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7 of the Best Breakfast Burritos to Devour in Newport Beach

Whether You’re Brunchin’ or Looking for an Après-Surf Bite, These Burritos Are the Best in the West

On the hierarchy of breakfast foods, there’s simply one item that reigns supreme: the breakfast burrito. There’s really no arguing the fact that a breakfast burrito is the ultimate breakfast food. I mean, it has everything you could dream of wrapped up into one delicious tortilla, fueling you for the day ahead. Whether it’s a slow Sunday morning (after a fun Saturday night out on the peninsula, if you know what I mean) or an on-the-go bite while you’re headed to work, these are—in no particular ranking, might I add—the best places in Newport Beach to get a beloved breakfast burrito.  Best Breakfast Burritos Newport


1 | Tidepoole’s 

Must-Order: The Wakey Wakey 

Credit: Tidepooles

Known for their pizzas and sammies, Tidepoole’s is home to one stellar breakfast menu. With three different burrito options (available until noon each day), there’s something for everyone to enjoy. The tortillas here are grilled, giving a perfect crisp and crunch in each bite. Whether you go for the Wakey Wakey, Sunrise Burrito or Below the Border, you’ll be stoked that their crispy hash browns come in each one. Walk across the street to enjoy it on the sand, or pick one up post-morning surf. 

Best Breakfast Burritos Newport

2 | Dory Deli

Must-Order: Boardwalk Burrito

An oceanfront brunch destination on the peninsula, Dory Deli serves breakfast from 6 to 11:30 a.m. daily. Take your pick among the Sweatpants Burrito (steak and peppers), Anchor Burrito (beef chorizo and crispy hash browns), Yoga Pants Burrito (egg whites and feta cheese) and the Boardwalk Burrito (bacon and avocado)— you can’t go wrong with any pick. The burritos are huge, and it’s a fun spot to sit and people-watch on a weekend morning. 



3 | Vacancy | The Rooster

Must-Order: Rico Suave


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If you pop in Vacancy Coffee on a Saturday or Sunday and they still have burritos from The Rooster available, it’s your lucky day. Self-proclaimed as “the dopest of all breakfast burritos,” the Rico Suave is packed with eggs, bacon, tater tots, avocado, cheddar and cotija cheese and cilantro crema in a flour tortilla. There’s also a veggie version! Folks, the tortilla is quite possibly key to what makes or breaks a good breakfast burrito, and this one is a 10/10. Pair it with an iced almond milk latte, and your morning will be off to a great start! 

4 | KIT Coffee

Must-Order: Breakfast burrito

Credit: Kit Coffee

This bustling coffee shop might be known for their delicious toasts, but the breakfast burrito is the real winner here. Loaded with scrambled eggs, cilantro rice, hash browns, cheddar jack, grilled onion and your choice of bacon, chorizo or soyrizo, this burrito is ideal for a weekend brunch meal. Be sure to dip it in the green sauce to appreciate all of the delicious flavors. Order a matcha latte and dine on their front patio for a sunny-side up Sunday. 



5 | Lido Bottle Works 

Must-Order: LBW Breakfast Burrito

Credit: Lido Bottle Works

Situated dockside at Lido Marina Village, Lido Bottle Works offers weekend brunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. Obviously, you’re here for the LBW Breakfast Burrito that’s packed with specialty items like pork belly, garlic chili and avocado. This tortilla is also as perfect as the views, atmosphere and overall good vibes. Plus, it’s the weekend—we won’t judge if you pair this burrito with a beer flight. 


Best Breakfast Burritos Newport

6 | Alta 

Must-Order: Surfer’s Burrito

Credit: Taylor Gorski

A spot loved by locals, Alta is home to two breakfast burritos: the Surfer’s Burrito and the breakfast burrito—both equally delicious. The Surfer’s Burrito comes with scrambled eggs, cheese, potatoes, bacon and homemade enchilada sauce. The breakfast burrito comes with scrambled eggs, black beans, rice, cheese, pico de gallo, avocado, sour cream and your choice of bacon or veggie sausage (with an option to top the whole thing with red enchilada sauce and cheese). You’ll want to add avocado to either of these, obviously. Both are huge and filling, so if you’re looking to go halfsies with someone, you totally can. And if you know, you know—you can’t leave Alta without ordering a dirty chai latte. Bonus points for Alta because breakfast is served all day. 



7 | Great Mex

Must Order: Slim Burrito

Credit: Great Mex

Known for their great taco Tuesday (and taco Friday) deals, the Great Mex breakfast burrito hits the spot every time. Choose the egg and cheese burrito (with your choice of meat and potatoes) or the slim burrito made with egg whites, spinach, mushrooms and avocado. Be sure to pick out a few side salsas from the salsa bar!

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