Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants San Diego
Credit: Kambria Fischer

Malibu Farm Brings Its Farm-to-Table Fare to San Diego’s Seaport Village

San Diego Locals Can Now Enjoy the Fresh, Organic and Local Fare of This Beloved California Restaurant

Which came first: the chicken or the egg? Here’s an easier one for you: Which came first, the fruits or the labor? Bearing the delicious fruit and vegetables of founder Helene Henderson’s labor is Malibu Farm, a farm-to-table restaurant with locations all across California, New York City, Miami, Hawaii and even Japan—and add its newly unveiled San Diego location in Seaport Village to the roster in the Golden State!

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Henderson learned to cook in her hometown of Luleå, Sweden, making her way to Los Angeles after high school. In LA, she ran her own catering company under the name Lavender Farms and eventually became a private chef when she moved to Malibu. That’s where word of her culinary skills spread quickly. “The local moms started asking if I would start teaching them cooking classes, so I started doing that during the day because I had a nighttime job, but it was super casual—I just wanted to create dishes with whatever I had in the yard,” says Henderson.

Home cooking classes led to larger-scale school fundraisers, more demand from the community and eventually, ticketed farm-to-table dinners held right on her backyard farm, with seating amidst the animals and agriculture that made it all possible. After such high demand, she took her recipes to the public with pop-ups on the Malibu Pier, where she established the original Malibu Farm location.

Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants San Diego
Credit: Kambria Fischer

Keeping in line with the original’s signature ocean breeze and waterfront view, the brand-new San Diego location is nestled in downtown’s charming Seaport Village on 14,000 square feet of space and features a panoramic upstairs patio. They’ve borrowed their favorite concepts from the other locations to create a best-of approach in style. In addition, coming soon will be a downstairs cafe serving coffees, pastries and gelatos, a separate pizza parlor eatery and a large events space for rent. Now officially open from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m, pop in for a hearty brunch like the fried egg sandwich or go for lighter bites like the yogurt and granola bowl. Since you’re eating healthy and fresh, you’re allowed to get a little buzz on with their balanced selection of cocktails. The dramatically colored beet cocktail is the drink you didn’t know you’ve been missing; for your second round, discover why the papaya cocktail is a crowd favorite.

Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants San Diego
Credit: Kambria Fischer

Of course, the beating heart of the restaurant is the recipes—and at the heart of the recipes is the ingredients. Henderson’s success began by creating and sharing her own recipes stacked with home-grown ingredients from her 2-acre hillside farm, and she aims to keep her sights set on quality no matter how far she expands. Malibu Farm’s menu across all locations is built on fresh, organic and local ingredients, superbly showcased in menu items like the Surfers Rancheros: a crispy tortilla topped with a fried egg, roasted potato, black beans, butternut squash, zucchini, ranchero salsa, pickled onion, cotija cheese, sour cream, avocado and cilantro. When asked for menu favorites, it’s high on the list for both Henderson and her lead chef, Yanelquis Penton Labrada. “It’s delicious, and it’s got everything you need for a nourishing, satisfying meal,” says Chef Labrada. They source as many small-farm ingredients as possible, with her Malibu location still serving some eggs straight from her farm, just like in the early days. With expansion comes wider sourcing, but every source is certified sustainable, humanely raised, ordered organic and as close to home as possible—there’s even a papaya plant right on the San Diego property!

You can still find many of her recipes on the blog that started it all, as well as in-house at their many locations. Many of the dishes have been with Malibu Farm since the beginning, including the classic chopped salads, and some have been added throughout the years, such as the chicken bacon ricotta burger, which is now available in San Diego! It’s a juicy, delicious alternative to a straight-up burger, and Chef Labrada says it best: “You can get a regular burger anywhere—try something different while you’re here!”

As for the rest of the signature San Diego items, you’ll have to wait and see: Henderson and her team wisely wait for the clientele to do the talking and adjust their menu accordingly. “People are not shy. They like to tell you exactly what you’re doing wrong,” she laughs, “so we’ll see what’s selling and not selling and go from there.” Every city has their preferences—you’ll just have to visit early to cast your vote!

Credit: Kambria Fischer

Keeping community at its core, Malibu Farm will be bringing their beloved events to the San Diego location as well. Look out for family-friendly happenings during the holiday season, including gingerbread house-building, a free pumpkin patch and pumpkin carving and a mini petting zoo pop-up! Keep your eye on their events page for up-to-date information; in the meantime, stop by and enjoy their famous breakfast with a side of bay breeze.



Healthy, whole and farm-to-table fresh, everything you order will leave you feeling full and nourished. Don’t be fooled by the simple ingredients—when stacked together with fresh herbs, seasonings and sauces, we’re reminded that healthy can totally be delicious.



Credit: Kambria Fischer

While the bay breeze and panoramic views from the patio remain the No. 1 decoration and key to the ambience, the simple, elegant furniture is the perfect accompaniment. It’s modern and beachy without being overbearing, letting the location do the talking.



Price Point 

For the quality and carefulness that goes into every dish and drink, the price is right. None of those additional charges are hidden here: Several dishes include your choice of side, and even seafood, like the lobster tacos, hover at an approachable price point.


Overall Verdict

Best Farm-to-Table Restaurants San Diego
Credit: Kambria Fischer

The variety and vegan-friendly nature of Malibu Farm makes it the perfect place for any outing. Whether you’re popping in for a just-because brunch, a birthday or even an anniversary, we’d be willing to bet it’s the best quality you’ll find on the bay—and the Seaport Village location also comes with the perfect post-meal stroll.


Malibu Farm Seaport Village
831 W Harbor Dr
San Diego, CA 92101

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