Credit: Liliya Tata
Credit: Liliya Tata

5 Cannabis and CBD Products That’ll Help You Wind Down After a Busy Holiday Season

Coachella’s Lighthouse Dispensary Is Here to Solve Post-Holiday Hecticness

We love the holidays, but let’s not beat around the bush: they’re hectic! When you consider rushing back and forth between holiday parties, finding the perfect gift for everyone from your in-laws to coworkers and fighting the crowd at busy airports, December can be stressful.

By the time January rolls around, we’re ready to soak up cozy, relaxing time in the comfort of our own home at our own pace. This year, we’re adding to the post-holiday “chill season” with some of our favorite cannabis and CBD products from Coachella’s Lighthouse Dispensary. Whether you opt for yummy gummies, pre-rolls or an infused beverage, Lighthouse Dispensary’s selection will set the tone for the year: relaxed and ready to go.

Here’s a peek at our five favorite picks from this thoughtfully curated dispensary. 


Pure | Rise & Shine (4:1) CBD Disposable

Photo Credit: Liliya Tata

Cannabis Products
Credit: Liliya Tata

Perfect for a satisfying and flavor-forward puff that’ll wind you down after a long day or set you up for a chill long-weekend vibe, Pure’s Rise and Shine CBD Disposable vape pen offers a low psychoactive blend. The pen’s 4:1 CBD:THC ratio guarantees good vibes and no bad times over its 120 puffs. Each sleek and stylish disposable pen contains a proprietary triple-distilled, full terpene profile, solvent-free cannabis essential oil, so you can receive effective relief. And with a warm French vanilla taste made for the chilly January weather, you’ll feel relaxed and cozy in no time.


Plus Unwind Blackberry + Lemon Gummies

Cannabis Products
Credit: Laurie Brunell

Your favorite childhood treat got an adult upgrade that we’re here for. With a taste similar to a calming cup of tea with a balance of both citrus and fruit-forward notes, these THC and CBD blend gummies are going to be your new favorite nighttime staple. Each of the 20 gluten-free, low dose gummies contain 4.5mg THC and 0.5mg CBD and is crafted with a custom blend of terpenes for Indica-specific effects of relaxation, calm and bliss. You’re one bite away from a night of stellar sleep.


Miss Grass Half Times 1:1 Mini Pre-Rolls

Credit: Whitney Thames

Dig into the go-with-the-flow mellow energy at your next low-key potluck, movie night or sporting event with these low-dose mini pre-rolls from Miss Grass. Packed with a 1:1 CBD:THC blend made with the Blueberry Haze strain, these trendy little sidekicks offer a balanced, easy-going high that brings sparkly feelings (trust us!) and a clear, calm and centered mind. With notes of cloves, black pepper, pine and hops, Miss Grass Half Times offer a fun taste that’s just as cute as the packaging. And, for those of us that always forget a lighter, Miss Grass has you covered: each box comes with a matchbox!


Pamos Microdose Cannabis-Infused Distilled Beverage

Dry January just got better with Pamos’ Microdose Cannabis-Infused Distilled Beverage. Impress your next dinner guests with this 1:1 THC:CBD-infused drink that’s smooth, sophisticated and so easy to sip on. Crafted with natural ingredients like California-grown cannabis, mandarin, black currants, lime and aromatic bitters–no artificial flavors or sweeteners here–Pamos is flavorful enough to sip straight (we recommend chilling it!). But, for an adventurous mocktail exploration, swirl it into a paloma look-alike or your cocktail du jour. Pamos may be low dose, but it acts fast. You’ll be feeling a sense of uplifted calm in just 10 minutes.


Care By Design Rest Drops

Cannabis Products
Credit: Renee Blevins

January is the time to build new habits and routines, and Care By Design is here with your new healthy evening habit. Care By Design’s full-spectrum, vegan Rest Drops are crafted with THC, CBD, CBDa, CBN and more than 16 unique terpenes for a balanced buzz that’ll prep you for a restful night of sleep. Perfect for cannabis first-timers with its high CBD content, this tincture offers mellow effects that lull you into bed with soothing flavors like sage, lavender and eucalyptus for the ultimate spa-like calm vibe.


Lighthouse Dispensary
84160 Ave 48
Coachella, CA 92236

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