: there’s no shame in eating a giant breakfast burrito in your car—we won’t tell anyone.

Location: Orange 


Dory Deli

Must-Try: Boardwalk Burrito 

Located on the Newport Beach boardwalk, Dory Deli is always poppin’. Whether you’re brunching with your crew on a Sunday morning or need a bite for your morning walk, Dory Deli has some mighty fine breakfast burritos. The Boardwalk Burrito includes scrambled eggs, crispy hash browns, bacon, avocado and white cheddar cheese and pairs best with their Palomita. Burritos and ocean views? This is what Newport Beach is all about. 

Location: Newport Beach



Troy’s Drive-In

Must-Try: Breakfast Burrito

The sign says “best breakfast burrito,” so it must be true, right? Ham, bacon, sausage and chorizo are all packed in this tortilla with three eggs, hash browns, cheese and green salsa. We’re honestly getting full just thinking about it! Served until 11:30 a.m., pop in on your way to work or on a weekend morning after a late night out. Order at the outdoor window at this “drive-in” restaurant. 

Location: Orange


Nick’s Deli

Must-Try: Italiano Burrito 

A quaint, casual restaurant in Seal Beach and Los Alamitos, Nick’s Deli knows how to make a breakfast burrito. With options ranging from a classic breakfast burrito that features mouthwatering chorizo and bacon to the Italiano burrito with sausage, eggs, potato and cheese, we’d sit in traffic for these guys. Locals know already, but if you haven’t been before: it’s cash only at this very casual spot.

Location: Seal Beach + Los Alamitos


George’s Hamburgers

Must-Try: Breakfast Burrito 

Walking inside or just passing by George’s Hamburgers in Fullerton is like stepping back in time to the groovy ‘70s. People flock to this iconic spot for their legendary breakfast burrito. A true masterpiece, this burrito boasts a hearty mix of shredded potatoes, eggs, meats, flavorful salsa and a generous helping of cheese. The secret to its perfection lies in the grilling process, delivering that perfect crunch with every bite. Consider taking it to the next level: dip it into George’s signature ranch sauce and salsa for a mindblowing combination.

Location: Fullerton



Must-Try: Breakfast Burrito 

This might be the most massive breakfast burrito on our list. It has everything you want in a morning wrap, crafted by an authentic Mexican restaurant: eggs, papas, cheese, bacon, beans and fresh salsa. Pop in for one of these bad boys, and it’ll be your new favorite breakfast spot. 

Locations: Fullerton and Brea

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