Start Your Day in the Waves and End on the Slopes—It’s the California Double

Live Your Best Life and Plan Your California Double Day ASAP

Written By: Ashlee Polarek
Photography Provided By: Grant Ellis Photography California Double Day

The California Double is a testament to the great Golden State, proof that Californians are in fact living the dream. For those who are worried about the environment, or their wallet, its now possible to make the trip, beach-front to mountain-top, on a single charge. How? Enter the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV. Here’s the how-to guide for the perfect double-dip of surf and snow with minimal environmental impact.

The California Double is a right of passage for extreme and adventure-loving Californians. Here’s the how-to guide for the perfect double-dip of surf and snow.

First things first—hit the beach before the sunrise. 

Start your morning off at San Onofre State Beach with hot coffee and a beachfront bonfire. Before the sun peeks out from behind the bluffs, enjoy the warmth of the fire as you slip into your wetsuit. 

Once suited up, it’s time to hit the waves. First-time surfers should take a lesson or two before attempting the California Double to make sure they are ready to ride. If lessons are needed, schedule a class with Endless Summer Surf School, which has great adult and kids classes to prep and prepare surfers of all ages and skill levels. 

Enjoy the waves for about two hours, basking in the beauty that is San Onofre State Beach and the beautiful CA coastline. Once you’ve surfed (or tried to surf) to your heart’s content, get ready for an afternoon on the slopes; peel off your wetsuit and slip into those warm snow pants…it’s time for a change of scenery. 

The drive from San Onofre to Snow Valley is about two hours. If you leave the beach by 9:30, you’ll have more than enough time to stop for lunch and still hit the mountain by noon. Refuel your body—but not the car if you’re in an eco-friendly, all-electric vehicle like the 2020 Chevy Bolt EV.—with a quick lunch break before getting on the road again. Seriously don’t fret about finding a charging station for the car, with a range of 259 miles, the 2020 Bolt EV can easily make it from the coast to the top of the mountain and back down on a single charge.

If you reach the mountain by noon, you’ll have the afternoon to enjoy the pristine snow at Snow Valley Resort, whether it be snowboarding or skiing. Be sure to take in the sights, and remember where you were in the morning: surrounded by a vast blue ocean and stunning bluffs. Now, your setting is tall evergreens and gorgeous, snow-capped mountains where the chill in the air turns cheeks pink. 

Spend a few hours enjoying the slopes before heading inside and warming up with a cup of hot chocolate or a few adult beverages because you just completed the coveted California Double! On your way down the mountain, watch as the regenerative braking in the 2020 Bolt EV recharges the car’s battery. Once you’ve reached the bottom of the mountain celebrate your victory with a recharge and bask in the glory that comes with completing the California Double. California Double Day

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