Best Wellness Retreats in Rancho Mirage
Credit: Tanveer Badal

A Sneak Peek at Sensei Porcupine Creek, a Luxury Wellness Retreat in Rancho Mirage

Experience Deep Relaxation and Self-Discovery at This All-New Desert Oasis

Nestled amid the picturesque landscape of Rancho Mirage, Sensei Porcupine Creek offers an enchanting escape where wellness and luxury converge. Upon entering the gates of this highly anticipated retreat, my wife and I embarked on a transformative journey that promised to rejuvenate our bodies, minds and spirits. From the warm welcome to the exquisite accommodations—not to mention the array of expert wellness treatments on offer—this retreat presented an extraordinary experience unlike any other.


Luxurious Accommodations

From the moment we entered the expansive property, we knew we were in good hands. The entry path alone was enough to captivate us—from the lush golf course to the cascading waterfall—only to find a dedicated staff who was awaiting our arrival. We were led to our own private haven—a stunning two-bedroom villa adorned with light wood tones—which instilled an immediate sense of tranquility. The villa featured plush beds, a fully equipped kitchen and a wrap-around patio with calming views of the manicured golf course. As if that weren’t enough, the villa was outfitted with an impressive 80-inch TV, adding a touch of modern luxury, as if giving us permission to unwind in style. To enhance our stay, we were given keys to golf carts, an invitation to explore the property on our own time.


Wellness Offerings

Best Wellness Retreats in Rancho Mirage
Credit: Noah Webb

This unique retreat is a definitive sanctuary of wellness, and its diverse Experiences Menu is designed to nurture both body and soul. We enthusiastically participated in a nutrition class, engaging in a thoughtful discussion about our eating habits and learning valuable tips to implement in our daily lives. The retreat also offered personal counseling, golf instruction and yoga sessions, ensuring that every aspect of our well-being was tended to with care and expertise. We selected the Discover Sensei package, which allowed us to customize our experience based on individual preferences and goals. Coached by Sensei Guides—a group of professionals who are experts in their respective fields—we embarked on a transformative journey. Working alongside these skilled wellness practitioners and athletic professionals was truly inspirational—and every bit humbling.


Connection with Nature

Credit: Chris Simpson

Sensei Porcupine Creek is not only a wellness haven but also an oasis of art and natural beauty. As we explored the sprawling grounds, we were captivated by the extraordinary art collection on display. Renowned works and sculptures from acclaimed artists like Robert Indiana, Keith Haring, Jaume Plensa and many others adorn the property, seamlessly blending with the natural setting. Among the masterpieces, an obelisk giant stone, sourced from a river in India, stands as a testament to the retreat—at once bringing together diverse cultural influences and creating a space of profound connection. Our stroll through this outdoor gallery gave way to a shared sense of wonder—and this doesn’t even begin to speak to the stunning California landscape that surrounded us.


A Culinary Journey

Credit: Noah Webb

One of the highlights of our stay was dining at Sensei by Nobu, the retreat’s namesake dining experience, a collaboration between world-renowned Japanese chef Nobu Matsuhisa and Sensei co-founder Dr. David Agus. As guests of the retreat, we enjoyed Nobu’s coveted cuisine anywhere (and everywhere) on the property—at the sushi bar, at the pool, on the court and in our room. Wherever we chose to savor our meals, the menu never failed to tantalize our taste buds. Classic Nobu flavors are crafted from locally sourced ingredients, creating a dining experience that embraces both nutritional balance and pure enjoyment. We delighted in the artful dishes that reflect Nobu’s culinary mastery, and we left with deeply satisfying taste memories—medicine in and of itself.


Golf Mecca

Golf Mecca
Credit: Tanveer Badal

For golf enthusiasts like us, Sensei Porcupine Creek is an unadulterated putter’s paradise. With exclusive access to the resort’s 18-hole golf course, we had the privilege of experiencing a truly personalized and intimate golfing experience. The lush fairways, shimmering water features, and breathtaking views of the Santa Rosa Mountains created an enchanting backdrop while on the green. We received private instruction from a golf professional, which certainly refined our skills and taught us new techniques. As practice, we played five random holes alongside the pro, applying our newfound knowledge in a real-life setting. The private driving range further added to the experience, providing us with ample opportunities to fine-tune our swings and practice various shots. And we weren’t kidding when we mentioned exclusive access: resort guests have the entire course to themselves during tee time! We relished the tranquility and seclusion, a true immersion within the placid landscape. 



Ultimate Serenity

Wellness Retreats in Rancho Mirage
Credit: Chris Simpson

One of the most captivating aspects of Sensei Porcupine Creek is its truly intimate atmosphere. With only 22 guests on the property at a time, we rarely encountered other patrons during our stay. This created an unparalleled sense of privacy and exclusivity, an invitation to fully immerse ourselves in every moment. Whether we were enjoying a meal, lounging by the pool, hiking the canyons or playing golf, we reveled in the peace and tranquility that envelops the property. With every experience tailored to our needs, we concluded our stay with a profound sense of serenity.

As we reluctantly bid farewell to Sensei Porcupine Creek, we couldn’t help but reflect on the remarkable journey we had shared in our short yet powerful time there. This luxurious wellness haven exceeded our expectations at every turn. From the exquisite accommodations to the comprehensive wellness plan, the artful beauty to the expert cuisine, every aspect of our stay was carefully curated to ensure a transformative experience. Sensei Porcupine Creek is a sanctuary where serenity and intention coalesce. We departed with a deep sense of gratitude and a newfound commitment to live healthier and more inspired lives. If you seek a retreat that nourishes your body, uplifts your spirit and ignites a sense of awe, Sensei Porcupine Creek is there for you—at the ready to guide you on an extraordinary journey of well-being and self-discovery.

Sensei Porcupine Creek
42765 Dunes View Rd
Rancho Mirage, CA 92270

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