Credit: Aisha Ross + Cory Gehr
Credit: Aisha Ross + Cory Gehr

Aisha Ross, Founder of Less Is More, Talks Sustainability, All Things Vintage and Community

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Founded in 2020, Less Is More carries an array of sustainable clothing that includes vintage and thriftwear along with pieces designed in-house. Intended to “bring awareness to sustainable fashion,” founder Aisha Ross focuses on selling small batches and being intentional when developing pieces and curating vintage collections. Less is More Shop

Credit: Aisha Ross

Ross’ passion and industry training helped lay the groundwork for her business. She discovered a love for vintage and secondhand pieces after frequenting thrift shops with her parents as a kid. With lifelong dreams of being a designer, she studied fashion design before returning home to California to pursue opportunities in retail and apparel management. “That really helped me learn a ton about the behind the scenes of apparel production and showed me how wasteful it can be,” mentions Ross. When her apparel manufacturer job folded, Ross chose to pursue Less Is More full-time. “I always wanted to be more creative and work for myself… so I just really took a risk and decided to [do it],” says Ross.

 “I always wanted to be more creative and work for myself…so I just really took a risk and decided to [do it].”—Aisha Ross

With Less Is More, she sells items like tote bags, crewnecks, socks, outerwear, dresses and accessories that are primarily for women and vintage enthusiasts. Her items usually come in signature neutral and earthy tones. For her in-house cut and sew items in particular, she typically draws inspiration from vintage pieces, her travels and friendships. Ross always creates products with the intent to make one-of-a-kind pieces that help the wearer feel comfy and confident. Must-have items include the signature crew necks and sweatpants. The sweatpants are some of “the best quality” that Ross has ever produced, and the manufacturing is all done in LA from the cotton milling to the cutting and sewing.

Less is More Shop

Overall, Ross emphasizes “building community” throughout every touch point of her business. From investing time in Instagram to sharing styling tips and hosting pop-ups throughout Orange County, she’s been able to foster and develop a community of like-minded individuals who believe in the value of sustainable fashion.

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