Meet the Real Estate Dynamic Duo Helping You Get the Most $$ for Your Home

If you’re looking to sell your home, it’s important to groom your residence and properly prepare it to be viewed. After all, would you go on a first date without taking a shower and combing your hair? I suppose that it depends on your look, but just like a first date, first impressions are key. So to learn the tricks of the trade, we turned to Blake Nelle and Cedric Channels, co-founders of Channels Group Real Estate and Newport Beach locals. Here’s their five pro tips for getting top dollar when selling your home.


1 | Add a Dutch Door Channels Group Real Estate

Trendy and timeless, a Dutch front door is an easy installment that almost always attracts buyers. “It may sound corny, but if you’re going to tour a house and it has a really cute door, you’re going to want to walk in,” states the team. These Cape Cod-style doors pretty much fit with any style of house. “We are always trying to help our sellers step into the mind of a buyer…it really helps to step into the other party’s shoes,” says the duo. “Nowadays, buyers likely want something that is up-to-date and trendy or something they’ve spotted on Pinterest, HGTV or Locale Magazine!”

2 | When in Doubt, Landscape

When it comes to attracting buyers, curb appeal is important. While you may not want to drop $50k on a new kitchen, a little landscaping is an affordable way to enhance your property. “Imagine getting out of your car and seeing trimmed hedges, crushed granite, slabs of concrete with little river rocks in between or even an olive tree,” explains the team. “All of those things aren’t very expensive but can give your yard a lush and attractive look.” According to the team, hedges like privet are on-trend right now, which can be used as a sort of natural fencing around your front or backyard.


3 | Opt for Hardwood Channels Group Real Estate

Ok, well maybe not real hardwood, but many people may not know that there are some really awesome substitutes! “There is nothing wrong with a luxury vinyl,” says the team. “It’s a great option that is high quality and looks really good.” This is especially something to consider if your home has a mix of different floorings in different rooms. “This can create a lot of choppiness,” he explains. “Buyers nowadays want a bright, unified feel. And when you put in one single type of flooring through the whole house, it really opens up the space.” Another pro? Vinyl flooring is really low maintenance and easy to clean!


4 | Apply a Fresh Coat of Paint

When it comes to putting your home on the market, a fresh coat of paint is huge. Channels Real Estate Group recommends using Benjamin Moore paint, which is more durable and features a wider range of shades. “It’s worth it to splurge a little more on the cost of material when it comes to paint—it’ll make your home stand out, and it will photograph better,” says the duo. “And photography is huge, especially when a potential buyer is looking at your home online.”


5 | Invest in Recessed Lighting

If you have track lighting or an older chandelier, consider installing recessed lighting. This type of lighting is also referred to as “canned lighting,” as a can-shaped fixture is installed into a hollow opening in the ceiling. According to the team, “It provides a more on-trend look and has the ability to make your ceilings look taller.” From a design perspective, recessed lighting offers a more modern, minimalist look.


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Photography Provided By: Ari Moshayedi

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