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6 Ways You Can Deck out Your Ford Bronco

Here’s How to Make Sure You Have the Coolest Bronco on the Road

Since its introduction in 1966, the Ford Bronco has cemented itself as one of the premier off-road SUVs in its class. Garnering the attention of adventurers, road-trippers, outdoorsmen and car enthusiasts alike, the Ford Bronco is hailed for its comfort, durability and, of course, versatility. But since its reintroduction in 2021, owners have been yearning for new ways to customize and upgrade their Bronco to suit their specific needs. Thanks to KG Customs, one of Southern California’s leading Ford dealerships, individuals can do just that. Read on to learn six different ways that KG Customs can help owners take their iconic Bronco to the next level.

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1 | Add Running Boards and Side Steps for Easy Access

Ford Bronco Upgrades
Credit: Ken Grody

It’s no secret that the Ford Bronco was built for every terrain imaginable. With nearly a foot of off-ground clearance, it can comfortably navigate any obstacle in its path; being situated at such a height, however, can make it tricky when entering and exiting the vehicle. Consider installing Amp Research running boards or side steps to provide a stable and secure footing when going in and out of your Bronco. Additionally, running boards also give the car a sleek and stylish look for those looking to add a personal touch to their vehicle.


2 | Install Additional Bumper Lights to Increase Visibility on the Road

Ford Bronco Upgrades
Credit: Ken Grody

With a car built for adventure, owners should never be limited by a lack of visibility on the road, especially at night. In light of this, consider installing additional custom lighting fixtures on the bumper of your Bronco with brands like Baja Designs or Rigid Lighting. With expert technicians on staff, KG Customs offers upgrades featuring some of the best brands and manufacturers on the market, including Rigid Lighting and Baja Designs, offering a wide selection of LED lights, HALO lighting and long-range spotlights.


3 | Add a Custom Winch to Help Navigate the Stickiest Situations

Ford Bronco Upgrades
Credit: Ken Grody

For true adventurers and off-roaders, having the tools necessary to avoid hazardous situations and solve any problems the road may present is key to enjoying an off-road adventure. Upgrade your Bronco’s bumper by installing a winch and towing system. A winch can help make escaping potholes, mud, snow and deep water into nothing more than a brief intermission rather than a massive headache. It can also be repurposed into a perfect tool for towing and rescue operations. Check out Addictive Desert Design and DV8 Bumpers for the best in off-road bumpers. 


4 | Add a 2.5-Inch Lift Kit to Allow for Greater Performance

Ford Bronco Upgrades
Credit: Ken Grody

To transform your Bronco into a true all-terrain machine, adding a 2.5-inch ground clearance lift kit is a great place to start. This will improve its already superb off-road capabilities and allow owners to install a wider variety of tires, rims and suspension pieces. It can also give your truck a wicked and imposing cosmetic upgrade without the need to adjust the chassis. And with KG Customs’ extensive selection of parts and equipment, getting a lift on your Bronco is easy, fast and well worthwhile. 


5 | Install Custom Wheels and Rims for Style and Performance

Credit: Ken Grody

Every Bronco owner uses their vehicle a little bit differently, so having the ability to install custom rims and different wheel types help you get the most out of your truck. And while this can be a seemingly costly process, KG Customs makes adding upgrades like off-road tires for greater traction in tricky terrain or a new set of rims for a personalized touch easy and affordable. And with such a wide variety of top-tier wheel brands—think Fuel Off-Road, Method, Nitto and Toyo—at their disposal, the options for customization are endless.


6 | Consider an Engine Tune-Up Kit to Maximize What’s Under the Hood

Credit: Ken Grody

It’s no secret that the Ford Bronco’s new GTDI 60-degree V6 engine is an absolute beast, capable of handling any sporting adventure out there, but a tune-up kit for those looking to get the most out of their engine is an excellent option. Maximizing performance and power, a tune-up kit is a great way to increase the overall capabilities of your Bronco without undergoing extensive after-market upgrades, making it perfect for those who just want a little bit more out of their engine. Both ROUSH Performance and Whipple Superchargers offer tune-up kits that can improve the engine’s performance.

With so many upgrades and customization options at their disposal, it’s no wonder why owners of the illustrious Ford Bronco are constantly hitting the open road and undertaking some of the most spectacular adventures from behind the wheel. And whether it’s as simple as wanting to add some additional lighting to see deep into a dirt desert road or installing top-of-the-line snow tires to conquer the high Sierras, KG Customs has you covered. Stop in and see what you can do to get the most out of your Ford Bronco.


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