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Emily Henderson Gives Us Her Two Cents on Interiors

Written By: Rebecca Grazier
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Expert: Emily Henderson HGTV
Credentials: HGTV Host, Author, Interior Designer and Stylist Emily Henderson HGTV

Q: What inspires you the most when it comes to styling and interiors?

Emily Henderson: I’ve often said ‘Perfection is boring, let’s get weird.’ Now, I know that isn’t exactly a philosophy, but designing a room is all about finding the juxtaposition between expected and unexpected and working with your client to find out what works and doesn’t work for them to further bring that out in their space. I think you should ask yourself how you want the space to feel first, look second and always remember that you are the most important part your home, therefore make it personal, even while you are trying to pull it together and have it look cohesive and professional.

Q: You recently moved to a new studio. What has that process been like?  Emily Henderson HGTV

EH: This is now our third studio move and all have been for different reasons. When the company started it was just me and one other person working out of my little home office. It worked for us, but working out of your home with someone that isn’t family sometimes can end up taking over more than just the office space, so when the company began to expand and we needed additional space for storage and props as well as another person, we moved into our first studio which felt very grown up and professional. It was an empty industrial space filled with light and large windows and we loved that space and worked out of it for around three years. We shot blog content in it, made it over many times for editorials and shot a handful of vignettes from my book in it, but as the company began to change and focus more on blog content, and creating that client and friends homes rather than in a studio, we moved onto our third space which we are in now. The new space—although slightly smaller than the last—is in a better location for everyone, has a separate space for me (an office of my own) which gives me time to write and brainstorm without disturbing everyone/myself and is also in a wonderful area that is walkable and has a fun vibe.

Q: Any exciting projects on the horizon?  Emily Henderson HGTV

EH: With the blog, we create original digital content every single day, and while that may not mean we are featuring a makeover or reveal every day on the blog, it does mean that the day to day is constantly changing as well as the projects. We have some really fun content coming up with Target’s new line that they have just introduced, Project 62, as well as personal project/house that I am working on that I am very excited about.

Q: What are your go-to places to shop or source from when it comes to your projects?

EH: I will always love shopping at the flea and antique stores, but long gone are the days of waking up at 5 a.m. without any kids and trekking through the flea market. Don’t get me wrong, I still venture over there as often as possible, but I do now love being able to browse through some of the great online resources for used, antique and thrifted goods like Chairish, Everything But the House, Craigslist and eBay. I am also constantly impressed with all the great stuff that big-box stores are putting out. And no, Target did not pay me to say that! I genuinely love their stuff and constantly am working it into my decor and projects. The mix of high and low, or vintage and new is what really gives you a custom look that is all your own. In LA, I love Nickey Kehoe, Lawson Fenning, deKor, Garde and the Pasadena antique malls. I also recently listed a full list of my favorites on my blog, as people are constantly asking where I like to shop and LA has some incredible resources around.

Q: Any must-haves or a rule of thumb when it comes to styling/designing a space?

EH: Start with what inspires you and what you like to look at. What are you drawn to and what do you always keep coming back to? Those are the key foundational pieces that you will love forever and can help you bring your own personality into your home. Once you know what you love, you can start budgeting out for the bigger items. No room should have all new stuff, and no room should have all vintage. Save in some areas, so that you can splurge in others. Don’t take it too seriously and have fun with it. After all, it is your home, and if you don’t like it, you can change it.

Bullseye: She has some really fun content coming up with Target’s new line that they have just introduced, Project 62.

Retail Therapy: In LA, Emily loves to shop at Nickey Kehoe, Lawson Fenning, deKor, Garde and the Pasadena antique malls.

Emily Henderson Interior Design@em_henderson Emily Henderson HGTV

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