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13 Places to Sip and Savor at the All-New Del Mar Highlands Sky Deck

This Barcelona-Style Restaurant Collective Is Changing the Culinary Game

With offerings from all over the world, the Sky Deck at Del Mar Highlands Town Center has something for all of your cravings. All under one roof, this unique gastronomic destination houses nine equally innovative restaurants, a central cocktail bar and three select brewers. Spanning across a 26,700-square-foot area with around one-quarter of that space being al-fresco decks and patios, the Sky Deck is the ultimate summer dining destination! Here’s the inside scoop on where to sip and what to savor at this Barcelona-style restaurant collective. Best Restaurants Del Mar

Some restaurants may be operating with reduced hours due to labor shortages. Call ahead and check with individual operators to confirm hours. Click here for more information.

Best Restaurants Del Mar

Ambrogio15, The Milano Pizza Experience

Led by a Michelin starred chef, Ambrogio15 is a truly unique Italian dining experience. Owned by three co-founders that grew up in the province of Milano, Ambrogio15 incorporates its own homemade dough recipe within an innovative pizza-making process. With a focus on only using quality ingredients that come from sustainable agriculture and farming practices, Ambrogio15 has brought a truly holistic approach to Italian dining in San Diego. 



Craft House Sky Deck

Featuring a menu of modern American cuisine, Craft House Sky Deck is set to wow the taste buds of it’s diners. While their lunch menu will be similar to their North Park location with their famous handcrafted burgers and sandwiches, evening dining is slated to showcase an elevated fine-dining experience with an array of exquisite seafood options. Some menu must-tries include the whole grilled branzino, charred octopus and steamed mussels!


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Glass Box

Opening Soon

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Glass Box is held within an entirely glass-encased environment, offering a truly elegant dining experience. Guests are able to meet the chefs in this intimate setting while enjoying Yakitori-style sushi alongside other coastal-Asian-inspired bites. If you’re feeling adventurous, opt for the omakase experience, where the chef will create a customized meal just for you. Incorporating only the freshest and seasonal ingredients, this will be a unique dining experience no matter what you order. 

J at the Sky Deck

Opening Soon

Owned and operated by 20-year-old executive chef James Augustine, this New American restaurant takes familiar flavors and transforms them with modernist cooking techniques. With the goal to take you on an extraordinary culinary journey, Augustine has thoughtfully reimagined everything that dining can be. 


Kiin Extraordinary Thai

Kiin Extraordinary Thai sets the goal to bring a fresh perspective on Thai food and elevate the standards of old-country cuisine by merging traditional flavors with farm-fresh local ingredients. This unique concept will offer palate-pleasing dishes that are healthy and creative in beautiful surroundings. Every dish is created with great care and skill by respecting the artisanship of traditional Thai ingredients, such as hand-pounded papaya salads (som tum), freshly ground curry and long-simmering sauces. 


Best Restaurants Del Mar

Le Parfait Paris

Le Parfait Paris brings its French savoir-faire to Sky Deck, inviting people to taste the French art de vivre and celebrate its gourmet Parisian heritage. Known for award-winning desserts, macarons and pastries, Le Parfait Paris offers a variety of scratch-made savory and sweet bites along with a variety of coffee and teas.



Marufuku Ramen

Serving authentic Hakata-style Tonkotsu ramen, Marufuku transports you out of San Diego and into Japan with just one bite. With locations across the Golden State, Marufuku features artisan noodles in housemade umami-rich broth that’s boiled from pork bones for hours. Additionally, their menu offers a variety of mini-sized rice bowls and Izakaya-style appetizers alongside premium beer and sake.




The understory of the forest is where the party is; between the canopy and the forest floor this layer, although devoid of much light, hosts an array of plant and animal life. In the spirit of this most exciting section of the forest, Understory at Sky Deck hosts the most prolific collection of original cocktails and fine wine served to San Diego’s adventure-seeking community.



Urbana Mexican Gastronomy

Opening Soon

Farm-fresh with an innovative flair, Urbana boasts a mouthwatering Mexican menu, but it’s one you’ve never seen before. At Urbana, robust flavors meet fresh ingredients and are served alongside a signature cocktail mixology menu that celebrates favorites like tequila and mezcal. Everyday is Dia de los Muertos in Urbana’s colorful and festive gastronomy setting! 


Best Restaurants Del Mar

Zizikis Street Food

Photography By: Eric Scire

This family-owned, fast-casual restaurant is bringing modern Greek street food to San Diego! Executive Chef Augustine also is a co-owner here and has curated a completely original and modern menu based on family recipes and techniques. Zizikis Street Food incorporates those flavors you love in Greek food and whips them into exciting new dishes and combinations, and the seasonal menus will keep you coming back to see what’s new! 



Boochcraft Organic Hard Kombucha

Boochcraft is bringing a new type of brewed beverage to Del Mar Highlands Sky Deck—organic hard kombucha! The creators behind Boochcraft pride themselves on the unparalleled quality of their brewed hard kombucha. Not only is it organic, but it is free of artificial flavors, purees, concentrates and preservatives. Additionally, this boozy kombucha destination serves a variety of juices, using only whole, gluten-free, vegan and sustainable ingredients.



Northern Pine Brewing

Fulfilling the lifelong dream of its local owners, Northern Pine Brewing is a little taste of both home and the great Northwest. Completely focused around the outdoors and the values of “delivering quality flavors, honoring their customers and celebrating the culture of beer,” the Northern Pine Brewing team has put attention to detail at the forefront, making each visit an experience you won’t soon forget. 



Rough Draft Brewing Company

Photography By: Eric Scire

It all started with a gift—a home-brewing kit created a passion for making great beer and ongoing taste-test experiments in the garage with plastic buckets, stovetop kettles and willing friends. After nearly 20 years and countless trips to the local home brew store, Rough Draft Brewing Company was born with one mission in mind: to create innovative, high-quality craft beers worth sharing with those that love beer as much as they do!


Best Restaurants Del Mar

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