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We Spent a Day at San Diego’s Newest Indoor Padel and Pickleball Complex

With Indoor Courts, Private Lessons and a Coffee and Snack Station, The King of Padel Is the Perfect Place to Elevate Your Game

Anyone who’s been paying the tiniest bit of attention is no stranger to the recent craze that is pickleball. It’s currently the fastest growing sport in the U.S., and the rising popularity here in San Diego is impossible to miss. Slightly less familiar (but unarguably just as fun!) is the game of padel, a racquet sport that is played within glass walls on a court slightly smaller than those made for tennis. While padel is less prominent than pickleball, its popularity is growing, and now San Diego has its own indoor facility devoted to both sports. 

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Welcome to The King of Padel!

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

The King of Padel is now one of only two places to play padel in San Diego, and it’s the only place to play indoors, which means game on regardless of inclement weather. The owner of this complex predicts padel will boom much the same way that pickleball has—and with the facility already buzzing with matches and lessons, the need for court space will continue to grow. Sharpen your skills early and welcome the newest, most expansive padel and pickleball facility in the city, centrally located in the neighborhood of Bay Ho.

Best Indoor Padel San Diego

Expansive Indoor Space With 6 Padel + 6 Pickleball Courts

Best Indoor Padel San Diego
Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Once you’ve checked in at the front desk, it’s game time. Just beyond the neon “Padel and Pickleball Life” sign, open the door and prepare to be greeted by nothing but the beautiful sound of rebounding padel balls. You’ll find four pickleball courts directly to your left and two beyond that in a private room. The energy in the open space is palpable, enough to make you go from tennis player loyalist to highly padel-intrigued. Directly ahead are the six state-of-the-art padel courts awaiting your arrival. The facility is open and available for play from 6 a.m. until midnight, so time is no excuse—you have all the hours in the day to get in and play!

Make a reservation any time during the week, or join in on their pickleball open play slots on Monday, Wednesday or Friday, with separate times available for every skill level.


Take Part in Lessons and Leagues

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

Put that padel to the metal and get the most out of your future matches with a lesson! Even the most advanced players can benefit from a refresher, much the same way beginners could use an official introduction. Sign up for a private lesson with a head coach, join a clinic with up to four people, and save when you book a package of multi-week clinics. There’s also an hour-long pickleball skills and drills clinic  every Tuesday and Thursday at 4 p.m. for beginners and 5 p.m. for intermediate players. Once you’re feeling good and ready to show off your game, join one of their leagues or sign up for an upcoming tournament. There are even kids’ court games every Saturday, and a junior padel monthly program every Tuesday and Thursday for ages 5 to 9 at 5:30 p.m. or ages 10 to 15 at 6:30 p.m.



Fuel Up at the Coffee + Snack Station

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The King of Padel knows a thing or two about energy, and they provide all the pre- and post-fuel you might need for peak performance. Right outside the entrance is LattéMio Cafe, a food and coffee truck packed with food options—think everything from healthy light bites to full-on meals and even guilty pleasure snacks. The cafe sources with care, serving bread from local bakers and ingredients from local farms. We recommend the fan-favorite chipotle turkey sandwich, made with soft ciabatta bread and a homemade chipotle sauce. If a liquid diet is on your agenda, try the creamy peanut butter banana smoothie or lavender matcha latte—both an instant boost of energy. Stop by for a little pre-match incentive or reward yourself after a hard day of play. You might even find your way back for the food on a non-match day!


Amenities Galore

Once you’ve mastered the game of padel or pickleball, you’ll want to stretch it out. A body in motion is going to need a massage more than a few times throughout the season, which is why The King of Padel has a dedicated private massage room! The Massage Studio Eastlake takes bookings throughout the week and offers everything from deep tissue to sports massages. Keep the feel-good relaxation flowing and join in on one of their weekly yoga classes, led by Namaste Paola. And when you’re not on the court, make time for training in the equipment-packed TRX zone! Complete with battle ropes, a suspension system and more, you’re in for a full-body workout! This is the perfect follow up to the cardio you’ll get on the court. 


Equipment Rentals + Accessories Store

Credit: Mary Carol Fitzgerald

No padel? No problem! If you’ve come empty-handed, the equipment rentals shop has everything your game of padel or pickleball might need. If you’re simply testing the sport, rent a racquet for the day to help hone your skills. Or if you’re ready to commit, you can select from a variety of racquets to find your new secret weapon. There’s even a ball vending machine next to the courts to make your game go smoothly. Should you feel the need for a shopping break, the pro shop is stocked with quality sports apparel. Don’t forget: The King of Padel members receive a discount on everything at the pro shop. It has everything you need for a full day of play, and then some!


The King of Padel
4370 Jutland Dr
San Diego, CA 92117

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