Credit: Erik Hale
Credit: Erik Hale

How to Spend an Idyllic Day on the Italian Island of Capri

Planning a Trip to Italy? Don’t Skip Visiting This Magical Island

The tiny island of Capri, stationed just off the Amalfi coast, is captivating and timeless, beautiful and essential. It exists as a tribute to great wealth and great taste without wholly ever rubbing either in your face. It has played both its roles of plaything and escape hatch for hundreds of years. And as is the case with anything so beautiful, staring into the crystalline, aqua-colored waters framed by the massive rock formation, Faraglioni, might transfix you forever into a semi-catatonic state. This is how to spend one perfect day in Capri! Capri Itinerary


7 a.m.

Hit the Beach

No matter where you stay on the island, the water is going to be a fast walk downhill and a slow walk back up. Walk down to Marina Piccola in the morning for a swim at a beautiful rock-covered beach. You can swim laps under a stone arch or jump off the smaller rocks. 

8 a.m.

Fuel Your Day

In Capri, you won’t find much American fare for breakfast, so we’ll save the big meals for lunch and dinner. Wander through the village and find a place to sit and enjoy an espresso and croissant while watching the city wake up.

Capri Itinerary

10 a.m.

Hop on a Boat

Charter a private boat for a three-hour tour! Our host, Vittorio, fed us fresh peaches, wine from his own vineyard and home-jarred capers. You must pay the smaller row boats to enter the Blue Grotto, but the luminescent water of the cave is well worth it.

Capri Itinerary

1 p.m.

Wine and Dine

Our private boat was more than happy to drop us off for lunch at La Fontelina. This open-air restaurant and secluded beach club is dotted with striped blue and white umbrellas on a rocky outcropping that is the subject of many Gray Malin photos. We ate fish covered in salt, drank wine and enjoyed affogatos for dessert.

EXP 5/7


3 p.m.

VIP Experience

Walk down the stairs from the restaurant and secure your seat at the most picturesque and celebrity-visited beach club in the world. The club costs 35 euros per person but is well worth it.  You can swim, sunbathe, read a book and order another bottle of wine…or two. 

Capri Itinerary

5 p.m. 

Hit Snooze

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La Fontelina has a wooden water taxi to shuttle you back to Marina Piccola. Take the 15-minute walk back to your couch and promptly collapse until dinner.


7 p.m.

Head Into Town

Credit: Ian Badenhorst

The Piazzetta di Capri (a small square in town) is ideal for people-watching. Snag a seat at one of the four outdoor cafes, order an Aperol spritz or a Negroni, listen to the bells ring in the nearby church and do stomach exercises to prepare for dinner.

Capri Itinerary

9 p.m. 

Ciao Down

Da Paolino is the only restaurant that you must visit while in Capri. The restaurant’s roof is pieced together by the intertwining vines of a lemon orchard. Arrive early for drinks at the bar, order everything on the menu and finish with a shot of limoncello.

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