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How to Have a Self-Care Day in OC When You’re in Your Healing Girl Era

Self-Care Isn’t Selfish!

We’ve talked about what to do when you’re having a menty b in the OC, but let’s spill on all our local self-care secrets, shall we? Every now and again, it’s important to dedicate a day to me, myself and I and really check all the boxes: workout, replenish, relax and recharge. We’re thinking a light sweat, some sun, a trip to the spa, superfoods, sweets and shopping. You knowall the essentials. We’ve come up with the ideal itinerary to treat the mind, body and spirit to some much-needed self-care. Every day is a good day for a personal day. C’monyou deserve it!


9 a.m. Feel the Burn at Pure Barre

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Best Self-Care OC
Credit: Katie Oswald

Let’s start with a sweat sesh that’ll leave you feeling rejuvenated. We all know a good workout can set your day up for success, and a self-care day calls for something low intensity but effective. Enter: Pure Barre. This workout studio offers classes made up of micro-movements that target specific small muscles for toning and tightening. It’s a fusion of pilates, yoga and ballet that’s great for everyone from beginners to fitness experts. In 50 minutes, you’ll have a full mind-body experience to give you the endorphin boost you need to make the most of your self-care day. Pure Barre has four different locations throughout Orange County, with each location offering up to eight classes per day at various times in the morning, afternoon and evening so you can tailor your workout to your schedule. We are particularly obsessed with the Mission Viejo location, which is right off of the 5 freeway where it intersects with the 73. It wouldn’t be an SoCal article if we weren’t talking freeways.

Local Insight: For unlimited classes and 36% off your first month at Pure Barre Mission Viejo, click here!


10 a.m. Breakfast at Vibe Organic Kitchen

You’ve worked up an appetite, so it’s time to replenish. Vibe Organic Kitchen has been a local favorite for years with their gluten-free, plant-based options that are as pretty as they are delicious. They have juices, smoothies, toasts, bowls and other breakfast and lunch options to fill you up and make you feel good. With three locations in Newport, Costa Mesa and Danayou won’t even miss the meat! There are also zero seed oils used in the making of your food, which we know is the hot trend in wellness. Check out their drool-worthy Instagram to get some order inspiration and, when in doubt, get a coco loco; you won’t regret it!


11 a.m. Facial at Facial Lounge

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If you haven’t gotten a facial at Facial Lounge, you haven’t experienced pampering in its prime. With locations in Costa Mesa and Corona del Mar, this spa-like sanctuary is decorated like an uber-trendy home with earthy elements and fun wallpapers. The treatment rooms are dimly lit zen dens that set the tone for a relaxing treatment (apart from the extractions). We recommend adding on dermaplaning to leave your skin silky smooth and allow for all the products to really penetrate your pores. They always end each treatment by massaging with ice-cold glass orbs to reduce redness and swelling, and trust usit’s one of the best parts. Make sure to grab a complimentary water when you leave to hydrate that dewy skin and ensure you glow for the rest of the day.



12:30 p.m. Lunch at Goop Kitchen

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We’re all in our Goop Kitchen era, and we don’t know about you, but this food makes us feel 22. With a futuristic ghost kitchen location in the old Grant’s Guns, Gwenyth Paltrow’s restaurant concept is changing the way we do fast food by using fresh, clean ingredients without sacrificing flavor. The menu aims to use sustainable, organic (when possible) produce and protein to maintain the integrity of the ingredients and also features locally procured seasonal offerings. Nothing processed; no preservatives. They have also optimized the entire takeout experience using technology that allows for a seamless and contactless transaction. We know this is great and all, but how does the food actually taste? We’re here to happily report… it’s delicious. The salads are next level. The lunchbox is like a high-end Lunchable. The rotisserie and pizza options are perfect for feeding your family. Always finish with a dark chocolate brownie kissed with flaky sea salt.


2 p.m. Shop Fresh at The Ecology Center

Throw on a podcast or playlist and hit the road heading south to explore one of our favorite San Juan Capistrano pit stops. The Ecology Center is a multifaceted property that aims to teach, harvest, entertain and encourage local, sustainable and seasonal shopping. They have a farm shop with amazing produce and products grown and sourced from some of our favorite small businesses, such as Rye Goods. They have a flower shop with some of the most beautiful blooms you’ll ever see. There’s also a little takeaway window that serves up tasty treats and nourishing farm-fresh fare. They have an area just for kids to roam, explore, learn and play, but most importantly, the “come one, come all” mentality makes you feel welcomed the minute you step foot on this lush property.



3:30 p.m. Massage at Spa at the Mission

Best Self-Care OC
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Once you’re done exploring The Ecology Center, pop over to the Inn at the Mission San Juan Capistrano for the massage of your dreamsyou’ve earned it. There is a very holistic approach to wellness at this old town oasis, and we love the connection among mind, body and earth. Spa-goers can choose between five different massage offerings that range from a customized serenity situation to a CBD-infused experience to incorporating salt stone for the ultimate R&R. You’ll be able to completely zen out and forget why you needed a self-care day in the first place.


5 p.m. Walk the San Clemente Beach Trail

To wind down after your spa treatment, take a golden-hour walk along the San Clemente Beach Trail to just soak in all the goodness of the day. It is also a great reminder that we really do live in paradise down here in Orange County, with our unbeatable coastline and unfettered access to some of the best sunsets of all time. Pop on a podcast or a meditation for your stroll while enjoying the sands of San Clemente. Post up out on the pier to watch the surfers ride this iconic South County swell or walk down to T-Street Beach, which we named as one of our 11 best beaches in Orange County.


6 p.m. Healthy Treat at Melo Melo

Best Self-Care OC
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It wouldn’t be a self-care day if it didn’t end with something sweet. Melo Melo in Irvine is serving up coconut delicacies. They have a menu dedicated to a variety of flavored or unflavored coconut jellies that are bursting with health benefits for the perfect guilt-free bite. Melo Melo just introduced a new Greek yogurt series that includes a parfait-style cup of coconutty goodness mixed with yogurt and their signature Stravocado (strawberry and avocado) blend. The triple latte option is also great for a little extra buzz to end your day.

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