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10 of the Craziest Cocktails to Sip in San Diego

These Are Hands-Down the Wildest Boozy Creations We’ve Ever Sipped

If you’re looking for basic, you’ve come to the wrong place. Pull up a barstool at one of these San Diego watering holes, where you’ll find top-tier cocktails and the perfect mix of bustle and laid-back. Each of these hoppin’ bars specializes in innovative cocktails filled to the brim with creativity. Some might call these creations crazy, some may consider them cool, but no matter your opinion, they’re undeniably unique. Let these 10 San Diego hotspots fill your cup; you’ll be buzzin’ in more ways than one! Crazy Cocktails in San Diego


Drink: Chester Copperpot 

Order at: Miss B’s Coconut Club

Credit: Huy Hoang
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You don’t have to dig too far for this boozy treasure; it’s a pirate’s dream come true. Served in nothing other than a wooden treasure chest, Miss B’s Chester Copperpot reveals a layer of steam covering the city’s tastiest treasure. Beyond the steam lies a mixture of vanilla vodka, macadamia liqueur, guava, strawberry, falernum and rosé atop a lining of gold doubloons. Sharing treasure may not be something the ol’ sea legs approved of, but this one is made for sharing with your besties.

Location: Mission Beach

Crazy Cocktails in San Diego

Drink: Pablo Discobar

Order at: Louisiana Purchase

Sip from the disco ball of your dreams at Louisiana Purchase! This NOLA-inspired restaurant serves up a Pablo Discobar punch bowl to prepare you for a night full of dancing. Sip from everyone’s favorite spinning, shiny ball filled with this tropical-inspired mix of Earl Grey tea-infused vodka, a house rum blend, orgeat syrup, fassionola and bubbles. Keep the ‘Nawlins vibes rollin’ with a shared plate of garlic cheddar biscuits, and you’re set. Grab your grooviest pals and a few straws—this dance floor serves four to five.

Location: North Park


Drink: The Barnyard Bloody Mary

Order at: The Farmers Table

Get the barnyard delivered right to your barstool with Farmers Table’s Barnyard Bloody Mary. If a bloody mary is your go-to brunch beverage of choice, prepare to be wooed. This boozy beverage features an entire rotisserie chicken, short-rib skewers, bacon-wrapped shrimp, bacon-wrapped hot dogs, truffle arugula potatoes, Mexican-style street corn and oh yeah—the classic pickled veggies. This delicious, outlandish creation is basically a pre-set meal for two (that’ll teach you to read the description).

The Farmers Table
Locations: Little Italy, Chula Vista, La Mesa, Bay Park

Crazy Cocktails in San Diego

Drink: Flamingo Punch Bowl

Order at: Flamingo Deck


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Birds of a feather, sip together. Or however the saying goes. Stand out and sip out of a shiny take on everyone’s favorite flushed colored bird at Flamingo Deck Pacific Beach! Grab your favorite flamingals (or guys) and fill a flamingo with one of the restaurant’s signature drinks! Go classic with the mix of tequila, agave and lime in the Tres Lonely Boy or try the energy-boosting Drunk in Love. Packing in watermelon-basil Grey Goose, lemon, watermelon Red Bull and cucumber, it’s the kick-start your day deserves.

Location: Pacific Beach


Drink: Save the Bees

Order at: Madison on Park

Credit: Haley Hill Photography

For the busiest of bees, unwind and savor the taste of Save the Bees, Madison on Park’s honey-inspired cocktail. The balance of Buffalo Trace whiskey, local lavender honey, amaro nepita, lemon and honeycomb create a sweet yet calming concoction that’ll have you buzzin’. Pair it with the delectable waffle churro sticks to make it a sweet outing. As if this drink weren’t already the bees knees, each purchase donates a dollar to Operation Honey Bees, aiding in the protection of our winged friends. How’s that for buzz-worthy?

Location: University Heights

Crazy Cocktails in San Diego

Drink: Don’t @ Me

Order at: Park 101 Carlsbad

TTYL. Or never. Go off the grid and order up a Don’t @ Me!, the purple pleasure awaiting you at Park 101. As the name suggests, it’s a judgment-free take on a prickly pear paloma that features Altos Plata tequila with the addition of lime and a kick of grapefruit pop. Pair your prickly pear with an order of their famous brisket tacos, and you’ve got full permission to turn your phone back on for bragging rights. It’s not every day a vibrant purple drink turns your day around.

Location: Carlsbad


Drink: Red Bull Vodka Slushy 

Order at: PB Shore Club

Credit: Huy Hoang

Enter possibly the most iconic of all San Diego daytime beverages: Shore Club’s Red Bull Vodka Slushy. It’s all in the name—one sip of this boozy, energy-inducing beverage and you’ve laid the foundation for a buzz-worthy day of bar-hopping. Take in the sunshine and sip on this sweet, icy beach-day bevvy that’ll last you long enough to get a decent tan out on the patio. This one doesn’t support a chug-and-go—you’ve been warned.

Location: Pacific Beach

Crazy Cocktails in San Diego

Drink: Lava & Ice

Order at: The Grass Skirt

Get your volcanos on-demand at Grass Skirt, the tucked-away tiki bar sensation serving up island-inspired cocktails with an adventurous spirit. You’re in for a surprise with the Lava and Ice, a fan favorite mix of serrano-infused tequila, Jamaican rum, lime, pineapple, coconut and pomegranate. Trust us—it’s fire. No, literally! This beautiful beverage will arrive at your table with flames, so everyone knows you’ve just scored the best drink in the house. Pyros rejoice!

Location: Pacific Beach


Drink: Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco

Order at: Understory Bar

Safely unleash your wild side when you join the forest-inspired cocktails and fine wine served atop Del Mar Highlands Town Center’s Skydeck. Though every drink is aesthetically detailed and delicious, Prince Ruspoli’s Turaco is fit for royalty. The perfect mix of exotic and adorable, this elephant glass is filled to the brim with a tropical rum blend of tiki gold, dark and aged rum, orgeat, orange and nutmeg. Fully embrace your canopy surroundings and take it easy with your gentle giant of the wild.

Location: Del Mar

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