Ford Upgrades
Credit: Nicholas Valdovinos

Rev Up Your Ride! 5 Ways to Upgrade Your Ford Vehicle With Ken Grody Custom

Here is an Inside Look at KG Custom’s Exclusive Ford Customization Packages

Looking to give your Ford vehicle an upgrade? Ken Grody Custom‘s exclusive customization packages allow you to take your ride to the next level by adding everything from bumpers to tires and wheels!

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KG Custom, a trailblazer in the world of automotive personalization, offers a slew of bespoke options for the Bronco Sport, Expedition, F-150, Ranger and Raptor. Each section of this article reveals the myriad of customizations available, blending luxury, functionality and sheer aesthetic appeal. Get ready to dive into a world where cars are not just vehicles but bold statements of individuality and style. Buckle up, and let’s take a ride into the realm of car customization with KG Custom.


Bronco Sport Customizations

Ford Upgrades
Credit: Nicholas Valdovinos

The Bronco Sport customization package, priced at $5,250, offers a range of options to enhance both its appearance and functionality. Tinting options include a $160 package for two windows and a $375 package for all windows (excluding the windshield). For a more luxurious touch, a leather interior can be added for $1,400. These customizations not only elevate the aesthetic appeal of the already classic Bronco Sport but also enhance the driving experience with added comfort and style.


Expedition Customization Options

For the Expedition, Ken Grody Custom offers a $6,850 package, which includes several enticing upgrade options. Window tinting is available at $160 for two windows and $500 for all windows (excluding the roof and windshield). The package also features a comprehensive leather interior upgrade for all three rows at $1,650, providing an upscale and comfortable interior environment. These enhancements significantly boost the luxury and appeal of the Expedition.


F-150 Tailored Enhancements

Ford Upgrades
Credit: Nicholas Valdovinos

The F-150 customization package, with a base price of $7,650, brings a multitude of customization options. Window tinting costs $160 for two windows and $500 for all windows (excluding the windshield). The package offers both factory ($870) and power ($2850) running boards. Additionally, it includes a Whipple Performance Kit for 2.7L+ 3.5 Eco-Boost engines at $3,100, a spray liner for $550, a trifold bedcover for $1,550, and a leather interior upgrade for $1,300. These options provide functional and aesthetic improvements tailored for F-150 owners.


Ranger Custom Package

Ford Upgrades
Credit: Nicholas Valdovinos

For the Ranger, the customization package is priced at $6,850 and includes window tinting for two windows at $160 and for all windows (excluding the windshield) at $500. Other options include power running boards for $2,850, a spray liner for $550, a trifold bedcover for $1,550, and a leather interior for $1,300. These enhancements cater to both the appearance and utility needs of Ranger owners, offering a blend of style and practicality.


Raptor’s Distinct Customization Options

The Raptor (37’’ PKG.) offers a comprehensive customization package for $13,500. This package includes window tinting options ($160 for two windows, $500 for all excluding windshield), power running boards ($2,850), the Whipple Performance Kit for enhanced engine performance ($3,100), a trifold bedcover ($1,550), and various Baja Design lighting options including a front bumper pocket light sport kit ($1,950), linkable kit ($2,550), and a behind grill kit ($2,450). These customizations significantly enhance the Raptor’s off-road capabilities and visual appeal, making your ride one that will surely turn heads.

Disclaimer: All prices are subject to change.


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