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5 Ways to Stay Fit, Have Fun and Make Friends in San Diego

Get in the Game with Volo Sports League!

We heard your work-life balance was in need of some balance. Give yourself something to look forward to after a long work day—and make lifelong friends along the way—when you join a Volo Sports San Diego league. You’ll get your dose of weekly exercise, too! Whether you’re looking to try your hand at something new in a super social league or you’re on the hunt for serious competition, Volo Sports has endless options for athletic leagues all over San Diego. Keep it ultra-casual in a cornhole league, catch some sunshine during beach volleyball, or soak up one last season of Friday night lights in a soccer league. Whatever you choose, win or lose, you’ll come out on top when you become a member of Volo Sports! Here are five ways to stay fit and make friends in San Diego.

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1 | Pacific Beach Sports

Best Sports Leagues San Diego
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The sun-swept neighborhood of Pacific Beach not only offers a variety of open spaces and facilities, it also houses a strong social community full of open-minded locals—not to mention plenty of beachfront bars. Low-stress cornhole leagues take place in the area at several of these bars throughout the week: the popular Maverick’s Beach Club, Breakpoint Pacific Beach, 710 Beach Club and more. If you’re looking for an outdoor league with the same social feel and a bit more motion involved, Volo Sports hosts co-ed kickball at the Pacific Beach Rec Center several times a week. And for the rainy season—well, as rainy as it gets in San Diego—bowling leagues are now available! Breakpoint in Pacific Beach hosts Volo Sports leagues multiple times a week on their sleek bowling lanes, purely for recreation, so whether you’re brand new or picking up an old hobby, you’ll feel right at home. 


2 | North Park Sports

Known for its urban charm, North Park has plenty of facilities for action. Volo Sports not only hosts classic sports in this neighborhood, but they also feature those that are newly popular, like pickleball. A little like miniature tennis and a whole lot less intimidating, pickleball is huge in the San Diego area, and Volo Sports now offers pickleball leagues throughout the city. Get a feel for your swing and join a North Park league that meets throughout the week at the North Park Rec Center! Looking for something you’ve tried in the past? Join a Volo Sports co-ed soccer league at Jefferson Elementary, or keep it kickin’ and join a laid-back kickball league, which takes place under the same roof. There’s no wrong answer: it’s all about joining something that excites you!



3 | Ocean Beach + Mission Beach Sports

Hosting a variety of leagues, both Ocean Beach and Mission Beach use what’s in their names to their advantage: beaches. Volleyball is one of Volo Sports’’s most popular leagues here, offered every day of the week, with 2v2, 4v4 and 6v6 matchups that happen from the super social to competitive levels! Both locations are located near parking lots for ease of access, and each are set close to hoppin’ restaurants and bars, so a little team bonding is just a short walk away from the nets. Ocean Beach is sponsored by Northside Tavern, and Mission Beach is sponsored by Single Fin, holding special deals for Volo Sports teams after every game. If spiking isn’t your top skill, both areas host kickball leagues as well. There’s one in OB at the Ocean Beach Rec Center and another on Mission Beach at the Santa Clara Rec Center. You can also catch pickleball happening at the Ocean Beach Rec Center. Secure your spot for some friendly back-and-forth!


4 | La Jolla + UTC Sports

Softball, basketball or volleyball: which game will you choose? They’re all tempting, and thankfully you don’t have to pick—there’s time in the week to make room for all three. We weren’t lying when we said pickleball is taking over the city: Volo Sports offers what they call “party pickleball” at the La Jolla Rec Center. This is a social pickleball league designed for high-energy games with a stress-free feel. In this league, teams rotate after matches to maximize mixing players—all the more opportunity to meet everyone and make new connections. Haven’t found your favorite pickleball partner yet? This one’s for you. Traditional 2v2 pickleball is also offered throughout the week and at the UTC Nobel Rec Center. Join a co-ed or men’s only basketball league happening at the Doyle Rec Center in UTC, or trade your sand for secure ground, and join an indoor volleyball league there as well.



5 | Clairemont + Mira Mesa Sports

Centrally located in the city, neighboring areas Clairemont and Mira Mesa both hold a wide variety of sports complexes and recreation centers. Get back to the classics and join one of their soccer or softball leagues! Get your arm back into action with one of their 9v9 3-Pitch Slow-Pitch Softball leagues held at the Mira Mesa Rec Center. This is a true team sport and a great way to instantly bond with new people. Keep in mind that bat and gloves aren’t included, but there are plenty of affordable shops in the area to snag yourself gear for the season! Co-ed and men’s only soccer leagues are also offered at Clairemont High and Mira Mesa High throughout the week. Soccer games are 45 minutes (or two 20 minute halves) held on high-quality turf fields. Sign-up fees include referees at each match!

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