Credit: Another Dream Productions
Credit: Another Dream Productions

5 Reasons Every Bride-to-Be Will Love This Oceanfront Bridal Shop in Newport Beach

Say “Yes” to the Dress at Casablanca Bridal’s Flagship Location!

So, he popped the question! Now you can pop the bubbly and head to Casablanca Bridal to find the wedding dress you’ve been dreaming of since you were five years old—just maybe with less rhinestones. Casablanca’s couture dresses cater to the West Coast bride, with a coastal cool flair and modern finish that is quintessentially SoCal. Their flagship location in Newport Beach is a bridal playground, replete with custom designs and oceanfront views. There are no appointment fees to try on dresses and all dresses are made to order. Grab three besties and head to their luxurious bridal lounge to indulge in planning your special day! Here are five reasons why we love Casablanca Bridal.

1 | A Unique Love Story That Started It All

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Credit: Another Dream Productions

You’re here to celebrate all things love, and the story behind Casablanca Bridal is as romantic as it gets. Spoiler alert: the owners were married within a week of meeting! It began like all beloved rom-coms do—a meet-cute among an unlikely pair, only with a little parental encouragement. Gloria Lu had just broken off her engagement, causing a tidal wave within her family. Her parents were traveling by train in China, where they met Kevin Lu. Gloria’s parents immediately thought of their newly single daughter and how perfect the two would be together. Trusting her parent’s instincts, Gloria traveled to China to meet Kevin, and the rest is history. Kevin Lu gave up his career as a surgeon in China and moved to California for love! The two were married, working odd jobs to make ends meet, while leveraging their bi-lingual advantage to start a business. The Lu’s opened their first storefront in Beijing before eventually returning to California to expand their business. Casablanca Bridal has since become one of the fastest growing, well-known manufacturers of bridal gowns and has remained family-run throughout their 27 years in the wedding industry.


2 | State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility 

Credit: Another Dream Productions

Casablanca Bridal dresses are made in a manufacturing facility that the Lu’s designed from the ground up, allowing them to employ a high quality of service standards. When the Lu’s set out to purchase a property in China, they were appalled by the lack of cleanliness that existed. “There’s no way we can make pristine, beautiful, white wedding dresses in these kinds of conditions,” daughter and creative manager, Crystal Lu, retold. The Lu’s purchased land close to Lu’s grandparent’s home and decided to start their own factory. Location was crucial, as Kevin, Gloria and Crystal visit every year to spend time with family who operate the factory. The state-of-the-art machinery they use allows Casablanca to decrease their carbon footprint and create dresses in the most eco-friendly manner. All energy is solar-powered and dresses are made to order, which eliminates waste from mass production. An added bonus: styles are never discontinued.


3 | Quality, Design and Customization

Best Bridal Shops Orange County
Credit: Another Dream Productions

Brides can try on dresses from Casablanca’s treasure trove of unique, glittering gowns or sleek satin slips. Their dress-up box of dreams is curated for the modern coastal bride, but any dress from their portfolio can be made available. Like every dress, no bride is the same, so Casablanca offers customizations to create dresses specific to the bride’s style. Crystal Lu assures, “We’ve never said no!” A custom dress starts with a conversation about all things wedding—the venue, the vibe and, of course, the photos. Crystal Lu’s best advice for brides is to have an open mind. “There are so many scenarios where a bride comes in for a sleek, modern, sexy dress, and then they end up leaving with a huge princess ball gown,” Lu explains. Casablanca’s personalized approach helps you plan from scrolling through Pinterest all the way to walking down the aisle.


4 | Gorgeous Oceanfront Location in Crystal Cove

Best Bridal Shops Orange County
Credit: Another Dream Productions

Location, location, location! Casablanca’s flagship store is centrally located in Newport Beach, within an hour of Los Angeles and San Diego, making it the midpoint for all SoCal brides. The team at Casablanca works to make your shopping experience feel as luxurious as your wedding—it even boasts oceanfront views from the storefront. Trying on wedding dresses with the Pacific as a backdrop is the definition of Newport beach! Sunlight reflecting off the water, tiaras twinkling on the shelves and plush pink couches set the scene from an amazing dress-up day. Crystal Lu also notes that their manufacturing facility in China also sits right on the Pacific, making a full circle from coast to coast! Parking is a breeze in the Crystal Cove Shopping Center, and the whole experience is seamless from start to finish. Pro-tip: grab brunch at Parakeet Cafe, located next to the bridal shop, before your appointment! 


5 | Access to Flagship Exclusive Gowns

Credit: Another Dream Productions

Casablanca gowns are sold by other realtors all around the world, but shopping at their flagship is all about the experience. Here you’ll find an exclusive array of gowns that can only be tried on and purchased at the Newport location! These exclusives are couture, designed specifically with the SoCal bride in mind. They are chic and simple—exactly what a girl in her coastal bridal era would be looking for. But even sleek and simple dresses have more than meets the eye. “Just because it doesn’t have lace or tons of beading, it’s still a couture piece,” Lu explains, “It’s not lacking in design; the seam work, the pattern, the fit and the construction are all still really high end.” There are about 40 of these one-of-a-kind designs displayed at the Newport location. Who knows? Perhaps one of these exclusive styles will be perfect for your wedding day! 

Casablanca Bridal
7942 Pacific Coast Hwy
Newport Beach, CA 92657

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