From Partnering with Nipsey Hussle to Painting the WeTransfer Headquarters, Cooper’s Murals Radiate Positivity for the City of Los Angeles

Written By: Nicole Borgenicht
Photographed By: Cooper’s Murals 

Cooper’s murals boast images of flowers with human eyes flowing as joyous rhythms. Two local pieces include the WeTransfer Headquarters in Venice and 59th St Elementary School in South LA, where Puma Ambassador and late rapper Nipsey Hussle gave Cooper an indelible moment. 

It all began for the artist known as Cooper by observing street artists’ distinct style while he was acquiring a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design at Ball State University Art School. Thereafter, he mastered branding, style and blending business with art.

“One day I drew my signature Wildflower, and it hit me. This represented life to me. The flower representing growth in our everyday lives, and the eye in the middle relating it back to us humans,” says Cooper. 

An artist with the staying power of a distinguishing mark, Cooper’s seamless connection to the business while remaining true to his theme comes from daily work. “I have my specific Wildflowers that have a real meaning to me personally and started out my career when I had nothing. Stick to your script, and you will be original in time,” observes Cooper. 

Upon coming to LA, a cohesive vision with clients emerged through collaboration. At his WeTransfer encounter, both the owner and Cooper had decided on a “bright color scheme mural that could be seen blocks away.” This coincides with Cooper’s contemporary mural motif. Next, having been an avid basketball player growing up—and later an artist who has enjoyed Nipsey Hussle’s music—his excitement evolved from the 59th St Elementary School project. Cooper reminisces, “The PUMA team, Nipsey and the kids met and talked about the court and what I was going to paint.” His Wildflower pattern with Puma’s signature colors was approved. Once completed, “Nipsey gave a speech to the kids, thanked me and said that the court was ‘dope.’ I’ll never forget that moment and that day,” explains Cooper. 

There have been several changes in direction since the pandemic. Cooper has been painting and selling more canvas pieces, including to his first international client in London. Murals have been on hold, yet a future project—painting the inside of a bus in Cabo San Lucas—will be his first international mural.

Even during a pandemic, this is an ongoing mural attribute: viewers take in an instant of playful vitality. Just as he is delighted and inspired by many artists’ murals, Cooper shares his own variety of positive energy by emboldening youth and other artists. Cooper says, “If I can do that for others, then I have won. It’s not about how many likes you get or how much money you have. To me, it’s about staying true to the craft and helping as many people as possible along the way. No secrets, just love.”

Cooper’s LA Mural Locations: 

We Transfer
2116 Zeno Pl
Venice, CA 90291

59th St Elementary School
5939 2nd Ave
LA, CA 90043 Cooper’s Murals


About The Author

Nicole Borgenicht is an arts feature writer whose articles, columns or cover stories have appeared in Fine Art Connoisseur, Painting World Magazine, Art Voices, Art Ltd, ArtWeek LA, Palm Springs Life, Mandatory, Coachella Valley Independent, and Western Art and Architecture Magazines to name a few.

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