Breast Augmentation Surgery Myths

Dr. Grover Busts 5 Common Fears of Undergoing Breast Augmentation Surgery

Let Dr. Grover Put Your Mind at Ease

When patients enter the Grover Aesthetics office in Newport Beach, their concerns about breast augmentation are oftentimes shrouded in myths. Thankfully, Sanjay Grover MD, FACS is not only revered for his expertise in aesthetic surgery, but also for his ability to put patients’ minds at ease. The board-certified plastic surgeon now puts the minds of readers at ease by debunking the five most common fears of a breast augmentation procedure in order to demystify one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the US. Breast Augmentation Surgery Myths


1 | Fear: My breasts will look obviously fake after the augmentation. 

We’ve all seen the fake-looking results around town. According to Dr. Grover, “This is because the patients who receive a natural-looking result are impossible to pick out from the crowd.” Natural doesn’t necessarily mean small either; it comes down to technique and impact selection. Dr. Grover specializes in the “custom dual plane” technique, which places the implant partially beneath the pectoral muscle, creating a natural teardrop shape—a technique that satisfies any desired size, from 150 to 800 ccs.

Local Insight: For the ladies seeking a subtle change in cup size, Dr. Grover recommends either a fat transfer procedure, which redistributes fat from other regions, such as the abdomen, love handles or thighs, or a breast augmentation with smaller implants.


2 | Fear: I will have to replace my implants every 10 years. 

“That was a fear that originated from older generations of silicone implants when MRI studies showed that some had up to a 50% rupture risk after 10 years,” Dr. Grover explains. That was generations ago. The new generation of silicon implants has a rupture rate of only 10% after 10 years. And should a rupture occur, Dr. Grover says they are not harmful to the patient, and the implant companies will offer the patient new implants under a warranty.


3 | Fear: The road to recovery will be long and painful. Breast Augmentation Surgery Myths

Most of Dr. Grover’s patients experience little downtime and rarely any bruising post-op thanks to his “rapid recovery technique.” During the procedure, Dr. Grover creates minimal dissections using a cautery device, neutralizing excessive bleeding and ensuring a brief recovery period that most often only require over-the-counter acetaminophen or ibuprofen instead of prescribed narcotics. “Patients no longer have to worry about being laid up or convalescing for weeks. They can get back to work in just a few days,” he says.


4 | Fear: Breast implants will increase my risk of breast cancer.

Dr. Grover reports there was a recently discontinued type of implant with a textured surface that had a rare correlation with a lymphoma that occurred in one in 3,000 to one in 30,000 women. However, the industry has since transitioned to mostly smooth surface saline and silicone implants, both of which are deemed safe by many studies from reputable institutions. “Unfortunately, breast cancer occurs in one in nine women regardless of any procedure and all women should be diligent about breast cancer screening after age 40, or sooner with a strong family history,” he adds. 

5 | Fear: My breasts will have unsightly surgery scars. Breast Augmentation Surgery Myths

Dr. Grover uses a variety of different methods for placing implants—whether it is under the breast, through the border of the areola or through the underarm axillary area via an endoscopic camera. “We can customize the patient’s procedure to meet their desires,” he says. Patients will also apply a silicone scar gel to the area from anywhere from three to six months following surgery as an added measure of protection against keloids or raised unsightly scars. 

For those who worry about safety during aesthetic procedures due to the ongoing pandemic, Grover Surgical Arts is a state-of-the-art, fully accredited surgery center with many safety precautions in place, while still offering boutique comforts, according to Dr. Grover. “We are also able to offer virtual visits in conjunction with in-office visits to maximize patient comfort and peace of mind.”


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