Credit: Kevin Tackett

Owner of Long Beach’s Burke Mercantile Shares 7 of Her Favorite Fashion Finds

Burke Mercantile Brings a Bright Collection of Goods to the Arts District of Long Beach

Name: Maggie Stoll Burke Mercantile Long Beach

Credit: Kevin Tackett

Job Title: Owner, Curator and Creative Director of Burke Mercantile

Credit: Kevin Tackett

Founded by Maggie Stoll in 2017, Burke Mercantile combines eco-conscious fashion and contemporary design. This eclectic shop sits in the heart of the Long Beach arts district, East Village, and highlights a variety of independent brands and emerging designers. Here, you’ll discover everything from hand-stitched apparel and colorful accessories to stationary products and home goods, such as tapestries, ceramics and incense sticks. And because the shop’s wide-ranging collection can be overwhelming at first sight, we sat down with Stoll to find out her favorite picks!

Burke Mercantile Long Beach

Agender Oil

Brand: Noto Botanics
Price: $44

Credit: Kevin Tackett

“This is my favorite skin-care product! It’s a nourishing oil for the body and anywhere you grow hair. This is also the brand’s nonprofit product that gives back to charities!”


Vein Tee

Brand: Baserange
Price: $125-$145

Credit: Kevin Tackett

“These fitted organic cotton tees are great staple items, and I love to wear them with voluminous shaped pants. Each season, the brand plays with different colors in the fabric and the exposed seams.”



Desire Slip Dress

Brand: Untitled in Motion
Price: $294

Credit: Kevin Tackett

“A bias-cut slip dress is a classic, flattering silhouette, but the artistic prints from Untitled in Motion give it a modern feel. These pieces add pattern and interest and pair well with neutrals in a minimalist wardrobe!”

Egg Purse

Brand: Hannah Emile
Price: $150

Credit: Kevin Tackett

“This bag is handcrafted and has a unique oval shape with a simple construction and ability to be worn in different ways. It’s such a fun accessory to enhance an outfit.”



Bath Towel

Brand: Dusen Dusen
Price: $48

“Dusen Dusen bath towels are made with such fun mix and match colors and patterns to bring some personal style into the home.”



Peace Sign Wall Hook

Brand: Amigo Modern
Price: $32

Credit: Kevin Tackett

“One of our best sellers, this wall hook is designed by a local Long Beach designer and comes in 10 different colorways. It’s great for holding towels, keys and accessories, and it’s decorative all on its own.”

Burke Mercantile Long Beach

Play Shirt

Brand: Kowtow Clothing
Price: $225

Credit: Kevin Tackett

“Kowtow is one of our core brands that creates wardrobe staples with modern, architectural details. A white button-down is a classic and versatile piece that everyone should own!”


Burke Mercantile
435 E First St
Long Beach, CA 90802

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