Best Bridal Shops Newport Beach
Credit: Casablanca Bridal

How Social Media Starlet Kait Gelbspan Designed Her Dream Wedding Dress at Casablanca Bridal

This Bridal Shop in Newport Beach Offers Brides-to-Be a Seamless Dress Shopping Experience

There’s a common feeling that brides-to-be experience when walking into a bridal shop. For once in a lifetime, cliches are allowed—the sensation of butterflies taking flight, as if feet are walking on clouds, and quite possibly, where one could drown in a sea of white. True to form and dazzled by the sheer beauty and variety of gowns, brides experience a common sense of wonder when they visit the Casablanca Bridal Flagship Store in Newport Beach.

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This is how content creator Kait Gelbspan felt when she arrived for her appointment at the flagship store in the Crystal Cove Shopping Center. A whirlwind of emotion, a mix of anticipation, and a touch of the surreal—but she wasn’t here for fairytales. Gelbspan was at Casablanca Bridal to find the dress that would transform her from a woman in love to a radiant bride.

“When I walked in, the aesthetic of the store immediately immersed me in the bridal world. There were so many styles, colors and options, I wasn’t sure how I was going to pick!” This was Gelbspan’s reaction to finally experiencing Casablanca Bridal after having driven by the flagship store many times before. But it was seeing the shop from Instagram that really sealed the deal for her. “I loved their content and seeing how professional they were and how many high-quality options they have available.”

Best Bridal Shops Newport Beach
Credit: Casablanca Bridal

Gelbspan and her now-husband Martin are expert digital creators based out of Miami. Three months after she moved from Los Angeles (by way of Oklahoma) to the other coast, she matched with Martin on Bumble, and even though the connection held good energy, she was in no hurry to get married. Gelbspan kept her Argentinian crush at bay, honoring his future obligation to appear on a dating show, and focused instead on cultivating a fantastic friendship. Martin says of this experience, “When I got back home, it was clear to me that the love of my life had been disguised as my best friend the entire time.”

From then on, Kait and Martin became partners in work, in life and in love. “We have built our relationship on the foundation of communication, mutual respect, trust and love.” And Kait’s visit to Casablanca Bridal was symbolic of this connection—an iconic moment in life where finding the perfect dress is not simply about dressing up.

Best Bridal Shops Newport Beach
Credit: Casablanca Bridal

“I booked an appointment and wanted to work with Casablanca Bridal because I felt they would provide the experience and expertise I was looking for. I had no clue what dress style I wanted before my appointment, so I wanted to ensure that I worked with someone who knew what they were doing.”

A bottle of champagne—shared between her family and fiancé—and twelve dresses later, Gelbspan began to actualize her dream wedding dress. “When I started trying on all the different options, I realized that there were little things here and there that I wanted to tweak based on things I liked about the other dresses I tried on.” And while this super-tailored approach might not fit other bridal shops, customization is what makes Casablanca Bridal so unique.

She loved the shimmer tulle from the Ever After gown called Vail, an elegant dress with an A-line silhouette, a strapless fitted bodice and a sweetheart neckline. Yet she wanted something “a bit more bridal.” When she tried on the Metamorphosis gown called Petal, she adored the beading and embroidery but didn’t love the nude underlining. That’s when Narjess, the store’s manager, layered the sparkly Vail material underneath the Petal’s beading and tulle, and Gelbspan knew she had found her wedding dress. “It was like something I saw out of a movie. It was the experience I dreamed of as a little girl.”

Best Bridal Shops Newport Beach
Credit: Casablanca Bridal

She was able to add all the details she loved from each dress—a corset back, a left-side leg slit and even the size of the train. Combined with the perfect veil and a touch of beading to the draping arm sleeves, Kait had arrived at the finishing touches that brought her bridal dress vision to life.

“I definitely cried a bit seeing myself in the dress and imagining how I would feel walking down the aisle to start this beautiful journey with the love of my life. I could envision everything and was so excited to see what my dress would look like when complete.”

For Casablanca Bridal, Gelbspan’s experience is what the owners wish for every bride-to-be who enters their flagship store. This is the kind of shop where every gown is made to order, offering impeccable quality and a unique shopping experience. Even affordability is part of their mandate, with each dress starting at a reasonable price. You can begin your wedding gown journey by booking an appointment with Casablanca Bridal, and you can even bring 3-4 guests to share the experience with. Keep in mind that customized dresses require a minimum of 7 months to arrive—but don’t fret; you can select a beautiful, pre-designed gown off the rack if time is not on your side.

Credit: Casablanca Bridal

A (now) happily married Gelbspan offers some great advice to brides who are looking for the perfect dress: “Go into the appointment with optimism and an open mind. Dress shopping can definitely feel overwhelming on either end of the spectrum, both when you have no clue what you’re looking for and also when you think you know exactly what you want.” She suggests attending the appointment with only one expectation: to have a good time. Trusting the process—and the expert stylists at Casablanca Bridal—will result in the dream dress you’ve always imagined for your special day.

And if this all feels too much like a fairytale, then take a look at her experience from beginning to end. Follow Kait’s real-life shopping journey with Casablanca Bridal—from her first entrance to the flagship store to her modeling many looks until she landed on the perfect bridal ensemble.

Mirror, mirror, on the wall: this is what true love looks like!


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