Best Miramar Breweries
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We’re Taking You on a Brewery Tour of Miramar AKA “Beeramar”

Here Are 8 Hoppin’ Miramar Breweries You Have to Try

For those living in Southern California, a craft beer-lover’s paradise isn’t too far away. Whether you’re looking for a beer crawl this weekend or simply want to try some new brews, there’s no better beer scene to hop into than Miramar (or should we say, “Beeramar”) in the northern part of San Diego! From smooth stouts to hoppy IPAs, Miramar is an idyllic hub for anyone who wants to sip a refreshing beer, get to know the local artisans pouring their untapped passion into every pint or chat with fellow beer enthusiasts over a bold and exciting flight. Ready to explore Miramar’s beer scene? Here are eight breweries that perfectly capture the Beeramar spirit.


Ballast Point Brewing

Credit: Peter Gibson

🏆 Best-Seller: Sculpin IPA
🍴 Food: Small bites, salads, pizzas and entrees. Try the Baja fish tacos!
🍻Private Events: The Miramar location can be booked for private events.
😎 Fun Fact: This location sells beer from Ballast Point’s parent brewery, Kings & Convicts. Try the Haze in the Park Hazy IPA.

As Ballast Point Brewing’s largest brewery and restaurant, the Miramar location has become a local staple thanks to its spacious restaurant and taproom, heated patio with fire pits and the view of its gorgeous German copper kettles. This location is family-friendly and hosts Trivia Tuesday every week along with other fun and exciting public events!



AleSmith Brewing Company

🏆 Best-Seller: Speedway Stout
🍴 Food: No kitchen, but you’ll find rotating food trucks.
🍻Private Events: Multiple private event spaces available.
😎 Fun Fact: AleSmith is also associated with owner Peter Zien’s other project, CheeseSmith creamery. 

Born in San Diego in 1995, AleSmith Brewing Company was taken over by Grand Master Judge and decorated home brewer Peter Zien in 2002 and swiftly became a world-class brewery. Despite major success, AleSmith hasn’t forgotten its communal roots, which is evident in its family- and dog-friendly tasting room and its charitable arm, Anvil of Hope, a nonprofit benefiting low-income families and the homeless population.




Little Miss Brewing

Best Miramar Breweries
Credit: Mike from Eastlake

🏆 Best-Seller: Helldiver West Coast Style IPA
🍴 Food: No kitchen—sometimes there are food trucks, but feel free to bring your own food.
🍻Private Events: Not available for booking.
😎 Fun Fact: Get $5-$6 pints during happy hour (weekdays before 7 p.m.) or $20 bottomless beers on Fridays.

For those feeling thirsty and patriotic, Little Miss Brewing has everything you need for a great time, including pool tables, a lounge space filled with vintage propaganda posters and pin-up art and, of course, award-winning brews. The Miramar location was the first to hit the scene in 2016 and has since become a favorite among locals, especially thanks to fun weekly events like Community Nights, Trivia Nights and Board Game Night. 




Duck Foot Brewing Co.

🏆 Best-Seller: The Looker Blonde Ale
🍴 Food: No kitchen, but features rotating food trucks.
🍻Private Events: This venue is perfect for intimate gatherings or large festivals!
😎 Fun Fact: Duck Foot makes beer with 100% traditional ingredients in a way that only produces less than 0.00002% gluten.

After being diagnosed with a gluten-intolerance disease, Head Quack Matt DelVecchio developed a beer recipe with virtually no gluten, and the rest is history! Today, Duck Foot Brewing Co. is known widely for its gluten-reduced brews and locally for its super-fun tasting room, punchy personality and frequent special events that bring the community together over a pint (or two).




Pure Project

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Best Miramar Breweries
Credit: Brewstills

🏆 Best-Seller: Diamond Dust Murky IPA
🍴 Food: No kitchen, but features rotating food trucks.
🍻Private Events: The Miramar location offers a semi-private event space that can accommodate up to 30 people.
😎 Fun Fact: The Miramar location often gets new beers a day before other locations since they’re brewed on-site!

Known for its sustainable ingredients, ethos and philanthropy as a 1% for The Planet Company, Pure Project is serving delicious brews with customers and Mother Nature in mind. Pure Project’s Miramar location is home to the original taproom and the current brewery as well as the famous moss wall, which sets the tone for the taproom’s intimate, relaxed and botanical ambiance. With 16 taps to try and an atmosphere that oozes charm and history, this is the perfect location for Pure Project fans and newcomers alike.




White Labs Brewing Co

🏆 Best-Seller: Tabberer IPA with WLP001 California Ale Yeast
🍴 Food: Shareables and pizza; try the pepperoni pizza!
🍻Private Events: The San Diego location offers different event space options.
😎 Fun Fact: Only San Diego’s location is available for public tours.

For those looking to explore the scientific side of brewing, head over to White Labs Brewing Co. As a part of White Labs Yeast And Fermentation, the brewing side of the business is dedicated to teaching foodies and beer lovers about yeast’s and fermentation’s impact on different foods and beverages. White Labs Brewing Co has brewed over 40 unique beers since 2015, each made with brewers and beer aficionados in mind.



Embolden Beer Co

Best Miramar Breweries
Credit: Embolden Beer Co

🏆 Best-Seller: Beyond Borders Baja Lager
🍴 Food: No kitchen, but food trucks are available.
🍻Private Events: The Miramar location offers plenty of event space options.
😎 Fun Fact: Embolden often launches core, seasonal, series and specialty releases.

Embolden Beer Co’s Miramar location, also known as The Garden, is the perfect place to relax and hang out with fellow beer lovers and your pup. The Garden is situated outside of the warehouse and features turf and plenty of comfy seating, but if you prefer posting up indoors, feel free to make yourself at home inside the spacious warehouse! Since Embolden is partnered with New Motion Beverages, this brewery counts as a two-for-one, especially if you want to taste a New Motion hard sparkling tea or hard seltzer.



Rough Draft Brewery

Credit: Jordan Toves

🏆 Best-Seller: Barrel-Aged Freudian Sip
🍴 Food: Snacks, salads, sandwiches and bar food. Try the carne asada fries!
🍻Private Events: The Barrel Room and tasting room can be reserved for events.
😎 Fun Fact: Rough Draft offers a weekday discount on the beer of the week. 

Owner Jeff Silver’s passion is homegrown; what began as a fun hobby with a home brew kit from his dad has become a booming business and a dream come true. After launching in 2012, Silver has opened three Rough Draft Brewery locations across San Diego, including a pub inside his alma mater, UCSD. Rough Draft Brewery is continually coming out with new and exciting releases, and a lot of the time, they harken back to sweet, nostalgic flavors like the Snap Crackling Ale, Mosh Pit Peach Milkshake IPA and the Raspberry Truffle Stout.


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